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  1. Pension from Germany and UK

    @PandaMunich - Thanks very much for your prompt response. "If you can prove through documentation that it was income from UK forestry..." Unfortunately not - the company that organised the investment operated from the UK (among other countries) but the trees were in Canada. "Aviva probably had a UK address on file for you." Yes, that is correct. I started the payments into the Aviva scheme circa 1991, and stopped when I left the Civil Service in 1997, so not even close to 15 years. I guess it's time for me to hand this over to a Fachfrau, or Fachmann! But I understand from your website Panda, that you're not taking new clients at the moment. Schade!
  2. Pension from Germany and UK

    Thanks again for the advice. I have read the comments through - several times, and am preparing the response to the Finanzamt. The earliest tax year for which they want a copy of the return is 2016/7, and I have noticed that in that year I received a payment of GBP 2996 from a forestry investment, which was included on my UK Tax Return. It is recorded under "Dividends from UK companies". Is that likely to cause a problem? In the 2018/9 UK tax year, there was a payment from a supplementary pension scheme operated by Aviva. The gross amount was GBP 3132.00 and tax of GBP 626.40 had been deducted at source. I am reasonably sure that Aviva issued a P45, so that I presume that recording it on the UK tax return is correct. This was a "supplementary" pension scheme, to cover lost years when I had not been in any contributory pension scheme - in my case 1975-80. It was offered to civil servants, and my payments into the scheme ceased when I left the Civil Service in 1997. Since my UK income in that year was less than the tax-free allowance, the tax payment was refunded. Hopefully that won't be a problem. Thanks again for your responses.
  3. Pension from Germany and UK

    Thanks again for the further comments and advice. I will read and analyse them carefully over the next couple of days, as I have about three weeks to reply to the Finanzamt. @PandaMunich - You didn't see the 's' because it wasn't there initially. I corrected it a few minutes after posting, when I realised that the absence of the "s" made nonsense of the sentence! Yes, I am an employee, and my salary is under €64,350, so that I am a mandatory member of the public health insurance system (Techniker Krankenkasse). Regarding the 90% of the second half of my working life (which is not yet finished), I will need to do some calculations, as I was self-employed from 2007 to 2012, and therefore in a different health insurance. I work in IT, so my public pension contributions are paid to the DRV.
  4. Pension from Germany and UK

    Thanks also to @GaryC and @kiplette for your responses as well. I will read and digest them in detail tomorrow. To clarify a few more points, I have worked in Germany since 2000, including a period of self-employment. I have been with my current employer since 2012. I will check up on the question of voluntary contributions, as it might still be possible. I had an idea that there was a cut-off point, but that may be my imagination. I haven't taken German citizenship, and have no plans to do so. relh6l - nothing to do with being (or having been) 61. It's my favourite type of coach. Sad, I know, and even sadder, I have one in the UK being slowly restored to it's former glory!
  5. Pension from Germany and UK

    Hi @PandaMunich, Thanks for your prompt and comprehensive response. Hmm, try as hard as I might, I usually manage to make something completely unclear! In this case, no, I'm not 81, only 64 - with still about 16 months to work in Germany. The Civil Service pension in the UK is non-contributory (for the employees); while the Local Government pension provides similar benefits, but is contributory. In my case, I worked in local government for 10 years 1980 - 1990, and then switched to the Civil Service until 1997. When I joined the Civil Service, I transferred my pension rights from the LG scheme to the Civil Service one, so those 17 years are covered by the one scheme. Working out what contributions I paid to the LG scheme 40 years ago doesn't seem like much fun to me, but the Finanzamt seem to want that information.
  6. Pension from Germany and UK

    I hope this is the right thread for this question! I was a local government officer, and then a civil servant, for about 17 years in the UK in the 1980's and '90's. Then in 2000 I moved to Germany. In the ensuing years I reached the age of 60, so I now receive my UK Civil Service pension, based on the 17 years service. I also have a couple of rental properties in the UK. The net income is relatively low, but is slowly increasing since the mortgage on one of the properties has been paid off. I therefore complete a tax return for both Germany and the UK, using WISO Steuer and TaxCalc software for the respective countries. The Civil Service pension is recorded on the UK tax return; and on the German tax return I include the net income on the "Ausländische Einkunft" section in WISO Steuer. I guess it was a mistake, but I entitled this "Vermietung" because the rental income started before I began to receive the Civil Service pension. Anyway, the income from both sources is included, but this has presumably confused the Finanzamt, who have now written to me, alleging that I have not included the UK Civil Service pension in my German tax return.  The Finanzamt want copies of my UK tax return, which is not a problem; and they also want a description of the Civil Service pension. I have the impression this could be slightly sensitive, due to the different types of occupational pension. Does anybody know the correct terminology (in German)? Having already looked at a couple of threads here on this and related topics, I note a contribution from   @PandaMunich, in which she says Krankenkasse contributions need to be paid on UK Civil Service pensions. I was not aware of that, and I have not found any facility in WISO Steuer to handle this aspect, or am I missing something obvious? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice. Nigel