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  1. A gift to a doctor

    @lisa13 - the ward for newborns (intensive care and regular) in Heidelberg prohibits all flowers - potted or cut.  They are mostly put in the hallway that leads to the ward because people cannot take them in. This extended to the nurses' break room.     I dropped off a card with some money for the entire department a few weeks after we went home because I knew the staff collect the money and buy breakfast for everyone,  or dinner when they have collected enough.  
  2. Thank you for the update.  I think I would have the same problem your daughter has if I walked into a Tierheim.    The eyedrops could also be for Konjunktivitis follikularis. It is quite common in young dogs and - if I remember correctly - has to do with the fact that their immune system is not fully developed yet. If you pull down the lower lid a bit, the inside looks slightly spotted, a bit like a strawberry, and red. Our dog had it off and on until he was about 1 1/2. In the past, they used to do a small surgery to scrape off the tissue, but now they usually wait until it disappears on its own. Unless the dog is in too much discomfort or it gets too bad. 
  3. Leishmaniose is pretty much the same word in German. The other one is "Mittelmeerkrankheit". I regular Tierheim would have made a thorough medical examination when they took the dog in. The cannot afford to infect all the animals in their care. And they should normally be pretty open about what you can expect.    Good luck!   
  4. I agree with Lisa - it would be much better if you could visit the dog first to see if you two might suit. My aunt adopted a dog from Spain, she drove for hours and picked him up at some border. The description she received beforehand was absolute crap and full of lies. Existing medical conditions were omitted, behavioral problems as well. She had the knowledge, the willingness and the cash to deal with both and dearly loves her dog today. But it could have turned out very differently had he been adopted by someone else.    I would also suggest the local Tierheim or other rescue organizations in Germany (ideally with e.V. in the name as they have to jump through quite a few hoops to prove they are actually charitable). Animal shelters can be very picky about adoption. Mostly because they want to avoid any boomerangs and want the best for their animals. Some because of personal preferences and power-happy individuals.  If you would like another beagle, you could check for dogs in your area.  Or you could contact a breeder in your area. They often get asked to help rehome dogs they sold as puppies if the owners cannot keep them for any reason.    If you are thinking about a German shepherd, take a look here:  Small, new rescue organization which also lists shepherds or shepherd mixes in shelter on their website aside from the dogs they are actively trying to rehome. (Disclaimer: I am a member, so I am slightly prejudiced….) 
  5. ASPCA equivalent to call?

    Thank you for making me laugh on a stupid, boring Wednesday afternoon! 
  6. ASPCA equivalent to call?

    You cannot euthanize animals in Germany just because you like it. For any reputable vet to put down an animal, it needs to be ill and suffering or proven to be dangerous. It doesn't matter how long the animal is in the shelter, waiting to be adopted: you cannot put down a healthy animal! Unlike in some other countries.  The raccoon was killed because it is considered an invasive species, not because it was drunk    For those who are actually interested, the word you are looking for is  Tierrettung - often volunteers, some professionals who, if they cannot help, should be able to direct you to someone who can.  Some links:    If you witness anyone mistreating an animal, you can contact your local Veterinäramt. 
  7. Non payment from house sale

    That's great to hear. Thank you for the update.  Does the 1.500 cover all your extra expenses though? (excluding stress, time and sleeplessness) If not, are you considering billing him for everything? What does your notary think? 
  8. Tipping the Hausmeister at Christmas

    Depends on your job, I would say. If you work for a company and have a standard contract, any info about the Christmas bonus would be in there.  In small companies or the service industry, people might get a small cash bonus from their boss. 
  9. Protecting Parking spot with Lawyer App?

    Learn something new every day. Thanks.  I have only every done it when there was no parking to be had within a reasonable distance and when the offender didn't show up after a few minutes. All of them were somewhere between very apologetic and sullenly apologetic. Also, all they had to do was ring the doorbell of the entry they were blocking… 
  10. Protecting Parking spot with Lawyer App?

    Can you block the offending car with your own when you come home? Make them come to you and ring the doorbell. If it is after a certain time at night, turn off the doorbell. That way you can confront them directly and point out that they are on private property.  Or if it happens constantly, get one of those.    I know how annoying it is when, every single day, you already start worrying if you can actually park your car when you start your drive home. I used to live in the city and the blocked the entrance to the parking lot behind the house. The worst offenders were social services in the morning, when parking on the street was actually plenty. 
  11. Getting back my Kaution

    Basically, if you have the Übernahmeprotokoll she has to give you your money back. I find it weird that she is coming out with these requests now.  Garden - removing tree and shaping hedges: afaik not your problem as a tenant. If they want to change stuff around that is there problem.  Ditto the toilet seat. Also a 15 € item so am scratching my head at the request  Tree roots: not your problem  moving compost: not your problem. Next next tenant might have liked it there.    It really depends on how much you value the friendship. Do you think there is someone pushing them to make these requests? As in: Your tenants should have done this and you don't have to pay for that…  If you really care (and depending on what kind of people they are, you could sit down with them and go through everything suggesting that they are being a bit unreasonable. If they don't get it, you can still point out the legalities of the situation. 
  12. Expat Burnout

    As somebody already mentioned: You could be in for a reverse culture shock. At first, you probably only notice the things at home that you missed - the friendly assistants in shops, 24 h shopping, cheap fuel. But at some point you might also get annoyed with things that you didn't even think of at first. Spending three years abroad has changed you and you went in a different direction to people who stayed home. That can be very frustrating. Also, tbh, moving from a metropolitan area to a small fränkische Kleinstadt would have been difficult for anybody . Hell, it would have been hard from someone moving there from Kiel!
  13. Jahrgang

    Jahrgang is the neutral term. Baujahr is informal and slightly humorous,  but can also be a bit awkward when used in the wrong setting.  Kohorte is very formal. I have only ever read it. In a sociological study.  Most people wouldn't know what you are taking about.  Unless they have read Astrix and think of the military meaning.  The Romans had Kohorten...    Mostly Jahrgang refers to yob. For example in sports.  As said before,  it can mean school year,  but often the year of graduation is used on that context, e.g. Abi 2000 
  14. Non payment from house sale

    This. To the bank, you are their customer. They want you to pay back the entire loan in due time so it is in their best interest to help you. Of course you will have to pay for the service, but you should get that money back from the buyer.    Just out of curiosity: Did you have everything set up so that buying the new and selling the old house would happen at exactly the same time? I think that is quite unusual in Germany. We went from renting to buying and had 2 1/2 months overlap. I had actually budgeted for 3 or 4, just to be on the safe side. Our purchase was staggered. The chain of participants I knew about started in March (hand-over of house 1) with us finishing it in September (hand-over of house 4)  I will keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow. Maybe get your lawyer to start calculating how much the guy owes you on top already and get the notary to check it. Then, after the big chunk has arrived, present the bill and give him 10 days to pay it. 
  15. Apartment contract cancelled

      It really depends on your contract, I would say. Only the professionals will be able to tell you Do you maybe have a German speaking friend who could accompany you if you are worried about language?