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  1. Getting a "Zahnzusatzversicherung" to cover all €

    Somehow through my lack of dental insurance for my last couple of years in the US and my move to Germany, I have neglected to see the dentist for 8 years or so.  I would like rectify this, but after seeing my wife's dental bills for a few fillings etc, I am starting to feel nervous about what the dentist will find at my checkup.  Luckily i have no pain or previous history of problems, but i am assuming that I have some gum disease at a minimum.   I am wondering whether this might be a good time to take out some additional dental insurance, that is, before I have seen a dentist in DE.  I assume that I can be covered after a long lapse since my last dental visit.  Would it be smart to protect myself against a big dental bill with some extra insurance?   Has anyone been through something similar?