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  1. Many thanks for that @karin_brenig! I already did my American taxes last April (thankfully!), factoring in both countries, so that was fairly without issues. And you're right, I had to re-think the unbeschränkt steuerpflichtig bracket—I guess more than 6 months is the absolute cut-off. (At least that makes the choice fairly straightforward.) I did account for the likely higher income tax rate (despite my issues with the idea—why get charged a higher rate for work you didn't do in that country!—but whatever the case), so savings-/payment-wise I've got a rough sense of what to look forward to.   I didn't think about Austria though—I assumed being employed, and having worked 3 months in 2019 here, wouldn't make a difference—but that is definitely something I need to look into. Thanks for the heads up! EDIT: from the looks of it—I could be wrong—this seems to say I won't need to worry about doing a tax return or paying for taxes for income outside Austria if I've been a resident less than 6 months:   (But if someone knows or sees otherwise, please let me know!)
  2. Hi everyone. I'm a US/non-EU citizen who was doing freelance software development in Munich last year until the end of July 2019, when I moved out. I filed my Abmeldung with the KVR, and sent a copy with a letter to the Finanzamt—and I paid my Vorauszahlungen for 2019 then as well. Since then I started a new (employed) job in Austria in Oct. 2019.   That said, I was wondering how I should file my German taxes for 2019. Because I earned more than 10% of my 2019 income in Austria (~33%), I think I qualify as a beschränkter steuerpflichtiger Person—and unfortunately it looks like I can't file my taxes over something like Smartsteuer. Is this right, or would I fall into the unbeschränkt category? If indeed my case is beschränkt, does anyone know what forms I should file—or if there is any software I could use for this? Kind thanks in advance.