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  1. Apartment contract cancelled

      It really depends on your contract, I would say. Only the professionals will be able to tell you Do you maybe have a German speaking friend who could accompany you if you are worried about language?
  2. Non payment from house sale

    I am very sorry for your troubles. Buying a house was one of the most stressful times for me and that was with everything going according to plan, with great sellers, a wonderful Makler (they do exist) and a no-nonsense down to earth Notar. Still I didn't sleep well until everything was over.    HenryM gave you some excellent, knowledgeable advice. You could also talk to you bank and see if they have any suggestions. Make sure to mention that the buyer broke the contract and while he will be responsible for the extra money it cost you, you want to minimize the damage.  In addition, maybe you can sit down with the Notar and your lawyer in the next few days to discuss your options and what may happen. Make sure your lawyer knows your fears and what you need. I don't think at all that you have to lose your house. Don't even think about that until you have explored all the options.  How good is your Makler? Do you trust him? Talk to him to and get him started on finding a new buyer for the property asap.    Good luck. I am keeping all fingers crossed for you. 
  3. bringing homemade oil from india

    Just as an idea, if you ever want to ship a nice bottle again: Try a German upscale liquor shop and ask them if they offer a gift-wrap and shipping service. I have only ever done it from Germany in Germany (mostly vineyards, but also a shop), but all business was done by phone. I sent the card to the shop and they wrapped up the bottle and the card with nice wrapping paper and sent it.
  4. Lost driving licence

    According to TÜV Süd, you can take your written test in a number of languages Englisch, Französisch, Griechisch, Hocharabisch, Italienisch, Kroatisch, Polnisch, Portugiesisch, Rumänisch, Russisch, Spanisch und Türkisch    Not Hungarian,  unfortunately,  but maybe one of the other ones is an option for you.  Also,  you can practise with a software that looks exactly the same a the exam so even of your German is not great,  you have all the time in the world to practise at home  
  5. Most likely, the current owners will have signed a contract with the realtor. This could say anything. Quite a lot of Makler contracts stipulate a certain time frame, i.e. 6 months, in which the Makler has time to sell the object.  The problem might be that you learned about the apartment from the Makler, so in his view, he did his job if you now end up buying it.  If you find out who it belongs to, you can of course go straight to the owners and talk to them. That way you could also find out what their deal with the Makler is. And take it from there.   
  6. “One wrong movement and she is Dead”!

    Just fyi for anyone else reading this:  Which (breeds of) dogs are considered dangerous and the exact regulations depend on the Bundesland. OP is in Baden-Württemberg.   More info here: There are three breeds that are considered dangerous until proven otherwise, nine breeds that are considered dangerous if they show aggression in a test and dogs that have shown aggression against humans and animals previously.    The other dog owner sounds like a total prick. Someone who should not own any kind of dog. 
  7. From what I understand, they had some problems in 2017 and the first half of 2018. After that, they changed their security concept and educated their staff. I have not heard about any incidents since then. 
  8. Miramar is quite nice though 3 years might be a bit young to take advantage of most of the slides. And watch out, there is nudist evenings, when skinny dipping is mandatory.    Same with indoor playgrounds. This is the closest one to Weinheim I found. Don't know if it is any good though   When I was a kid, I used to love going to the zoo in bad weather. It's cold and miserable outside and then you go see the reptiles where it is nice and warm... 
  9. English speaking dentists that use Nitrous Oxide

    That sounds really crappy, slammer. I hope you at least don't have to go very often! One question though.     How do you come to this conclusion? AFAIK, anaesthetics are a cocktail of drugs aiming to do three things: make you sleep, take away the pain and relax the muscles.    
  10. Apparently the hair is a bit of a problem because it traps air bubbles. So a thinner liquid should be better. And some resins get really hot while hardening. I have no experience setting animals in resin though.  Maybe she can find some ideas here:äparation-mit-kunstharz    They suggest a resin that is used as water (lakes or streams) in model train environments because it is very clear. Maybe a model train shop might be the right place to ask questions. 
  11. With a 4 kg cat,  you won't create any problems contaminating the river.  A bunny dying in its burrow would be similar.   I think the problems with water contamination are more of an issue when you bury a 60 kg mastiff or Great Dane...  And what engelchen said...
  12. My parent's garden is a pet cemetery. Dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, mice, fish, pigeons (flew into window and died), moles (met dog and didn't survive). All were buried. The dogs about 4-5 ft deep wrapped in blankets.   I would not use a coffin as that would greatly hinder the decomposing. I would also not bury an animal in the cellar. If anyone digs up the coffin in the future, that would be very creepy. Also, it eventually decays and it is only 40 cm underground, you might have a problem with the floor.
  13. Parking slightly on sidewalk

    Other options might be:  -  - Posting a Gesuch on the board of your local supermarket  - the Amtsblatt (in addition to the local newspaper)    Good luck! 
  14. Letter from court for former roommate long gone

    You could also write  "Empfänger unbekannt verzogen"  on the envelope. Just to give you an extra option if you have a lot of letters 
  15. Renting with dogs and cats

    180 € for every dog, it seems like. München: 100 € per dog. No increase or discount for additional dogs.