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  1. Munich babysitters wanted

    Hi,  I am looking for someone with child care experience who could take care of 2-3 babies every morning - in our home (4-5h). It would be a sort of self made creche.  We live right next to the English Garden in the city center, all babies live in the same building and they could go to playground in front of the door, or play in the garden of the house or in one of the 3 flats.  We are looking for a fixed arrangement for the next 1,5/2 years, as all 3 mothers would like to go back to work.  If you are interested, please let me know  ricarda.wildemann@gmail.com Many thanks, Ricarda      
  2. Munich babysitters wanted

    Looking for chess teacher for two boys (7 years) Hi there,  we are looking for a fun young chess teacher who would want to teach two little friends chess. Both are beginners (more or less) and would need to be picked up from school (in Schwabing at 15:30) and taken home for the session. So total would be around 1,5/2h.  Please respond to Ricarda.engelmeier@gmail.com all the best,  Rici