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  1. I would encourage her to begin to see job interviews not as a test or an audition but as an opportunity:


    - An opportunity for her to showcase her skills, qualities and potential to employers.

    - An opportunity for her to ask questions, meet potential managers and colleagues etc.


    Highlight that she has had success up until now so obviously she is doing well in interviews up until now. It is possible that she might not be successful at some point in the future but failing at something is not necessarily bad - we learn more about ourselves when we work out why we did not succeed at something. Learn from the experience, fix what needs to be fixed and try again.


    I hope this helps and your daughter has a good interview.



  2. Italy did a similar tactic 10 years ago in the 6N - not contesting the lineout, not engaging in a maul and therefore allowing one of their players to go around in open play and tackle the opposition ball carrier..

    Interesting that the co-commentator on the first clip is Conor O'Shea, the current Italian coach.



  3. Not really so funny if you were on this train: I saw a woman who had gotten off the train and was walking along the platform to the steps. She saw someone she knew, stuck her foot in the open train door to stop it closing and spent a good thirty seconds talking to the person inside the train. The driver was looking at her the whole time. To be fair to the driver, when she was finally finished, he let her walk until she was next to his window and called her over.


  4. 23 minutes ago, PandaMunich said:

    That actually makes sense from a tax perspective: she has to tax 1% of the gross new list price of that expensive car as income, but in exchange her employer pays for the petrol, see here:


    So the family as a whole would be worse off financially if they would have to pay the petrol for the husband's longer commute out of their own pocket instead of making her employer pay for it. 

    Plus, their private car will accumulate less km this way, and need fewer repairs and new tyres less often.

    Thanks for the explanation!


    I was a little surprised with the story. Do German companies not expect their company cars to be used by their employees during the week? 


  5. My wife told me a funny situation - she works with a colleague (Beamter) whose wife is a manager in a large insurance company. This lady has a company car, either an Audi or a BMW. However, because her husband has the longer commute, he drives the company car to his work and she has to drive the Twingo!


  6. 10 hours ago, bramble said:


    When I'm out walking the dogs off leash along roads with no pavements I find that lots of dirvers raise a hand to me in acknowledgement when I call the dogs to the side of the road so they can drive past unhampered. Every single day. Most drivers slow down as well. 

    Yes, obviously many Germans do wave while out driving. I was just offering a suggestion why others don't.


  7. 6 hours ago, emkay said:

    Driving. I usually let many drivers pass before me, only very few ever wave a thanks.


    During one of my driving lessons here, another driver let me pull out, I gave him a wave and the driving instructor gave out to me for not having both hands on the wheel. When this happens now, I just think that they are not unthankful - they are just driving with extra care. 


  8. There was a similar situation in Siegburg Bahnhof last week - some cleaners found an unattended suitcase outside a Subway in tha station at 8am. The station was closed and the bomb squad inspected the case with a robot. I was at a nearby station at 11:30 and Siegburg station was still closed.


    I was talking to my wife about it and we both wondered at what time the person had left their suitcase and how many people had walked past it without reporting it. It is conjecture but we both suspected that it had probably been there a while.


    Maybe there has been too much time since the RAF and IRA attacks in the 70s and 80s but I think too many people here are naive or complacent when it comes to the threat of terrorism. 


  9. I was out for a walk in the woods with my two year old daughter yesterday (actually not far from Lohmar). We were on a path. I heard an owner shouting and turned around and saw a pitbull  (maybe a crossbreed? It had folds of skin around the mouth) running towards us. I grabbed my daughter and lifted her up - she starts crying. By then the dog was at my legs and making contact with me. I grew up with labs at home but never with such a type of dog. I felt extremely uncomfortable for those 20 or so seconds. The owner came up, apologised, put the dog on a leash and quickly went into the woods.


    Why do people get a dog if they cannot / will not train them?


  10. Yes, it is a right to get a Kita place from the age of three but you have no say where. Our Stadt is geographically very dpread out and our Stadtteile is at one end of it. It would really not be very practical if we got offered a Kita place at the far end of the Stadt and not a local one. I think we would have to apply for a Tagesmutter then.


  11. Hi Dheeraj,


    My wife and I are going through this process at the moment. We live in NRW too.


    Our daughter is 2 years old and we applied to the local Kitas just after she was born - however, the Leiterin of the local State Kita told us that they do not favour those who applied early so it would be good for you to ask this question. 


    In our area, all aplications are now done through an online portal called Little Bird. You can apply up to 4 different Kitas and / or Tagesmutters. It's important that even though you have applied online, ring the Kita and ask to meet the Leiter/in in person. When we went to visit the Kitas, we brought our daughter - friends of ours just turned up without their daughter which was a mistake I think. All the Kitas we have applied to had open days - attend them and again, this gives you the chance to talk to the Leiter. Because we applied early, we have been to the open days both in the first year and the second.


    Two of the Kitas had bazaars and we attended those - again, making sure we spoke to the Leiterin.


    We have also applied to the local Catholic Kindergarten. I go with my daughter to the children's Mass and we are in a church playgroup. Not sure it will help but it's nice to be more integerated in the local community.


    In our area, there is a huge demand for places. We honestly feel like we won't get a place but as I have told my wife, we have tried our best and we just have to see what happens.


    Good luck!


  12. I've been thinking about this thread and my need to put order on things (plants!)..I wasn't really like this before I moved here. What has happened during the last 5 years is both my parents died suddenly - Mum in 2011 and Dad in 2014. I think that subconsciously I must be trying to put order on things I own or can affect maybe because I now realise that there are bigger things that I don't have any control over. 


  13. 2 hours ago, SpiderPig said:
    17 minutes ago, snowingagain said:


    wellll, in that one you did mention that people's hedges making the footpath narrower was one of your bugbears.


    a bugbear being " A cause of obsessive fear, anxiety, or irritation" ...:rolleyes:


    But I think you are taking SP too seriously, he was just taking the piss a 


    Oh yeah, I did mention hedges in that post, I have to admit.


    So let's just say it's a slight obsession, shall we? :-)


    And maybe I was a bit too touchy towards Spiderpig's contributions..


  14. 1 hour ago, SpiderPig said:
    4 minutes ago, snowingagain said:



    Well, you do seem put out by your neighbour's plants which don't sound particularly invasive, and on another thread you recently seemed similarly 

    put out that someone let a native plant grow on the pavement rather than ripping out like a proper minded person would do.


    So two posts on pulling up weeds warrants someone to personally insult me and use the the word 'obsessed'?


    I also posted about widening a footpath - does that make me 'obsessed' about footpaths too?


  15. On 9/16/2016, 10:12:39, SpiderPig said:

    If I were you... I would grow a pair... get over it and every year or two, dismantle it and treat it...


    You seem to have an obsession with thing growing...



    Yes, you are not me - for example, I would never insult and make a presumption about a person that I don't know on an online forum. 


  16. Hi Malteaser,


    My point is though that both sides of my fence are on my property. 

    Presumably the legal boundary was the gap between the original two fences.


    I will confirm the boundaries today and keep things cordial. However, I will make it clear that letting wild vine grow to the extent is was before  is now not an option as they made zero contribution to the cost of the fence.


    Thanks for all the feedback.