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  1. Resignation without notice period

    Info from john g.'s link (translation by see below.  I have highlighted the part about resigning. I don't think there is a difference between large and small companies. Especially not if you don't have a written contract in the first place. You can always try to negotiate a shorter time until you quit and sign an Aufhebungsvertrag. But your boss would have to agree and you'd have to make sure they don't screw you over.    I would suggest sending a registered letter, not putting it in the mailbox, so you can prove that he has received it.  Also, you might want to mention everything he still owes you, or if you have any vacation time etc.  An example for a wording (note the vacation days are calculated on a 5 day week and of course you have to substract any days you have taken):   Sehr geehrter Herr xxx,   hiermit kündige ich fristgerecht zum (date).    Aufgrund der mir von Januar bis August 2020 zustehenden xx Urlaubstage (20 Tage gesetzlicher Urlaubsanspruch anteilig für 8 Monate = 13 Tage minus xx bereits genommene Tage) ist mein letzter Arbeitstag der xx 2020.    Ich bitte um eine kurze schriftliche Bestätigung der Kündigung, gerne auch per E-Mail, sowie um die Ausstellung eines Arbeitszeugnisses.    Mit freundlichen Grüßen    CristianM Arbeiten ohne schriftlichen Arbeitsvertrag: Bei Unklarheiten gelten die gesetzlichen Regelungen Wenn Sie sich auf einen mündlichen Arbeitsvertrag einlassen, kann es sein, dass Unklarheiten über die genauen Konditionen Ihres Arbeitsverhältnisses auftreten. Können Sie sich im Nachhinein mit Ihrem Arbeitgeber nicht einigen und steht Aussage gegen Aussage gelten für Sie die folgenden gesetzlichen Regelungen: Anspruch auf den gesetzlichen Mindesturlaub (24 Tage bei einer 6-Tage-Woche) Maximale tägliche Arbeitszeit von acht Stunden (branchenspezifische Abweichungen möglich) Branchen- und berufsüblicher Lohn (zumindest der gesetzliche Mindestlohn) Gesetzlich geregelte Pausenzeiten Anspruch auf Lohnfortzahlung im Krankheitsfall Gesetzliche Kündigungsfrist (für den Arbeitnehmer vier Wochen zum 15. oder zum Ende des Kalendermonats, für den Arbeitgeber nach Betriebszugehörigkeit des Arbeitnehmers gestaffelte Kündigungsfristen) Bei Anwendbarkeit eines Tarifvertrags gelten die Regelungen aus diesem Gut zu wissen: Selbst wenn der Arbeitsvertrag mündlich geschlossen wurde, muss die Kündigung immer schriftlich erfolgen.   Working without a written employment contract: In case of ambiguities, the legal regulations apply If you enter into an oral employment contract, there may be some uncertainty about the exact terms of your employment relationship. If you are unable to reach an agreement with your employer afterwards, and if it is a matter of statement against statement, the following legal regulations apply to you: - Entitlement to the statutory minimum leave (24 days in a 6-day week) - Maximum daily working time of eight hours (sector-specific deviations possible) - Industry and customary wage (at least the statutory minimum wage) - Legally regulated break times - Entitlement to continued payment of wages in the event of illness - Statutory period of notice (for the employee four weeks to the 15th or end of the calendar month, for the employer staggered notice periods according to the employee's length of service) - If a collective bargaining agreement is applicable, the provisions of this Good to know: even if the employment contract was concluded orally, the notice of termination must always be in writing.  
  2. What is a „ Karen ?“

      Heinz? Or maybe Horst? Not to be confused with Vollhorst! 
  3. Work culture clashes

    Not laughing at you, but your typo just made my morning a little bit better :-)    I agree with pretty much everyone else here. Crappy company, crappy boss. Unprofessional and rude - not German stereotpyical bluntness rude, just plain universal rude.  The only way they can call you when you are on vacation is if you have essential information without which the company would lose a lot of money. Of if everyone else got sick and the couldn't run the place without you. And even then they should be cringing and apologizing for calling you during your week off.  I might have missed it, but does your company have a Betriebsrat? They should be your first stop. If you don't have one, you could try talking to HR. But longer term, you would probably be happier elsewhere with a better working environment. 
  4. This! Thank you. 
  5. Dog on the leash or not?

