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  1.   Does anyone have more concrete info about this letter to authorise collection option? This seems like the a good route (if its true).  As I have German bank account I guess I can order the internet online.  And I could get my anmeldung paper / ownership papers, and such an authorisation letter, to a friend to in Berlin to do the collection from the post office for me (and to be there when its installed).  Is there a specifc format, or requirements for this?  Specific ID I need to give him, or what he would need?  Knowing Germany, there must a bunch of rules on it.   Thanks
  2.   Ok thanks maybe this angle can work..  
  3. Im trying to rent out my place in Berlin (im the owner, but do not live in Berlin) but suprisingly am finding it hard to find a suitable long term tennant, but have had lots of interest for short term renting.   The problem with that is I dont have internet installed.  Last time I looked into doing this it seemed impossible.  Various reasons but one was that I would potentally have to show my ID to collect the router etc, if it was not delivered and taken to the post office.   I do have a German bank account and I do have an anmeldung paper (although I also abmeldunged some time ago).   If anyone has any suggestions on how I can get this done I would be very glad to hear them.. 
  4. Mortgage extension for non-resident

    One other question:  In Germany, is one 'allowed' to rent the place under a standard mortgage?  Or am I supposed to get permission from the bank?  (and if so does it affect the charge)
  5. Mortgage extension for non-resident

      Thank you, yes this is very reassuring.  If 3 is the automatic outcome for me too then its ideal.  I will bug my bank manager again to see I can get any reply and try to get him to confirm this.   Im with Commerzbank, if thats relevant.   (If you happen to also be commerzbank please tell me as then id be even more confident).   One detail, in case its relevant: the mortgate is in 3 parts, one main one but two are special KFW (?) ones, i think govt sponsored due to energy efficiency.
  6. Mortgage extension for non-resident

    Possibly you misunderstood.  My current mortgage expires in Nov 2024, i.e. at the time I will be putting on the market.  So I will have to re-mortgage for the time it takes to find a buyer.  So my concern is that if I was forced (through lack of options ) to take out another 10 year fixed rate one from the current lender, and then sold around March 2025, I would basically have to pay 9.5 years of interest as a penalty.  This is the situation I want to be sure I can avoid.  (Because if I cant avoid that, then I will instead move back to Germany this year, and live in the flat myself until 2022, so I can sell before the mortgage expires but without the massive speculation tax bill.)
  7. Mortgage extension for non-resident

    I took out a mortgate on a neubau purchased in November 2014, at the time I was a resident in Germany.  I left in 2016.   Due to me being a freelancer, I was offered a relatively short-term mortgate of 10 years (fixed rate, from Commerzbank), so it terminates in November 2024.   As I would plan to sell the property in 2025 (to avoid the taxes) I am concerned about the mortgate expiring.  When I last spoke to the bank manager he said that I would be offered an extension automatically in the year before it ends.  However, what I dont want to take on is another long term fixed rate one, as then I would have the pay a large fee to terminate early when I sell it.  Im assuming however, that I wont be able to shop around for an alternative as I wont be a resident.   Does anyone have any information or experience in such a situation?  Or if you know of companies that specilise in providing mortgages to non-residents, then that would also be useful.
  8. 2nd residence rules

    Ok thanks for the info Well, ultimately it doesnt bother me if its formally 2nd residence.  To clarify, I just want to know if by not-renting it for the next 2 years I can exclude myself from the speculation tax.  And if so is this possible as a non-resident.
  9. 2nd residence rules

    There are quite a few topics on this already but none that i saw seem to answer my specific questions.   I left Germany in 2016 and have been renting out my apartment since then.  The current tenant will leave later this year.   One option I am considering is to stop renting it out, and instead register it as my 2nd residence.  I would then likely sell it after 2 years, on the assumption that it was my 2nd residence and not an income source, I will avoid paying speculation tax.  If that is correct, it would overall be a net gain (assuming I will sell in 2 years).  Any info here would be helpful.   Also, while I have seen a lot about a 183+ day maximum limit, I actually need to know the opposite.. what is the minimum amount of time (or number of visits) I need to spend there for it to qualify as a 2nd residence?  Under normal circumstances I would happily spend 3 or so months a year there, but in these times it is hard to say if/when I will be able to go there.   If I go this route, I would plan to go to Germany before the end of this year to do the anmeldung.  Does anyone know if this can be done remotely for a 2nd residence for a non-resident?    Also I have heard there is a 2nd residence tax?  As a non-resident, would I need to pay that (and how much)?  I heard its based on kaltmiete, but as the owner what would it be based on?   Any information on this topic would be highly appreciated.   Thanks