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  1. Miramar is quite nice though 3 years might be a bit young to take advantage of most of the slides. And watch out, there is nudist evenings, when skinny dipping is mandatory.    Same with indoor playgrounds. This is the closest one to Weinheim I found. Don't know if it is any good though   When I was a kid, I used to love going to the zoo in bad weather. It's cold and miserable outside and then you go see the reptiles where it is nice and warm... 
  2. English speaking dentists that use Nitrous Oxide

    That sounds really crappy, slammer. I hope you at least don't have to go very often! One question though.     How do you come to this conclusion? AFAIK, anaesthetics are a cocktail of drugs aiming to do three things: make you sleep, take away the pain and relax the muscles.    
  3. Apparently the hair is a bit of a problem because it traps air bubbles. So a thinner liquid should be better. And some resins get really hot while hardening. I have no experience setting animals in resin though.  Maybe she can find some ideas here:äparation-mit-kunstharz    They suggest a resin that is used as water (lakes or streams) in model train environments because it is very clear. Maybe a model train shop might be the right place to ask questions. 
  4. With a 4 kg cat,  you won't create any problems contaminating the river.  A bunny dying in its burrow would be similar.   I think the problems with water contamination are more of an issue when you bury a 60 kg mastiff or Great Dane...  And what engelchen said...
  5. My parent's garden is a pet cemetery. Dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, mice, fish, pigeons (flew into window and died), moles (met dog and didn't survive). All were buried. The dogs about 4-5 ft deep wrapped in blankets.   I would not use a coffin as that would greatly hinder the decomposing. I would also not bury an animal in the cellar. If anyone digs up the coffin in the future, that would be very creepy. Also, it eventually decays and it is only 40 cm underground, you might have a problem with the floor.
  6. Parking slightly on sidewalk

    Other options might be:  -  - Posting a Gesuch on the board of your local supermarket  - the Amtsblatt (in addition to the local newspaper)    Good luck! 
  7. Letter from court for former roommate long gone

    You could also write  "Empfänger unbekannt verzogen"  on the envelope. Just to give you an extra option if you have a lot of letters 
  8. Renting with dogs and cats

    180 € for every dog, it seems like. München: 100 € per dog. No increase or discount for additional dogs.
  9. Renting with dogs and cats

    Then I misunderstood you. Sorry! Unattended for me would be a dog left on its own in the garden while the owners are out. Which ours never is. Even though our dog can go into the garden on his own, I wouldn't consider that completely unattended as we are home and have an eye on him. i.e. he is not allowed to bark constantly at people who walk past or dig in the garden or demolish anything other than his toys.   @ booboos - Have you tried mantrailing? And I would love to know what you mean by disappointing. I am imagining a golden retriever personality and appetite with the grace of a teenage wolfhound.
  10. Renting with dogs and cats

      For me, a securely fenced yard is a must with dogs. And it does not necessarily mean you cannot control them or want to leave them alone in the garden all day long. It's better for the kids, too, isn't it? Especially if they are small. For example, even if your dog is perfectly well behaved, the neighbor's cat strolling across the yard might lead to the dog running after it and out into the street. A fence also prevents other dogs from running into the garden when yours are outside. Not everyone who walks past has their dog under control. Our yard is completely fenced and secure. In the summer, the front door is open and the dog often lies on the landing outside or on the lawn, plays in its doggy pool or checks out who walks past. And with three dogs, you want them to have space to run, play and simply interact. Much more fun in a garden than in the living room.   Both Frankfurt and Munich are very expensive, Munich a bit more so, I think. I personally find people around Frankfurt (not necessarily in Frankfurt) a bit more accessible than Bavarians...   Re: dog clubs: If you want to join one, be sure to check it out before. There are some German shepherd clubs that are very modern ("normal"), open to other breeds, etc. and then you get the kind that holds to the old ways - in attitude and ways of training. As a trainer, you should be able to spot those from a mile off though :-)  
  11. It could also be an inflamed nerve. Definitely see a cardiologist and talk to your doctor about maybe going to a physiotherapist, too.  Telling somebody who is worried to just relax is a bit stupid, imo.  I hope you feel better soon! 
  12.   I came up with a few more off the top of my head: Maybe they have another kid who cannot be vaccinated. Or another family member. Or they know other children. Maybe they had the measles and can remember how crappy they felt. Maybe the knew someone who died from a Kinderkrankheit. Or someone who had complications thanks to an avoidable disease. Maybe they just think it's unfair that their child and many others take the (albeit small) risk of side effects from vaccines to keep others safe when those people are not willing to take those small risks in turn.     I fall into Zwiebelfisch's category and my no. 4: Own child is vaccinated and I can very vaguely remember that chicken pocks and measles really sucked.
  13. Yes, of course, thanks for clarifying. Mine was easy to misunderstand.  
  14. Language acquisition for 5/6 year old