    As a rule of thumb (local rules may differ, but as a first overview):  Dogs have to be leashed  - in built up areas  - within city/town limits  - in public transport (I believe in Deutsche Bahn you also need a muzzle. Most of the time you don't have to put it on, but you have to carry it)  - in Naturschutz- and Vogelschutz-Gebieten (nature preserves) - often there is a sign  - in Naherholungsgebieten (R&R areas) - also usually a sign. There are some places around here where this is policed.  - everywhere (I think there a a few exceptions in some states, exact time frame depends on municipality) during Brut- & Setzzeit - when ground nesters, rabbits, deer and other wild animals have their offspring. 1 April to 15 Juli usually. Fines are up to 5.000 €  (according to a hunting page I checked: up to 50.000 €)   Most bathing areas will have "no dog" signs and they actually mean it. You are not even supposed to let your dog into the water on the opposite side of the lake. I am still looking for a place here. I would like to get my dog to swim, but need to go in with him and there is no way I am jumping into the river.    Now, if your dog is well behaved and stays with you, most people will not have a problem with it being off-leash in the fields, forest, etc. Most people will expect you to put the dog on a leash when they are approaching or when you are near them. You know that your dog will stay with you, they don't. I know that many people don't, but I think it is common courtesy. Quite a lot is tolerated when your dog is well behaved, but if the Ordnungsamt spots you, they might give you a warning or even a ticket.      Just for clarification:  Some German states do not have a list. Those that do have different lists. In some states, the restrictions can be lifted if your dog passes a test.  In German, but it has a table with an overview:
  6.   Our bank actually made a separate appointment the the realtor for one of the houses we were looking at to do their own assesment.  Funny enought, they didn't do it for the one we ended up buying. Maybe because the other one was roughly 50 years older.    As many others have already said: Walk away! I would.  Not being able to view it is the main thing. But also the lower price. From what I understand, Corona did not have much of an effect on the German real estate market. Nothing much happened in April and May but that didn't lead to sellers lowering their prices. They'd rather wait than sell cheaply.    Do you want to / have to buy urgently?  You could also ask the Makler why the price is so low. He might not answer honestly, but his answer might be interesting.    Good luck and let us know how it turns out!         
  7. Surrogacy law in Germany

    I just read am article in Stern about a Swiss couple. They went to the US because court decisions there on entering the biological parents not the birth mother makes is easier to bring the child to Germany. It cost them 250k. It's paid content but if you want, i can scan the article for you (in German) 
  8. After the birth of your baby, you are first entitled to Mutterschutz for 8 weeks, then you start your Elternzeit. Your husband can take Elternzeit whenever he wants and split it however he wants in the first 14 months of the baby's life. You can also take it simultaneously. 
  9. Where to purchase chickens?

    Friends of ours got their chickens and ducks at a Geflügelmarkt. No idea if those are happening at the moment though and a quick google only showed me classifieds.  I found this: which is not too far away from you. The also deliver and might have suggestions as to which breed might be best for you.    Most people i know either ended up with gift chickens someone wanted to get rid off or already knew precisely what they wanted and got on or and found a breeder near them.  Sometimes animal shelters will have chickens, too.  Good luck and have fun!   
  10. Piano Teacher not paying back money he owes

