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  1. Money stolen from my bank account

    Hi all, thanks for your inputs. Here is the update. I went to the bank today as they told me to wait at least for a month. They said 'I were you, I would close my bank account'. They said they can not give back the lost money. They asked me If I have a layer? Next, they advised me to go to some Church who helps people who have a shortage of money. I clarified that I am only looking for money which was my income. I really feel bad.
  2. Money stolen from my bank account

    Thanks, how long I should wait to get the money back? Should I talk to here, if I do not get the money back?
  3. Money stolen from my bank account

    I have no any PayPal account. 
  4. Money stolen from my bank account

    Dear all,   I have a bank account in PostBank. This account I only use as saving account but only use its debit card at supermarkets. I have no PayPal account and I don't do online shopping using this account. Since last few months, I was too busy with my newborn and did not check my bank account regularly. I recently realized someone is stealing money from my account. It looks like the transfer done via PayPal (please see attachment) but I actually never used PayPal. Hacker stole money several times. The total amount stolen was around 3600 Eur. I went to the bank and complained about it. The revert back around 2500 Eur. For the rest of the amount, they said they will ask it from Paypal around 2 weeks ago but I still did not get the money back. They told me to go to the Police. I went there and complained about it. Even a day after complaint hacker stole 600 Eur more from my account. I really do not know what can I do now. Unfortunately, I do not have finance insurance. Currently, I made my account empty by taking all the money out as I already had planned to visit my parents in India for a month.    Please suggest me what should I do now? If the hacking is crime why Police are not taking action against the hacker? Is there some kind of Cyber Crime Cell exists in Germany where I can go?   PS: I know it was my fault too as I was not checking my account. I had the impression that German banks are very secure. I had no idea that someone can hack the bank account in Germany too.