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  1. Wohngeld spiralling out of control

      Sorry... I only just saw this reply.  This is helpful but at the same time overwhelming as is more complex than I thought.  Until now I was just passing on the my monthly wohngeld cost not including the Instandhaltungsrücklage.  I don't know how to break it down further.  I don't know what pauschal miete is.  All I had done with my simple self made contract was separate the wohngeld and rent prices and specified them separately.  Interesting to hear that tennants could pay the grundsteur.  Does that need to be specified in the contract or  can just ask them to pay it going forward?   Basically this appears to be more complex than I can handle however so I guess my only option is to just leave the contract as is.  If there are any accountants or lawyers out there who could help me with this at a reasonable price please get in touch.    
  2. Wohngeld spiralling out of control

    Reopening this topic because the tenant wants to make an update to the contract (his girlfriend is moving in permanently, so they want to both be on the contract)   As a result, I am considering to pass on the increased wohngeld to them, I've been paying the difference for 1.5 years already as the increased wohngeld actually started in Jan 2021.  Is this allowed from a legal perspective?  (To clarify, I would not back charge them, but update the wohngeld stated on the revised contract to the current amount im being charged).    
  3. Wohngeld spiralling out of control

    I purchased a neubau end of 2014, which was completed in 2018.  Due to unforseen circumstances I ended up leaving Germany before it was completed, so am renting it (which I will do as soon I have I have owned it for 10 years).   In the initial purchase contract the wohngeld was quoted to be around 197,00 EUR Its been increased each year however, and I just found out today via backpay bill that increased again this January from 308 to 370 EUR from .  This was a shock not only for the amount of increase but because when I inquired about the last increase, the agency told me they don't expect further increases as everything has been running for a couple of years, so they know the costs.   I'm already renting at a loss so this is really stings, and it worries me it will make it hard to sell.   Is there anything I can do to challenge this or prevent it from being increased again?   Also what are my rights in terms of passing this on to tenants?