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  1.   I don't think swearing is necessary.   Also, my question is not about taxes at all. Perhaps you should read my questions first before trying to answer. 
  2. Hi Lisa13, thanks for the link. Unfortunately that post is not helpful, because that person is BRITISH, while I'm a non-EU citizen. Moreover, that person is a Granzgegner, and I am not. I will have a main job in Vienna and a second employment in Frankfurt. The commuter's rule does not apply to me.   Therefore I still very appreciate some information about what rules DO apply to me.
  3. Hi everyone, I have been working in Germany for 5 years and have a Niederlassungserlaubnis.  I am going to take up a full-time job in Austria for a limited number of years, but want to keep my German address and commute a little. This should allow me to keep my German Niederlassungserlaubnis.   My questions are: 1. Health insurance: I am currently privately insured in Germany. After I change my job, do I have to continue paying for my private insurance in Germany? Given that my full-time job in Austria will cover health insurance already. What is the most cost effective way? 2. Pensions: What happens to the pension contributions that I have paid while working in Germany? 3. Second employment: I am trying to arrange a second employment contract with my current employer in Germany, in addition to my full-time job in Austria. As far as I understand, this is fine under Austrian law as long as the second employment does not exceed 8 hours a week. In this case, will my German employment contract still cover half of my German health insurance and other social insurance premium? What else should I pay attention to about having a cross-border second employment contract?   Many thanks!