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  1. Very strange parking place interaction

    IIRC, there are different kinds of Vollmacht (power of attorney) for bank accounts. Some are terminated upon the death of the client (and I think the approval of all heirs is required to give out any information about the account let alone make changes) and some go beyond death, but even then there can be an issue with the heirs.  So it's not quite as easy as it may seem for him to cancel or even to get access to the information.   
  2. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

    I am trying keto at the moment and was very sceptical. Mostly the stuff that has been said already. But it is working really well for me. However, there are quite a few people in my group that have decided to quit because it is not really for them/ they don't feel comfortable/ their keto flu lasts two weeks etc. I think everyone has to find out what they are happy and comfortable with and what works for them.  The same goes for ketosis, from what I understand. 30 g/day is usually the starting point and once people are used to the new diet, they will start increasing carbs to find out what their personal limit is. It varies widely.  I read a lot before starting and the fibre problem seems to have been addressed by some nutritionists as well. Because "clean keto" also excludes a lot of foods that normally provide fibre They currently promote a low carb high fibre approach.    After cutting calories, limiting xyz intake etc. this is actually the first approach where the success is not based on a massive calorie deficit. It's interesting, to say the least. I do not miss the after-meal-coma that would hit me after e.g. pasta. But the jury is still out!  What I am still sceptical about is the long term applicability of a diet where most calories are consumed in the form of fat. You also create a deficiency so your body will have to transform its fat cells into sugar to power the brain. And - like in most things that differ significantly from the main stream - a lot of the keto disciples are just just that: disciples. Anyone who questions anything about their chosen holy grail is a heretic, a dissenter that cannot, must not be trusted. A critical discourse, the questioning of assumptions is not allowed. I dislike that kind of approach intensely. Not just when it comes to nutrition. So I stick with the sensible ones and avoid arguing with the nutters.  An example: One keto proponent was loudly proclaiming the "gluten is bad", "gluten is harmful" mantra. But he didn't know what gluten actually does in flour, that it is a protein, that is not the only protein in grain, that not just wheat contains gluten etc. Oh well.    Off topic: One of my friends in school was truly gluten intolerant - i.e. coeliac disease. While it is nice that there are now a whole lot of foods available for her, last time I spoke to her, she was slightly annoyed with the "I can't have gluten" crowd that has sprung up over the last few years. Self-diagnosed and loud. Because some people do not take her illness seriously anymore - "oh, I'm gluten intolerant, too!". Really? "yes, I always feel so bloated" Yeah, but for her that means bloody diarrhoea and vomit, cramps and possibly a trip to the hospital.   There seem to be so many food fads at the moment and everyone takes themselves way to seriously, I think. It's food! It's supposed to get you up and running and taste good. And, as we know, you can't argue about taste!    
  3. Mieterverein doesn't answer, what now?

    @TapAre you a member of Haus & Grund? They should be able to advise you as I am sure this is not the first time the problem of virtual meetings has come up. I would have a problem with someone pressuring me like this. If people don't show up or no vote can be taken, she has to reschedule the meeting. Tough sh*t.  This would actually be a reason for me to question whether she was working in the best interest of the owners - who pay her - or her own. Especially if there are only six of you.    @jamiemorrowHave you considered going to a lawyer? I know it is more expensive than the Mieterverein,  but if you are worried about deadlines etc. it might be worth it. I can't contribute anything about your specific problem, unfortunately. 
  4. Robot lawnmower

    Please make sure to look into which are safest for pets,  children and hedgehogs. Animal rescues seem to have lot of cases where even robots advertised as pet safe have caused horrific injuries. Esp if you run them at dusk/ during the night when hedgehogs are out.   Don't just believe the manufacture's claims, spread your research a bit broader
  5. Buying property in Germany

    When we bought our house, the notary arranged for a translator/interpreter (my pet peeve: yes, there is a difference!!!) We paid a flat fee for everything.  She translated the draft of the contract after the notary had finished it and then, during the reading of the contract, she sat next to my husband and translated everything that was said including open points, the discussion (minor stuff in our case, but I know people where important points were discussed during the signing) and all the legal bla that he needed to understand. Exhausting but very helpful.     Our purchase was done via a Makler, but no survey was done beforehand. I asked an architect I know to go look at the house when we went for our second visit. That was good enough for me. If we had wanted a survey, we would have had to arrange and pay for it.    As for the bank, you can get that ball rolling already. Making sure that they have all the paperwork and work out financing scheme. When you have found a place, the bank will likely have to adjust their offer depending on the property, the market and if any info has changed, but that can be done so much more quickly if they already have most of the information on file. There are also Finanzmakler who will work with you to find the best deal on financing. We went with our local bank though as they offered us an excellent deal. 
  6. 1st written warning from employer