    Still the case in rural schools in RLP. There might be another teacher for a subject or two (right now for my nephew: religion, for the other one: PE). But the kids have one teacher in grades 1&2, then change to another one in 3&4. She (all female staff) teaches all subjects. And it really sucks if the kids (or parents) don't get along with the teacher and/or the teacher is unprofessional enough (which happens far too often, imo) to let personal likes and dislikes influence their decisions.
  15. stairwell terror

    I am really curious what your stairwell exercises entail, @aussieinbln Especially since everyone seems to have a different idea of what you might be doing there.   After I go for a run, I usually stretch for a couple of minutes. i.e. bend down to touch toes, lean left, right blabla. Then - this is the only one I could imagine needing stairs for - put foot a couple of steps higher and lean forward, repeat with other leg. All over in a few minutes and definitely doesn't make noise. I usually do it outside, but if it is pissing with rain, dark or cold, I might consider going inside for it. Our neighbours in our old apartment building wouldn't have batted an eye. Nor would I have, had any of the neighbours done it. Probably made a comment or asked if they had a good run. The thing is, the only way anyone would even notice a person stretching like that in the stairwell is when they walk past or look through their peep hole.   If the person opposite your door bugs you so much, you could also stretch outside or in the entrance.
  16. @lisa13 Nor am I, to be honest  I did the whole thing - baptism, confirmation, leaving - the conventional way... But I might look it up if I ever get bored or ask when we get our children baptized.  
  17. @catjones Thank you!   @lisa13 I always thought you had to go through Confirmation to be considered a proper member of a church. With the Protestant churches it seems to be a bit easier as there are so many branches of them and the tax man only collects for the "official" one. Friends who are in a Freikirche, for example, pay their contribution directly to their church and just ticked "no" on the employer's form.  
  18. stairwell terror

    Is the lady with the newspapers blocking access to anything or are you really just concerned about electricity? If it's the latter - come on! We're talking cents here. If she is blocking anything, you should point it out to her and/or the Hausverwaltung and ask that she does her sorting in a way that doesn't keep you from accessing your basement compartment/laundry room/whatever.   As for stretching the stairwell - Why not. I would think you have every right to as long as you don't sound like some female tennis players. Your neighbour sounds like she has a serious problem. Have you considered filming her while she films you? If you have made a report to the police, they will probably follow up on it but that might take a while as it won't be a priority. They will have more urgent stuff to deal with.   I don't quite understand why you had to take a week off, though. Just because your neighbour was acting weird? If you are that easily influenced by what other people do, say or think, you might consider moving into a house or somewhere you are not door to door with other people. And I am not trying to put you down or anything, I am being serious. It sounds like you are very stressed just dealing with other people and living in an apartment, there will always be other people. Even if you move, the next neighbours might be even weirder than your current ones…
  19. I still cannot figure out how to quote in chunks, so bear with me.   PTO Someone already mentioned that PTOs don't apply in Germany. You will have regular holidays, public holidays and when you are sick, you go to a doctor and get written off sick at full pay (for 6 weeks, then less). Some employers only want a doctors note on the third day, so if you are only ill for one or two days, you don't need to go for a doctor.   Working hours / overtime That will depend on your job. I think there are very few people in management positions who stick to the 40 hrs/week. Your employer will be expected to ensure that you stick to the legal max, but even that sometimes doesn't happen. I know my boss works way more than that.   LTIs Depends on your employer. That range is way too wide to make any kind of useful comment or educated guess. Your best bet would be to ask your employer, boss or colleague at same level.   Bonus taxation Progressive at the highest rate.   Severance construct Depends on your negotiations skills and how much they want you.   Church tax Even if you are baptized in one of the two churches Germany collects taxes for, there is no way for any one to check. If you do not want to pay it, just check "no" in the box for church membership.   I think you list is very well thought through and thorough. In the end, the sensible, rational factors are just part of the decision though. The question is what you want and where you would be happy. Good luck!  
  20. Travelling with a 2.5 month old

