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  1. I wish I'd made some popcorn before I started reading this thread. Will come back tonight in hopes of more entertainment...
  2. Do I wish people a happy St. Nikolaus?

    I can not recall any special Nikolaus greeting (RLP). Others that might be helpful in the next few weeks.   Before Christmas: Schöne Feiertage or Ein frohes Fest On Christmas: Frohe/Fröhliche Weihnachten Just before New Year's: Einen guten Rusch In the first week of January: Prost Neujahr / Ein frohes neues Jahr   Enjoy the season! Don't forget to sample Glühwein (careful though, very potent) and maybe get in on the Plätzchenbacken. It's possible your bf's family has traditions regarding cookie baking and it should be fun
  3. Role of a notary when purchasing a property

    We didn't have any requests, but a friend of mine bought a house with garden and all contents.  At the signing, the seller wanted to exclude the firewood that was stacked up in the garden.  They buyers refused.  After a short discussion,  the contract stayed as it was 
  4. Gift for assistant to Notary

    Wine or chocolates,  i would say. Cash or gift vouchers (cash like) are problematic from a compliance point of view and she would not be allowed to accept it.  Any gift should be under 35 € or she would have to declare it to the tax man  IIRC.   i think it is a really nice idea!
  5. Where to buy Handmade Leather Goods

      I would really really like to see him having this conversation with his plumber or electrician... What an idiot!
  6. Role of a notary when purchasing a property

    Thank you, hoare-spitall & Pappnase. Everything went without a hitch when we bought our house, but I did wonder about it while we were listening to the seemingly endless reading of the contract.
  7. Best pop/rock comeback or reunion ever?

    Definitely Bruce Dickinson's return to Maiden. (Who's autobiography I can highly recommend, btw.)
  8. Role of a notary when purchasing a property

    But who will pay if one party starts to argue and to make new demands during the signing and the deal falls through? Do you happen to know? I'm just curious. 
  9. Another key word to look for is Holzhandel. If anyone is looking for wood in Mannheim, these guys are great and will sell to hobbyists. You just have to take at least one plank/ length (depending on the wood 4-5 m long) 
  10. Role of a notary when purchasing a property

    In theory, nothing is binding until you sign the contract at the notary. I believe the notary is usually required to send both parties a draft of the contract before the signing date - we had it two weeks before and the English translation a few days later. During the signing, you or the seller can still request changes to be made to the contract. The risk, of course, is that the seller might refuse those changes and the whole deal falls through. No idea who would cover the cost of the notary in this case. Remember that it is the Job of the notary to make sure that the contract is legally sound and binding etc. It is not his/her job to comment on the price you have agreed to or any details of the deal you have worked out with the seller.  
  11. Flying insect which looks like a cockroach

    Could be a Bernsteinschabe. They look very similar to cockroaches and there have been news reports of them ending up in houses this year and freaking out the occupants. Something to do with the hot summer IIRC. They live off leaves and such but are attracted to light.  So no need to call the exterminator just yet
  12. nwogeorge - If gully can ignore them, sure.  It'll itch for a bit but that's it.  What bugs me most is the sound whenyou are trying to sleep.   I had never seen those cockroach lookalikes until we moved into a house with garden.  
  13. In 20 years living in Mannheim, I have never seen the Rhine flood there. If there is high water, the flooding usually occurs upstream at the Waldpark. If there is flooding, it would be confined to the basement/underground garage? and maximum first floor. Re: insects: There are not that many mosquitoes right on the Rhine - the river flows too fast, I think. I think you would have bigger problems in Lindenhof or Altrip where you have Altrhein "arms", in other words stagnant water. I lived not far from the river and never had any mosquitoes on the third floor - always had the windows open and the lights on. Maybe they don't fly that high? Cockroaches? no. Spiders? small ones. Outside in the summer at dusk in the Waldpark: plenty of mozzies at dusk. Better take insect repellent. So I guess they are the boss.
  14. The ethanol part in E85 ( and B100, for that matter) was exempt from mineral oil tax until 31. Dec 2015. That was the reason it was cheaper so much cheaper than regular petrol. Without the tax exemption, it cannot compete with other fuels anymore because the consumption by volume is higher (ethanol has a lower energy density per liter than petrol, but a much higher octane number). 
  15. Unsolicited parenting advice/pushiness

    I think this one is on your husband. If you say something, it would probably just put them on the defensive. He should explain to them that all decisions on how to raise your child are yours to make and that he will not accept any discussion on major topics. In this case "hit hard and early" is true, I think.   Unsolicited advice to new parents is typical everywhere. It sucks but you'd better get used to it. But the family should accept that you will do things your way otherwise you'll be defending how you raise your child forever and ever.   Good luck! (Sometimes I am quite glad my in-laws are 1000 km away...)