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  1. A mate of mine from the UK when thought a similar case with the GEZ back in 2001.


    He had brought his TV from the UK to Germany and could not pick up German TV. He only wanted to use the TV for Videos / DVDs.


    Mr.GEZ came round demanding payment as usual. HE told the guy if he could get German TV to work he would pay.


    Mr. GEZ arrived back about 1 week later with a technician who spent 45 mins trying to get German TV to work and of course failed...lol


    So MR. GEZ left, my mate did not pay and that was the end of it.


    So it may just depend on the GEZ person that happens to ring your doorbell.


  2. HI there,


    sorry to hear about the phone going missing.


    I tend to agree with spiderpig - the purchaser is now the owner of the phone and technically speaking I assume its now his phone and not yours anymore, so you might not want to go blocking the phone without his/her permission :)


    However the fact that you seem to have the IMEI number can help the situation somewhat.

    If I was in your position I would request the purchaser to report the theft / loss of the phone.

    He can also give the IMEI number to the police.

    The police should be able to ask the network(s)in Germany as part of their inquiries to have the IMEI number blacklisted and possibly have this done on all German nets (on the network subsystem -> Equipment Identity Register (EIR) level.


    "The equipment Identity Register and the Authentication Center


    The other two registers are used for authentication and security purposes. The Equipment Identity Register (EIR) is a database that contains a list of all valid mobile equipment on the network, where each mobile station is identified by its International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)."


    The networks could also offer further assistance by querying the IMEI number of the phone at a later stage and should a new SIM card be in use possibly even discover the mobile phone number of the SIM and which country the phone is in.


    If its outside of Germany / Europe it maybe probably quite difficult to pursue the matter further.


    Hope this helps




  3. Hi,


    Have you tried locating the other family on the Toytown members map?


    This would also possibly allow you to contact them via email - saving you the awkwardness of calling.


    this is actually how a now dear friend of mine found me.


    Alternatively - maybe send a text message? Many of today's land lines also accept text messages.


    Best of Luck!


  4. Morning all!


    I may be way off here but I was once told that this term was used in conjunction with Gibraltar.

    The monkys / Apes have long been figures of Gibraltar lore. As the story goes, when they are gone, the disputed British colony will return to Spanish rule.


    and this is why the English are called Insel affen (maybe the phrase originated in Spain? )


  5. Yep, the celic belief that the sky was falling down also came from the Celts living in the baverian area , -> meteorite in the chiemsee area.

    This incident was found on coins from the celtic times also coming from this area.


    So I guess the Baverians / irish / scots / etc are all one big happy Celtic family. :)


  6. Lets not forget the Kelly Family!!

    Must have runied a whole generation of Germans perception

    of us too. LOL!


    I believe deep down that many of these Germans who have moved to Ireland

    under this concept of a" Relaxed lifestyle" we Irish apparently have, either can not come to terms

    with life in Germany or are embarrassed by what is conceived to be typical German.


    Ask an average German what they know about Ireland and you´ll get


    Black beer - Guinness

    St Patrick´s Day





    Here in Baveria I think the connection to Ireland might be stonger than in other parts of Germany (Please correct me if i am wrong here )

    I have been told on a few occasions that the Irish monks brought the Faith to Baveria.


    Anyway I hope some of my ramblings above might help in some way




  7. Hi Balthazor,


    As the owner of a small dog I also often come across what I like to call "idiots" with big untrained, free roaming dogs, that are not under control

    I have often had to protect the dog ( and myself) due to the stupidity and selfishness of some other dog owners.


    Firstly If you B/f is going to speak to the owner you should find out in the local townhall if there is a "Leinenzwang " (a rule about dogs being kept on leads)

    for the area you are in. If so it would be good info to have when speaking the the owner.


    Maybe a few relevant clippings from the German newspapers or court verdicts about what has happened owners whos dogs have hurt people might help the owner think again

    If not then I also agree with calling the police, if the owner will not comply, as this sounds like an accident waiting to happen.


    PS! attached Photo -> BONO me Dog :)




  8. HI,

    I got married in 2006.

    If you like a baroque style church then this one is ideal.

    It is also not to big, our wedding party (110) fitted in perfectly,

    and even though we did not live in the town we were still allowed to marry there.


    Attached please find 2 pictures


    If you need any more info or a wedding bagpiper then PM me :)


    Church address:


    Katholische Pfarrgemeinde St. Valentin


    St. Valentin Weg 1, 85774 Unterföhring



    Pater Franz Unfried



    Samstag: 18.30 Uhr

    Sonntag: 10.00 Uhr



    Frau Schmidt

    Montag bis Donnerstag 08.00 - 13.00 Uhr


    Tel: (089) 95 84 76 80

    Fax: (089) 95 84 76 817







    I have never seen these red/green lights on the canceling machines in Munich. Munich's' machines are ancient.

    And they don't have numbers on them like the ticket machines. If you see one again, please post a pic and tell

    what station it is in.. Usually when they break a guy (With a van full of them) comes along, Turns a key removes

    the device and inserts a new on in under 1 min.

    Hi Darkknight!

    please find attached a photo taken at Ismaning S-Bahn station.

    Please note Green light and underneath the machine is the number i mentioned.







  10. Hi!

    As i have also been in this situation before i was informed that normally the machines have a green dot / light on the front when in order and if out of order there is a red dot.

    each machine also has its own id number (Germany, need i say more !) so i took a picture of the broken machine (plus red dot) and noted the machine number.


    Mr. Ticket inspector had no choice but to sign my ticket and I paid no extra fine.


  11. Left Cork and came over on a student exchange, (FH KEMPTEN)

    fell in love,

    fell out of love,

    moved from Stuttgart to Munich

    met my present wife :D and now live in Munich

    and work for an FEINKOST GROßHANDEL as Dispo and purchasing Mgr.


    Will I stay forever ?

    I´am fucked if i Know ! ! :rolleyes:


    PS @ Kerrygirl - > up the rebels :lol:


  12. I live in Ismaning since 2003.

    I reckon If i did not have my friends in the Claymore pipe band i would find it very hard to live here in

    Ismaning as Its quite and not much really happens here.

    Maybe the Ismaning TT people would like to all meet up here in Ismaning?? If anyone is interested PM me.