    The problem is that, unless you want to cancel now, you won't really be able to make a decision until the baby is there. Some babies are easy and quiet, some scream for hours on end. Some need total silence and darkness for falling asleep, some have problems feeding and need a certain environment.  Also remember that the little one will share a seat with you so you will have to hold the baby or - if you have a spot right in front of a dividing wall, place the baby on the floor in front of you. Even if you take a car carrier or board, babies aren't supposed to sleep in it for hours on end.    Our baby was very easy and we took him to a campground a 4 hour drive away at 3 months old. Would I do it again? Probably, but I underestimated how stressful it would be.    How about telling your sister you can't be her bridesmaid - because as such you would have to play an active role in the wedding which might be too much - and not make a final decision on whether to attend or not until the little one is there and you know him/her a bit better?   
  21. Have you thought of joining an activity with your dog? e.g. Mantrailing, dummy training etc. There are private doggy schools but also Hundeplätze. Some (very few) stick to the "old ways" of training and are made up of bitter old men, but most are fun. If you are interested, I can check some websites for you and see what I can find.  That way you could meet new people and you already know you have a common interest.    It sounds like your comprehension skills are fine and now you "just" need to make yourself speak.  Are you going to sound like an idiot? Probably at some point, but probably not as much as you think.  Forget about der/die/das and which ending this or that case calls for.    A language tandem is also a great idea. Depending on how old your kids are, you can definitely rope them in to help. Just make them understand that, in order to stay here, they need to do their bit in making you feel more at home, too.    Re: shows: Stuff you have watched before is also good. The advantage of dubbed shows - horrible as they might seem - is that it is much easier to understand what is being said as it is recorded separately. Cartoons, if you like soaps, the original German ones would be Lindenstrasse, Verbotene Liebe and Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten. A bit like Telenovelas with only slightly less drama. 
  22. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    Maybe you could look for a private carer. Someone who you can meet beforehand, maybe go on walks with the dogs. See how they interact. It seems like your dogs might be more comfortable in a private home with someone they already know?  I don't know how good the pet carer websites are, but it might be worth a look.    Thanks for the update. I do hope the authorities will make her life difficult!   
  23. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    It really pisses me off to hear about your experience. If they don't like dogs, they shouldn't run a kennel. Even worse with shy dogs who come with a bit of baggage and need particular care to become confident. And I hate that you even have to suspect one of them has bruising. You are sounding remarkably calm for that, but I suspect you were spitting with rage. Plus, you paid a lot of money to have your pets taken care of. Maybe that is the problem. Too profitable?   Re: nutritious diet, yadda yadda. There are so many different dog foods and preferences of dogs and owners. You can't switch a dog used to BARFing to dried food in a day and vice versa, for example. It's a recipe for disaster.   Let us know how this plays out.
  24. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    Good luck. I hope your proof is enough to make a whole lot of trouble for them. Pricks. If they can't deal with bouncy dogs or any dogs, they shouldn't be running a kennel. 
  25. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

      That sounds a bit weird, to be honest. I contacted a doggy day care and they had a long form I had to fill out, then 4-5 pages of terms and conditions that spelled out exactly what they would do, wouldn't do, what they would take responsibility for and how they would deal with a variety of scenarios.  All the dogs that were there for boarding had their own bedding and of course you have to provide your own food. Not just in case of allergies, but also most dogs do not react to well to a sudden switch in diet. If I ran a kennel, it would be in my own best interest to make sure the dogs are eating familiar stuff as piles are much easier to clean up than puddles (sorry).    I also had to provide proof of vaccinations and Haftpflicht insurance for the dog.    The question is how far you want to go. Just never use them again yourself. Give a bad review on Google, Facebook etc. Make sure other people don't go their to keep their dog safe. Get compensation for your vet bills. Report them to the Tierschutz or Veterinäramt.