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  1. The stamp machines will not give you any money back, but instead print 1, 2, 5 cent stamps to reach whar you out in.    You can also order stamps online and have them sent to you or buy them online and print the  out yourself.  
  2. What Fraufruit said. To those thinking it's not biggie: There are some roofs where the gravel covers a waterproof lining. If it is stepped on constantly, it might damage the liner and water might get into the ceiling and drip into somebodies apartment. Worst case: The damage is already done and it has been seeping through and you get blamed for it.   There might be a reason the place wasn't advertised as having a roof terrace. @alderhillnormally 50 % of m² of balconies or terraces count towards the living area and are paid for. I still wouldn't offer though. Just be aware that it would be well within reason of them to ask…  
  3. Urban Gardening: Where to find scrap wood and soil

    If you need rather short boards, you could use pallets.  Euro Paletten are the reusable ones that cost money/a deposit and lots of people use for furniture etc. Also sometimes treated, i think. Still sometimes advertised on Ebay Kleinanzeigen for free.   We figured out that tile /pavement shops get a lot of their stones delivered on single use pallets or in boxes and asked there.  We picked up a trailer full and gave them 2o € for the Kaffeekasse. They were all different sizes and widths and you definitely need a good tool for nail pulling,  but the wood was great      
  4. Contested divorce due to alimony

    This might be a stupid question.  But: Alimony after a nine months marriage?? 
  5. Thanks everyone...

    I just saw on Facebook that Jonny didn't make it. I am so sorry 😪 Thinking of the poor,  scared puppy makes me want to have a serious discussion with the transport woman.  Make sure to inform her employer or ask the rescue to do it.  She should not be doing that job.   Please don't make a decision now wrt another dog.  Think about it in a few weeks. You seem like great dog parents and there are so many rescues that need a home. Most shelters in Germany are at capacity, let alone in other countries   
  6. My dog escaped...

    I noticed that the Tasso poster says he was wearing a transponder. But he isn't, is he? Only chipped and registered at Tasso.    Do you have a link to you search ad that we can all share on Facebook etc.?    And just as a reminder for everyone who adopts a dog: Make sure you secure them well in the first few weeks. Not just on walks, but anytime you open the door or take them out of the house. Those little buggers are excellent at getting out of things, over things, through things. You never know what those dogs have been through and what might trigger flight.   You had a collar and harness ready, but the person transporting him was horribly unprofessional and careless. I feel sorry for the poor puppy out there and keep my fingers crossed you'll find him.     
  7. Planning for second child while on maternity leave?

    I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. My son is now 1 3/4 and I cannot even bear the thought of losing him. It must be devastating. Are you getting any professional support or have you and your wife joined a group of other parents?    Congratulations on the pregnancy!  I have no idea about the regulations in your wife's case, but maybe the Elterngeldstelle can help? 
  8. Where to buy carry-out burritos

     Me too!!!
  9. I am very sorry you are having all this trouble at work. I am also wondering if some of what you are experiencing might be cultural differences. A lot of Germans are not afraid to tell you that you are doing something wrong. Especially when they want to teach you something. Nothing personal, just different. In the companies I worked for in the US, I never heard "I disagree…." in a discussion. Especially not to a boss. I say that to mine here all the time. Then we discuss. One of my US colleagues later worked in Germany and was shocked about the lively discussions people would have with their superiors.    But: Since you perceive her behaviour as rude and disdainful and it is affecting your work, you should definitely take action. Talk to your boss and maybe sit down with him/her and the colleague. They hired you so they want you to work there. It is in their best interest that you learn the job well and learn it fast. If the person who is teaching you is making that difficult for you, something needs to change.    Having said that, I have also had to teach a job to people to just didn't take nay notes and would ask the same questions over and over again instead of just writing it down once. When you have your own job to do besides teaching them, it gets really annoying really quickly… No reason to bitch at the new kid, though. Just issue them a note pad and tell them to write it down because next time they have to do it. 
  10. Griping about the Arbeitsamt

    Have you told them that you have a small child and cannot attend a course that lasts 8 hours a day? Normally the availability of child care is taken into consideration.
  11. A gift to a doctor

    @lisa13 - the ward for newborns (intensive care and regular) in Heidelberg prohibits all flowers - potted or cut.  They are mostly put in the hallway that leads to the ward because people cannot take them in. This extended to the nurses' break room.     I dropped off a card with some money for the entire department a few weeks after we went home because I knew the staff collect the money and buy breakfast for everyone,  or dinner when they have collected enough.  
  12. Thank you for the update.  I think I would have the same problem your daughter has if I walked into a Tierheim.    The eyedrops could also be for Konjunktivitis follikularis. It is quite common in young dogs and - if I remember correctly - has to do with the fact that their immune system is not fully developed yet. If you pull down the lower lid a bit, the inside looks slightly spotted, a bit like a strawberry, and red. Our dog had it off and on until he was about 1 1/2. In the past, they used to do a small surgery to scrape off the tissue, but now they usually wait until it disappears on its own. Unless the dog is in too much discomfort or it gets too bad. 
  13. Leishmaniose is pretty much the same word in German. The other one is "Mittelmeerkrankheit". I regular Tierheim would have made a thorough medical examination when they took the dog in. The cannot afford to infect all the animals in their care. And they should normally be pretty open about what you can expect.    Good luck!   
  14. I agree with Lisa - it would be much better if you could visit the dog first to see if you two might suit. My aunt adopted a dog from Spain, she drove for hours and picked him up at some border. The description she received beforehand was absolute crap and full of lies. Existing medical conditions were omitted, behavioral problems as well. She had the knowledge, the willingness and the cash to deal with both and dearly loves her dog today. But it could have turned out very differently had he been adopted by someone else.    I would also suggest the local Tierheim or other rescue organizations in Germany (ideally with e.V. in the name as they have to jump through quite a few hoops to prove they are actually charitable). Animal shelters can be very picky about adoption. Mostly because they want to avoid any boomerangs and want the best for their animals. Some because of personal preferences and power-happy individuals.  If you would like another beagle, you could check for dogs in your area.  Or you could contact a breeder in your area. They often get asked to help rehome dogs they sold as puppies if the owners cannot keep them for any reason.    If you are thinking about a German shepherd, take a look here:  Small, new rescue organization which also lists shepherds or shepherd mixes in shelter on their website aside from the dogs they are actively trying to rehome. (Disclaimer: I am a member, so I am slightly prejudiced….) 
  15. ASPCA equivalent to call?

    Thank you for making me laugh on a stupid, boring Wednesday afternoon!