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  1. English-speaking midwives

    Thank you!! This looks delicious. 
  2. English-speaking midwives

    Wanna share your recipe? 
  3. English-speaking midwives

    Cheesecake is another one... 
  4. English-speaking midwives

    I've heard from people that it does work. Same as Quark. If someone wants to try it first instead of taking antibiotics while breastfeeding, why not?  BUT: If it doesn't work (or someone doesn't want to try), if it's too painful and of course the woman develops a fever, it's definitely time for the doc.   
  5. English-speaking midwives

    You're welcome and good luck!  It is such a special time and the help of a midwife is invaluable. Aside from the health checks, the tips on feeding, care and general living with a demanding little room mate are priceless.  BUT: Don't be afraid to say no to a midwife you do not feel comfortable with. I came across a number of ladies whose ideas were so completely removed from mine with regards to feeding (BREASTFEEDING ONLY!elf11 MOTHER'S MILK IS BEST! - There are any number of reasons someone might not be able to or want to breastfeed and it is always the choice of the mother. Pressure isn't gonna help.), vaccinations, homoepathy vs. medicine etc. that it would not have been a good idea to let such a person into my life at such a vulnerable time when everything to do and decide is going to make you feel insecure anyway (at least with the first child). 
  6. English-speaking midwives

    Some ideas - which you might have already done but it is worth a try: Contact everyone on the list most hospitals supply. If they only give out a phone number, call. Most people send emails and a lot of midwives have so many inquiries, they don't necessarily answer mail.  If someone says no, ask if they can recommend anyone  Sign up for a Geburtsvorbereitungskurs at a hospital. This will be done by a midwife who might have recommendations. When you do a tour of the delivery unit at the hospital, this is often done by midwives. Ask for a recommendation.  Ask your OB/GYN for a recommendations.   Ask your health insurance for recommendations.  There are also online search engines. Some have settings where you can add a language. Our midwife wasn't on any list, we found her by asking one of the ones that didn't have time and she recommended a colleague who was perfect. Ammely - Deine Hebammensuchmaschine   and for Bavaria:  SEO-Seitentitel - Bayerischer Hebammen Landesverband e.V. (  
  7. In my mind, 2021 is already over . I am hoping 2022 will be better...   
  8. Oh, how very generous.  Of course it is in the best interest of the Makler if you find a new apartment, as places with a sitting tenant are sold for less money than empty ones thus it directly influences her commission.    I'd say join the Mieterverein, wait until there is a new owner (who HAS to take over the existing contract) and then point out that you want to leave at the end of the year anyway.  If they really want you out, it will be much cheaper for them to wait a few months than to get into a long, drawn out battle with a tenant that has Rechtschutz, a Mieterverein membership and an infant. Even if they give you notice, you can contest it and - the market in Munich being as it is - you have the perfect reason to ask for an extension to the notice period as it will probably take longer than three months to find an adequate replacement for a family of four... 
  9. Last will and testament

    Not really tips and ideas, just a few comments:  It can be hideously complicated, so when in doubt, ask a lawyer.  Take care of this at your earliest convenience and sort things out with family etc. soonest. Do not think they won't get into arguments about it afterwards. There is a nice comment someone once made: "Is your family still talking to one another or have you inherited yet?" DO NOT assume anything about German inheritance law based on your country of origin. Depending on where you are from, the differences are huge! (e.g. in Germany, the heir is taxed, not the inheritance. So the tax-free amount accumulates depending on how many heirs there are. Or: It is almost impossible to disinherit children and spouses)  
  10. Lovely photograph, thanks for sharing.  I would say it depends on the person as well. My husband (English) manages to strike up conversations with strangers anywhere (in English) even if the person opposite know little to no English at all. But the inhabitants of the Palatinate generally have a reputation for being very chatty. That does NOT mean, however, that it is easier to make friends here as a rule. 
  11. Buying a house without realtor

    Just to mention that you can discuss this with your bank as well when you are going over contract details. You can ask for a higher Sondertilung (amount you can pay off extra per year) though that will probably affect the interest rate. I believe 5 percent is standard but I would not put it past a canny bank manager to put a lower percentage in. If the client is ok with it, all the better. If the client asks for more they can raise it a bit and everybody's happy. 
  12. Outdoor lighting - do solar lights really work?

    I really like that idea    I have seen the flashing lights used by bicyclist on really dark roads. Probably because it is more noticeable than a steady light? 
  13. Bullying or harassment in the work place

    @robinson100 You don't really have to phone your boss. You can just call HR. Or mail the the sick note. Or stick it in the mailbox. Or scan it and send it by e-mail saying that the original is in the mail. If you have an accident and are in hospital, no one would expect you to call. Nor is anyone entitled to know why you are off sick.
  14. Outdoor lighting - do solar lights really work?

    I have several headlamps and on most of them, you can adjust the angle of the light when you have it around your head so you don't blind other people. 
  15. Congratulations on your wedding and the new job.  It sounds like a great fit.  And thank you for the update. It's always lovely to hear when people can solve their problems and end up happier. Also an encouragement to anyone who is in the same situation and reads this thread.