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  1. Verdi - terrorist union

    I think you don't just get the money for showing up to work, you also have to participate in the union events/protests etc. while you are not working ad sign a form every day in order to get paid. I have never been on strike or in a union so I am not sure. Maybe someone can confirm?
  2. Verdi - terrorist union

      There are so many things wrong with that statement. € 600 for what? 40 hrs a week? (Which would bring it to a whooping 3.75 €/ hour? Just enough for a cup of coffee in a cafe? Talk about living wage...) Not bloody likely. Caregiving is not a 9-5 job. Most of the caregivers work 7 days a week, often they have to be available almost 24 h a day. So the patients sleeps most nights. Nice. Still doesn't mean they can go off and party. They have to stay at home. No Feierabend for them. Paid holidays? Nope. Health insurance? I believe the EHIC card covers emergencies. Probably not when working though. Accident insurance? Nope. I know why people do it an I know it is a necessary evil because all those old people can't just be on their own or go into a nursing home. But to claim that this is a huge benefit and basically a gift to the poor, underdeveloped people from Poland or third world countries is bull...
  3. What can I do if my flatmate is mental ?

    If you can: don't let her push you around. Push back. Be rude right back. Most bullies will back off if they are met by resistance. Some suggestions: Ich wohne auch hier. Lass mich in Ruhe. Das geht dich nichts an. Du bist unverschämt.   In a normal WG, she can't kick you out of the communal areas. If you avoid the kitchen, she is winning. Take your non-perishables into your room if you don't want her eating them. Lock the door. If you have paid a Kaution, the suggestion of Mieterverein above is a good one. Also for future rentals.     But mostly: Well done for finding a new place. Some people are just a... You should be able to relax at home and not deal with all this drama. I wish you better luck with your new roommates.
  4. Just as an add on how it usually works: We bought a house and sent the info to the insurance. They sent us our policy, transfered with all the bells and whistles the old owners had signed up for. Talked to new insurance and signed contract. New insurance provided cancellation letter for me to sign and forward to old insurance. I didn't send it by registered mail, but I did keep a copy. Old insurance confirmed cancellation in a letter.  
  5. why are school trips so expensive in germany?

    What does your child say? Even in elementary school, I would have been incredibly ticked off, not to mention disappointed, if my parents had not let me go on a Klassenfahrt my friends and I really had been looking forward to for months because of, say, my grandpa's 60th birthday. Kids sometimes have different priorities than adults.   Not being able to afford a trip is one thing. Thinking it is stupid and not wanting to spend the money is entirely different. During my school days, class trips were a great bonding experience for most if not all of us and not going on one made one of my friends (she was sick and couldn't come) almost a bit of an outsider for a while. She was not excluded deliberately, but didn't get the many references jokes etc. that inevitably follow after a trip (a bunch of 12-year olds...). It wasn't bad because she just missed the one trip and had good friends in the class. But a child that doesn't come on any school trips?   If the reason for not coming is bullying in the class, that is an entirely different kettle of fish...  
  6. Review about Bürgerhospital for child birth

    I tried it with the zip code of the hospital (just Frankfurt area code is not enough)   You might have to go a bit beyond that but it is a starting point But your best bet may be a personal recommendation.
  7. Review about Bürgerhospital for child birth

    First of all: congratulations! You/your wife have a right to visits from a midwife before the birth and after (after: Nachsorge/Wochenbettbetreuung. Also, have you signed up for a preparation class? (Geburtsvorbereitungskurs)   You will have to find your own midwife and it is getting increasingly difficult as many self-employed ones stop offering the service because their insurance premiums have gone through the roof in recent years.   Re: midwife: Have you tried here?   Some more links here at the bottom lets you put in the Zip code and you can search for languages. Another option is to check the hospital page, they often list midwives in the area. Some post lists on their website, but I didn't find anything at Bürgerhospital. You could check other hospitals in Ffm. Or maybe ask your doctor. If you still have trouble finding one (and for April, you are quite late), ask if the ones you contact can recommend someone. Some midwives are not listed on the web portals because they get too many inquiries. Ideally, she will visit you before the birth so you can see if you get along. Chemistry is very important. You could ask your health insurance, too. Having a midwife is extremely imporant, especially for the first baby!   Definitely visit the hospital before the birth to see the delivery rooms etc. It's good to know where everything is and to get a feeling for the place. Registering beforehand is also good. It takes care of the formalities and you can discuss plans and wishes for the birth. If you don't want to do the tour in German, the might be able to give you a quick one when you register.   Have you read through this?   In Frankfurt, chances are higher to find English speaking doctors etc. than in Hintertupfingen. But do not expect everyone to be fluent, e.g. nurses or administration staff. Another reason to get in touch with the hospital well before so you can find out more while you are not stressed (yet).   Wishing you all the best!    
  8. Clubs for 12 year old boy

      Yeah, it depends on the location - some Sippen/Stämme are cliquey. Mine wasn't but some of the VCP groups we met were.   The main question - as easytodraw wrote - is what he would love to do or try out and then take it from there. Maybe there is a holiday camp where he can try out a number of different things (I have seen sports camps, circus camps, arts & crafts camps and theatre camps) to see what he likes.
  9. Clubs for 12 year old boy

    Musikschule? Ideally an instrument he can then play in a big band or an orchestra. Choir? Are there any AGs in his school? My niece's has an English theatre Group, for example.
  10. Clubs for 12 year old boy

    No idea what is available in Munuch, but would he maybe be interested in the German Scouts? VCP ( DPSG ( BdP (   Or maybe Bavaria has more Catholic youth groups (KJG, Kolping)  
  11. Writing in German

    And don't forget: many Germans struggle writing something in formal German as well. As someone mentioned above: very few people write regularly after leaving school or university. With Amtsdeutsch especially, this can lead to unintentionally funny results e.g. when someone tries to write a formal letter and attempts to imitate the language. Sometimes the tone and style are just a bit off and it comes our really funny. Also, lots of Germans struggle understanding Amtsdeutsch which can be incredibly convoluted. That style might not be something to aspire to… I can remember reading my first novels in English. It seemed to take ages. In the end, I just ignored the words I didn’t understand and tried to understand them from the context. It gets better with every book.
  12. Nightmare Tenants, Insurance, The law

    Congratulations. I am glad justice was served in the end even though it would have been so much better if it had happened years ago. Happy holidays, good luck with your new place and enjoy life with your puppy.  
  13. I wish I'd made some popcorn before I started reading this thread. Will come back tonight in hopes of more entertainment...
  14. Do I wish people a happy St. Nikolaus?

    I can not recall any special Nikolaus greeting (RLP). Others that might be helpful in the next few weeks.   Before Christmas: Schöne Feiertage or Ein frohes Fest On Christmas: Frohe/Fröhliche Weihnachten Just before New Year's: Einen guten Rusch In the first week of January: Prost Neujahr / Ein frohes neues Jahr   Enjoy the season! Don't forget to sample Glühwein (careful though, very potent) and maybe get in on the Plätzchenbacken. It's possible your bf's family has traditions regarding cookie baking and it should be fun
  15. Role of a notary when purchasing a property

    We didn't have any requests, but a friend of mine bought a house with garden and all contents.  At the signing, the seller wanted to exclude the firewood that was stacked up in the garden.  They buyers refused.  After a short discussion,  the contract stayed as it was