    Not sure what you expect to accomplish by calling the school. You found the teacher through them and then eliminated the middle man to save money. Now that things have gone wrong you want to contact the school again.  I know what i would say if a former customer contacted me with that kind of info.  Or did I misunderstand something?     Aside from that,  you are completely in the right.  Since you even have a receipt that should make it easier for you to get you money back.  Keeping fingers crossed for you! 
  11. The stamp machines will not give you any money back, but instead print 1, 2, 5 cent stamps to reach whar you out in.    You can also order stamps online and have them sent to you or buy them online and print the  out yourself.  
  12. What Fraufruit said. To those thinking it's not biggie: There are some roofs where the gravel covers a waterproof lining. If it is stepped on constantly, it might damage the liner and water might get into the ceiling and drip into somebodies apartment. Worst case: The damage is already done and it has been seeping through and you get blamed for it.   There might be a reason the place wasn't advertised as having a roof terrace. @alderhillnormally 50 % of m² of balconies or terraces count towards the living area and are paid for. I still wouldn't offer though. Just be aware that it would be well within reason of them to ask…  
  13. Urban Gardening: Where to find scrap wood and soil

    If you need rather short boards, you could use pallets.  Euro Paletten are the reusable ones that cost money/a deposit and lots of people use for furniture etc. Also sometimes treated, i think. Still sometimes advertised on Ebay Kleinanzeigen for free.   We figured out that tile /pavement shops get a lot of their stones delivered on single use pallets or in boxes and asked there.  We picked up a trailer full and gave them 2o € for the Kaffeekasse. They were all different sizes and widths and you definitely need a good tool for nail pulling,  but the wood was great      
  14. Contested divorce due to alimony

    This might be a stupid question.  But: Alimony after a nine months marriage?? 
  15. Thanks everyone...

    I just saw on Facebook that Jonny didn't make it. I am so sorry 😪 Thinking of the poor,  scared puppy makes me want to have a serious discussion with the transport woman.  Make sure to inform her employer or ask the rescue to do it.  She should not be doing that job.   Please don't make a decision now wrt another dog.  Think about it in a few weeks. You seem like great dog parents and there are so many rescues that need a home. Most shelters in Germany are at capacity, let alone in other countries   
  16. My dog escaped...

    I noticed that the Tasso poster says he was wearing a transponder. But he isn't, is he? Only chipped and registered at Tasso.    Do you have a link to you search ad that we can all share on Facebook etc.?    And just as a reminder for everyone who adopts a dog: Make sure you secure them well in the first few weeks. Not just on walks, but anytime you open the door or take them out of the house. Those little buggers are excellent at getting out of things, over things, through things. You never know what those dogs have been through and what might trigger flight.   You had a collar and harness ready, but the person transporting him was horribly unprofessional and careless. I feel sorry for the poor puppy out there and keep my fingers crossed you'll find him.     
  17. Planning for second child while on maternity leave?

    I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. My son is now 1 3/4 and I cannot even bear the thought of losing him. It must be devastating. Are you getting any professional support or have you and your wife joined a group of other parents?    Congratulations on the pregnancy!  I have no idea about the regulations in your wife's case, but maybe the Elterngeldstelle can help? 
  18. Where to buy carry-out burritos

     Me too!!!
  19. I am very sorry you are having all this trouble at work. I am also wondering if some of what you are experiencing might be cultural differences. A lot of Germans are not afraid to tell you that you are doing something wrong. Especially when they want to teach you something. Nothing personal, just different. In the companies I worked for in the US, I never heard "I disagree…." in a discussion. Especially not to a boss. I say that to mine here all the time. Then we discuss. One of my US colleagues later worked in Germany and was shocked about the lively discussions people would have with their superiors.    But: Since you perceive her behaviour as rude and disdainful and it is affecting your work, you should definitely take action. Talk to your boss and maybe sit down with him/her and the colleague. They hired you so they want you to work there. It is in their best interest that you learn the job well and learn it fast. If the person who is teaching you is making that difficult for you, something needs to change.    Having said that, I have also had to teach a job to people to just didn't take nay notes and would ask the same questions over and over again instead of just writing it down once. When you have your own job to do besides teaching them, it gets really annoying really quickly… No reason to bitch at the new kid, though. Just issue them a note pad and tell them to write it down because next time they have to do it.