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  1. The music magazine Q has stopped publishing. When the news was announced a few weeks ago, there was an online comment about one of the regular pieces called 'Who The Hell Do They Think They Are?' where they would interview celebrities. Well Jimmy Saville was interviewed in around 1990 and the interview is mind boggling (there's a scan online ) - it's basically the Louis Theroux interview done 10 years earlier.


  2. On 8/23/2020, 3:50:32, Fokrey said:


    There is a general hatred towards foreigners who live here for many years and can't speak the language properly. They didn't get on with me from day one. It happened instantaneously from day one. That means that they heard my German+accent and stereotyped me into a category. There were some colleagues who told me that some managers keep talking about how bad my German is behind my back. This way they raised negativity around my name. After that, even a slight and small mistake, would make it look huge and lead to more negativity. As you would expect, I tried to be very efficient and a good worker to counteract the negative press. Many do that, I noticed it. It's a survival mechanism.


    Unfortunately the people at the airport are uneducated people who dropped out of primary school. These are the usual suspects who hate foreigners.

    These are also my managers, even at the higher levels of management. They take these positions through connections and definitively not through skills or educational background. Many express openly their racism and some their love for Hitler. There are times that they don't greet foreigners properly with a handshake (pre-Corona). Some of them greet like Hitler and despite the fact that it got reported it has never been punished.

    Men of power like Policemen at the airport are highly racist against foreigners who work there. Countless examples. They have been warned to not interact with foreigners at work to avoid conflict and scandal. Now they appear and walk like cold and emotionless robots between us.

    Discrimination at work at the Airport of Tegel and Schönefeld is huge. Foreign workers who are born in Germany told me that they got used to it. For me this is new and as someone with an academic background, I am curious to know what I missed all these years that I wasn't in Germany and why the society evolved this way. I find it interesting. I lived in other multicultural societies and I am able to compare.

    But I am telling you. If you want to live racism like in the old days of Germany, get a job at the airport.




    Sorry OP to hear about your experiences. What I will say is you can experience prejudice when you speak the same language perfectly - personally, I had the 'you Irish go home' twice in my life (in the UK and US, not at work). If the person has a predisposition , there's little you can do about it. Move on. 


    Racism is out of order at work - you need to report it to a different person and get it investigated properly.


    Airports - I suppose you have the normal hierarchies as well as the pressures of working in an environment where security has to be to the fore. It's never going to be your typical workplace.


  3. 44 minutes ago, keith2011 said:


    Whatever reason could there be for your rubbish being illegally dumped if you have disposed of it properly?


    Probably no reason to keep doing it in Germany where the Stadt collects the rubbish - I did it before I moved to Germany where private firms collected rubbish and you trusted then to dispose of it in official dumps. 


    Old habits die hard.


  4. 1 hour ago, Rushrush said:

    What annoys me is that books still use "shall", as in who in their right mind ever says "shall we go for a coffee", good god, it's do you wanna go for a coffee (if spoken). 


    I suppose it depends where you are. It would be common in  southern England but not where I grew up in Ireland. Also, learning a language is not just for speaking - you will encounter 'shall' everywhere in literature and poetry..also in songs - Pete Seeger's  'We shall overcome..


  5. 39 minutes ago, MikeMelga said:

    I have a colleague in Munich that bought a house in bad shape to renovate it and move in. He bought it really cheap. After almost 3 years, he is still not able to move in and the renovation work made the house more expensive than buying in proper shape.


    You can be unlucky alright..I know a couple who hired a family friend (warning bell!) who was a builder to renovate their bathroom - well he made a complete pig's ear of it and they had to hire someone else to redo all the work.


  6. 1 hour ago, Rushrush said:


    Not only that but also that the pound drops and suddenly they're struggling to pay the bills rent and/or mortgage. Healthcare becomes an issue and suddenly the idea being able to make an appointment in English becomes really appalling!


    Canada is in the midst of the most insane property market in the world, people who have followed it for years are scratching their heads trying to figure out what is going on. In the midst of a pandemic, sky high unemployed and every the housing market has just gone nutso, beyond crazy. Even the cottage market (Barrie and above) has just gone nuts, places that might have taken 2-3 years to sell suddenly getting multiple cash over asking bids! It's like the lockdown has made everyone insane. 


    One aspect of the German housing market I've never seen discussed is the price difference between new and re-sale. I don't know if it's just Frankfurt or what but prices for apartments vary massively, much more than could be explained away by people desiring new.


