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  1. Having come across a way too large number of cats that have been run over recently (and I live in the country), I am wondering if your cats might be better off staying indoors. Especially in Berlin. Would a netted balcony and, as @bramblesaid, lots of hidey-holes indoors also be an option? That would also broaden your search a bit.  Mabye there are Facebook groups where you could post your search?  These are just "normal" ones. I know that some places have extra groups for pet owners but couldn't find that in Berlin.    Good luck!    (2) Berlin: WG, Wohnung, Zimmer, Apartment, Nachmieter, mieten, rent | Facebook
  2. I don't know of any dog training camps for dogs only as dogs often act differently for different people and the dog trainers i know work more with the people than with the dogs.  I'll ask around if any of the ones i know feels comfortable working in English.  
  3. job offer

    I have interviewed a bunch of people (permanent, limited time contracts and interns, no apprentices) and I have only complained to HR about one candidate. We extended an offer, sent the contract and he kept it for three weeks only to tell us afterwards that he decided to take another job.  It was a very close decision - we had three possible candidates and he "won" by a tiny margin. Which he knew. Since he strung us along for those three weeks, both of the other candidates had already found other positions. I was not happy, HR was not happy. Was it legitimate that he did it? Of course. Still thought it was a dick move.    We have a group wide HR system which (before the DSGVO - data protection act) would show you if someone had already applied somewhere else in the group. So a few years later I got a call from a colleague in a sister company that I knew quite well and who noticed that the guy had gotten pretty far in the application process with us. Of course I told him about it.   I am not a fan of interviewing people anyway and the fact that I had to start all over again plus the additional workload on the rest of the team since it took a few months more to find someone really pissed me off. I still remember the guy's name... 
  4. Nope, sorry. There is a whole world between "Everything is fine, I like it here" and "I hate this company, and I want to leave". Especially with somebody new coming in who might not be aware of the issues yet. For me, that is the opposite of a constructive attitude of somebody who wants to change things for the better.  If you think the company is crap - leave. Or make suggestions to improve things. Don't greet the new guy with "Everything is sh*t here." 
  5. Thou could also talk to your current employer if they would be willing to let you go sooner. 
  6. Of course he wasn't  angry the guy left - good riddance to bad rubbish.  With an attitude like that, the team is better off without him.  I find that kind of behaviour incredibly rude.  
  7. Popular Comic Books in Germany

    I only know more old stuff: Lucky Luke, Tim & Struppi, Marsupilami 😁  
  8. Does you company have a works council - Betriebsrat - and have you spoken to him/her?
  9. Thb, even a contract could not really guarantee that it doesn't happen. Since you will probably have a probation period, they can terminate your contract with two weeks notice and don't have to give you a reason. A new job is always a bit of a gamble.  Good luck!     
  10. Thank you for the update and congratulations on getting out of there.  This:    means that you did everything right and it was the best move for you.  Good luck in your job search. Depending on how specialized your field is, could it make sense for you to to talk to a recruiter? 
  11. cost to install new windows

    Take a look at Bafa and KfW. There are lots of funding programmes if you upgrade your house to be more energy efficient. Sometimes you can add on to other programmes and get additional funding. There can also be tax benefits. Definitely talk to an energy consultant (Energieberater) and your tax advisor 
  12. replace from oil to gas heating

    This gives a good overview  Heizungsvergleich - welche neue Heizung sollten Sie kaufen? (   wood pellets are also an option ,or combined heat & power generation (CHP) German: Blockheizkraftwerk. Though from what we were told, this does not really make sense for a single family home yet. Maybe in a few years.    BAFA - Heizen mit Erneuerbaren Energien (bis 31.12.2020) has overviews of the funding programmes     same at kfw : funding and low interest mortgages  KfW-Förderung für bestehende Immobilien im Überblick   There is also funding available on a state or sometimes even local level - like our gas line. All the more reason to talk to an Energieberater. they can save you real money.   
  13. replace from oil to gas heating

         You could run it partly on solar, but again a lot depends on your set up and needs. - how much electricity do you need? - which way is your roof facing - are there obstructions? E.g. from trees or other houses  - Is the roof even suitable for putting solar panels on?  And it's not cheap    An example: with a 20k€ investment into photovoltaic and storage, we would be able to generate approx. 40 % of the electricity we need for house and heatpump. Amortization time: roughly 13 years.    I'm with @Krieg - if a heatpump works or not depends on your individual circumstances. A lot of people put in gas boilers as that is less of an investment. They could be run on biogas, too, making them future proof as well. 
  14. replace from oil to gas heating

    Ask your local Stadtwerke how much it would cost to get your house connected.  We only paid 500 € because there was a special in our Verbandsgemeinde. They had to dig up 10+ m of driveway. Still didn't cost us any more.     A heatpump needs quite a large heater surface or underfloor heating to work well.  Our radiators are too small so we would have had to replace them all.   We went for a combined gas Brennwert + heatpump (air to water).    There is also funding for installing a heating system based on renewables. Up to 45(?)% with a cap of 60k € investments. The % depend on the setup you have and what you are getting.  E.g if your oil heater is less than 30 years old, you can get an additional 10%. Check out the website.  There is also the possibility to get a mortgage from kfw for rather low interest rates,  depending on what you are getting/planning on doing.     Three price range is huge. How big a house? What is your energy rating etc.    Best is to discuss it with a plumber you trust (ideally someone that comes highly recommended). You will also need an Energieberater for  hydraulischer Abgleich (no idea what that is in English) and to file the paperwork for you.    Achtung: the grant/funding has to be requested before you start any of the work! 
  15. Schrebergarten purchase using a Genehmigungserklärung

    I can't contribute, but just want to wish you good luck. We are losing our garden soon and even though we have not planted anything permanent like fruit trees since we have known for years that we would probably not be able to keep it, it's hard.