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  1. Munich babysitters wanted

    Looking for nanny - english native    Hi,  I am looking for a native speaker who   either: would like to spend some time with our children - so they don't forget their English. This would be 2-4 hours in the afternoon 2-3 times a week. Sometime picking up the kids from school, playing together, talking ... So we are looking for someone who can come up with nice ideas for games or conversations with our two boys (age 5 and 6).    or:  We also have a small baby in the house, so if you would be available for more hours during the day and would also be interested in a baby-nanny job, we also need someone to help us with the baby - a caring loving person.    If both - this would be best!   If you are interested, please e mail me on  Ricarda.Wildemann@gmail.com    Best, Ricarda     ps:  This job would be in München Schwabing