    Talk to a lawyer! Pronto. Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht, ideally.    Even if you want to leave the company. - You don't know how long it will take to find a new job. - If you don't fight it, it will be part of your HR file. - Your reference will be written accordingly. - If you ever want to work for the company again (or maybe for another branch, a sister company etc.) this will always be associated with your name.  - People talk.    If you think the allegations are bull..., not accurate, unfair, don't follow the official procedure - take your pick, I would fight them. You never know when this kind of stuff will come back and bite you in the ...behind.  There is a saying in German: Man sieht sich immer zweimal im Leben. 
  7. Häcksler - Garden shredder

    ▷ Gartenhäcksler im Test & Vergleich | ▷ Gartenhäcksler Test & Vergleich 2021 | Netzvergleich (   Here are two comparisons. It does pay to pay for quality, I think (buy cheap = buy twice). But it also depends on what you want to use it for. I would suggest getting one that is a bit more powerful than what you absolutely need cause those max. diameter info they give are usually a bit on the optimistic side.    I am guessing you would like an electric one? Those are the ones in the link. The petrol powered ones are a lot more expensive  ▷ Benzin-Häcksler Test & Vergleich 2021 | Netzvergleich (   We have a medium sized Bosch that is 15(?) years old and are very happy with it. 
  8. "Really good" Indian restaurants in Berlin

    In "normal" times, I am in Berlin a few times a year so I am very interested in your impressions, so I keep an eye on this thread :-) . I hope things will get back to normal soon so I can try out the "quite good" one.  Years ago, I was invited to join some Indian business partners who were in Berlin for a conference for dinner. They were quite happy with the food, but I cannot remember the name of the restaurant, nor where it was, because we all went together in a taxi... 
  9. There are probably as many ways to do performance reviews as there are companies. Some are really good, have a clear structure and you agree on targets, some are little more than window dressing and only done because they have to be (e.g. cause it is part of the Tarifvertrag). Some companies don't have any kind of formalized review. So I think yours doesn't sound very good but also not too unusual. Anything is possible. In general, larger companies will have a more finalized review process. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the actual discussion is usefull or constructive.    I can't really think of any way to interpret negatively an employees wish to name targets in a review. They might not do it, but just asking about it is perfectly valid. How the discussion afterwards was pervceived of course depends on the discussion itself. :-)    How long have you worked for the company? Have you ever asked your boss (or HR, or Betriebsrat or even colleagues) to explain in detail what and how the formalities are, what the goals of the reviews are and what the results should be?  
  10. Salary of Breeder's Assistant

    This job title is quite specific and it is very easy to find the job I think you are referring to. MIght not be in your best interest, tbh.    I noticed that the requirement is either an Ausbildung plus job experience or a degree in agriculture. From what I know, salaries in the agricultural sector are quite a bit lower than for engineers, for example, so my guess (and this is just a guess!!) would be around 38-45k €. It also depends on the size of the company and if there is a Tarifvertrag.  
  11. Legalities of unpaid praktikum

    AFAIK the only way a company does not have to pay you Mindestlohn is if is is a Pflichtpraktikum (you need it to get our degree and the university confirms this for your employer) or if the internship is less than 3 months. This means cummulative. If you do a voluntary internship now and in 2022 with the same company, the cannot be longer than 3 months combined.  If you already have your degree, the same applies except then there is no Pflichtpraktikum.  I have never heard of a mandatory internship lasting 12 months.  Any halfway savy/reputable/somewhat larger company should know those rules and abide by them as not complying will get them in trouble very quickly. If they have any kind of HR department, they should know that this is an absolute no go.  What is the position classified as? Internship (Praktikum) or something else? 
  12. Do you have any friends/colleagues etc. that you can ask for a recommendation?  I am not sure if a local one necessarily has much of an advantage as any Makler needs to constantly do their research in terms of prices and the market anyway.  There are some large companies that have a decent reputation. Engels & Völkers, for example. I never had any dealings with them directly because none of the houses they had on offer were what we were looking for, but they had a lot of more upscale properties listed and the advertisings were all pretty good (nice photographs, texts pretty normal language, almost no typos etc.) Maybe worth a look. You could also have a chat with them and see what their ideas are for selling your property and what price they would be aiming at, before you sign a contract.    We had a brilliant Makler that I have recommended before, unfortunately not really local for you (ca. 300 km).  
  13. Sour dough bread making in Deutschland

    I have a lievito madre that runs on wheat flour. I usually use 1050 but 405 will do as well - and a rye sourdough. I think the rye flour is 1150(?). My supermarket only has one kind.  I have only just started baking bread and got the dough from a friend,  but you can easily start your own.  I use the rye dough for any kind of bread - wheat, rye, spelt. There are some great German websites with recipes if you are interested.  
  14. Buying a house without realtor

    When we bought the house, almost 14,000 €  I believe it was 3% plus MwSt from us, 2 % from the seller. Without value added tax about 20 k for him and his team. 
  15. Buying a house without realtor

      Happy to, if that is ok here.  It was Johannes Katzenberger at Immocenter Bolich in Kaiserslautern  Immobilien Kaiserslautern Haus Kaufen & Verkaufen - ImmoCenter Bolich GmbH (