    Generally speaking hochhausen  have the lowest value at around 2000€ per sqr mtr, your  typical standard German eigentumswohnung run around 3500€ and a new build is well over 5000€ per sqr mtr. Considering the cost of buying here it strikes me as crazy anyone would buy new. Buy a run down resale drop a 100 grand into renos and you're still ahead by at least a 100 grand if not more




    Turn key properties are appealing for people that don't have the time or inclination for renovations - people with young families, starting in a new job etc. 


    Having said that, I know a couple who want to buy a new build because for them, the standard of older houses is not good enough. They turned down a lovely house on the outskirts of our neighbourhood because they want underfloor heating. I would have bought the house in a heartbeat.


  7. 4 hours ago, LukeSkywalker said:

    Main benefit in Germany and read my lips:"No new taxes."


    If your girlfriend is a Beamtin, the tax advantage of getting married is very generous - several hundred euro per month.


  8. Yes, Prora was very interesting. There is a section currently being used by the German Youth Hostel association also.


    The architectural critic Jonathan Meades had a BBC series on surviving Nazi architecture that made the point that Prora might have been the biggest and the first but it was just a precursor for the resorts and hotels that sprang up all over Southern Europe from the 1950s:



    (Segment on Prora is right at the start)



  9. I'm not sure about your point regarding ' 'Der Eigerntürmer' but I know last year we got a notification of a fine  from the Finanzamt and my wife appealed it without paying the fine. Well the Finanzamt rang the day after the fine was due and said irrespective of whether an appeal is made, you should have paid the fine - the appeal does not stop the period to pay the fine. Obviously the fine gets repaid if the appeal is successful.


  10. We spent 2 weeks in Baabe (between Seelin and Göhren) this summer. I would definitely recommend it as a base for families with toddlers -  a beautiful, safe beach, peaceful forest, well maintained playgrounds in the town and Göhren. It was nice that the footpath was separate to the bike path from Baabe to Göhren - this wasn't the case to the north of Baabe. There are lots of things to see 15-30mins away by car. 


  11. 1 hour ago, emkay said:

    They are though the incidents were 3 months apart. 


    The time between the incidents is not so relevant. The fact that the supermarkets are close together (few hundred metres?) means that there is more likelihood that your daughter innocently went past them on both occasions. If they had been a few km apart, I'd imagine your daughter would have had more explaining to do - still a coincidence but immediately looks more suspicious.


  12. 3 hours ago, fraufruit said:

    Yes, some of us would like to see our families every year or so.

    On 5/28/2020, 3:01:13, LukeSkywalker said:



    I don't think the people that fly relatively infrequently will be affected. I am sure though that over a certain threshold, some sort of graduated 'green tax' will be introduced for frequent flyers. 


  13. On 5/28/2020, 3:01:13, LukeSkywalker said:

    National airlines like Air France, KLM and Lufthansa are too important for the economy. 


    Also, some countries still see it as a strategic imperative to have a functioning national airline - Lufthansa bringing back stranded tourists at the start of the Covid pandemic is a good example.


    I'm a bit ambivalent when it comes to the airline industry. On the one hand, I grew up in 1980s Ireland where air travel was out of financial reach for most due to Aer Lingus' monopoly and exorbitant prices. So I can admire Ryanair's success and even O'Leary's chutzpah (up to a point).

    However, the airline business has just grown too much imho - airline travel is now nearly seen as a right by a lot of people, irrespective of the environmental cost. I don't think the industry can continue like it has for the last 25 years.


  14. 2 minutes ago, RenegadeFurther said:

    Thanks @AlexTr.



    I do agree with but unfortunately I bought the flat and so did he, so it would be a pain to move. The guy also bought his flat and he is definitely not going anywhere.


    If i was renting it would not be such a big issue as I would look elsewhere, speak my mind and just leave.


    Since yesterday the dog has not been out. 


    I do have to handle this with care.


    He is not the sort of guy you can say don`t do this etc.


    By the way I do think the dog was only playing (still intimidating for a 5 year old) which is why I am taking my time to think about it,




    Maybe an option is to write a polite letter explaining the situation and say you are welcome for a chat? I think if you are polite and reasonable, he should be accommodating.


  15. 7 hours ago, RenegadeFurther said:


    Will probably talk to the owner, but I need to know where I stand legally first. The article from bramble did help.


    The Coronavirus (lockdown) has completely destroyed his business so the dog was (in my opinion) a way to help him.


    I don`t want to make the guy anymore depressed,



    The Corona virus / his business should not come into the equation:  your priority is the well-being of your daughter using the communal garden. Come on now,  it's not the most onerous task to put a leash on your dog. Plain laziness from the owner.