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  1. 11 hours ago, Chelski said:


    I moderate on a rock band forum and cross-polination of threads is ignored by us, the Mod Squad. Threads may start as "What's your favourite song?" with plently of posts, and then evolve into discussions about Nietzsche, the price of bananas in Ecuador or even, "Does my bum look big in this?" Then the thread will go dim. 


    Until... the next newbie arrives and posts his/her favourite song and the discussion is back on topic and rocking again.


    The members also kinda self-moderate themselves which makes it easier for me to be a Mod. Yes, there's bitch-fights and all that nonsense but I sleep well at night without getting woken up by some alert at 4am.


    My point being @kiplette is that whatever tangents this thread takes, however wide and varied, and with the grace and understanding of the TT mods, it will always be about...




    If you combine rock bands and bacon...



  2. What about somewhere in Mecklenburg Vorpommern? I really liked Stralsund as a city. I have yet to go there but Schwerin is supposed to be a very nice city also. I'm sure there are more language schools there. You don't want to move somewhere too small and not have an option of a different language school if you don't get on with your original teacher/school.


  3. 29 minutes ago, optimista said:

    However, based on observation, expect to be taken for a ride on the price. One for the locals, one for foreigners. 


    I remember reading an article during the height of the Irish property bubble about people buying holiday properties on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. The saying was there were three prices: one for locals, one for foreigners and one for the Irish. Prices were so high in Ireland, it skewed people's opinions on what constituted value in Bulgaria.


  4. I was lucky in a way that I had lived in Ireland in the 2000s - a classic housing bubble. When I moved here in 2011, I still had savings as I'd been priced out of the market in Ireland and was able to put a deposit on a Reihenhaus. Only regret is I didn't push myself financially a bit more but hindsight is a wonderful thing.


  5. 1 hour ago, MikeMelga said:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but he will probably get reelected, right?


    I'd give him six months, probably less. His administration is just going from one crisis to the next. As Churchill said, 'The Opposition occupy the benches in front of you, the Enemy sits behind you.'


  6. Sounds a frustrating time for you. My advice echoes earlier advice and would be to focus on an area that is commutable for you but has more availability. Arrange your holidays for 2022 that you have time to view properties there. Start building up a relationship with property agents in this area. This should be your medium term plan (6 months). 


    In the short term, I would explain the situation to my boss, work colleagues, Kitaleiter(in) and see if they know of a local flat that might be available. Are you a member of any clubs or a church? I would second reaching out to the Portuguese community.




  7. 9 minutes ago, snowingagain said:

    Swedes make really scary halloween stuff.  


    I thought you meant the country, not the means I can't say are they from Shockholm..


  8. 1 hour ago, LeonG said:

    Bying, your house or condo may go up in value and eventually you'll own it free and clear, however if it needs major work at some point that's on your dime too.


    The 'major work' reminds me of a couple I know: - they're currently renting a flat and keep passing on really nice houses (in my eyes) because the houses need 'too much work'. One of their wants is underfloor heating! They're not much younger than me but it just seems completely unrealistic to me.


  9. 38 minutes ago, karin_brenig said:

    Lucky for you, the problems become less stressful when the child enters elementary school. There, if a teacher is sick, they can't send kids home - that is the beautiful law of "Schulpflicht". Which means your child may not be learning much about reading/writing/math - but at least they will be tended to in school while you do whatever you planned to do.


    They send the kids home in NRW - our Grundschule had a staffing crisis last winter and one of the classes had to stay home for eight days because there just wasn't enough teachers to go around. I'm open to correction but I don't think there is a temp teacher system here - unlike in the UK or Ireland for example.


  10. I walk my children to school and Kita every day. At every sharp street corner, it's got to the stage that we have to stop and I have to cautiously poke my head around the building checking for cyclists on the footpath. They don't ring their bells, don't slow down and all ages do it. 


  11. 2 hours ago, yesterday said:

    Sure new counties and states are a modern concept (except for the UK, last invaded 1066, I think ), so why has it changed ?


    My guess is that it is much easier to travel these days, so a lot more people try to swap countires for a better life etc. and of course a lot of natives of the new country complain that there are just too many and it destroys the original style of life and they do not like it.


    Whats right, not sure there is a right answer, just depends on how you feel


    For me, I was riding through Garmisch the other day, a nice old Bavarian town, quiet beuatiful in its own way  then you pass the new  muslim mosque on the way into town, for me it looks out of place in the nice Bavarian town, guess the locals think that as well, but maybe its right that we accept new things, which kinda destroys the original feeling of the town.



    The last successful invasion of Great Britain was by William of Orange in 1688. The last unsuccessful one was the Invasion of Fishguard (1797) by France. 


  12. Where is the yard? Would the law make a distinction between a cock in a rural village and one in an urban area? I know life isn't fair but it would be unfair in my eyes if this was an urban area and the neighbours had only recently started keeping chickens.


  13. You think Germany Democracy is bad value for money? At least each German MP represents on average 114,000 of the population (same as France, bit higher than the UK). They get paid a basic salary of 120,000 Euro (plus expenses).


    In Ireland, each MP represents 31,000 people (!) and they get a basic payment of 96,000 Euro.


  14. 16 minutes ago, jubinjohn said:

    I thought some Hebrew speakers are going to comment on this. Spich in Hebrew sounds similar to a word which means something gross 😁. No anti-Semitism involved


    Ah, it was a joke? Sorry, I took your comment at face value. Glad to hear it wasn't something  that they had experienced there.


  15. 6 hours ago, jubinjohn said:

    I have a couple of Jewish colleagues , one of them recently moved from israel and do not speak german at all. They are happy.

    But for some reason he told that he will never live in the town whose name is Spich 


    Spich? I live in Troisdorf and this is a Stadtteil of the town. Pretty surprised to read your comment. Troisdorf has a high level of immigration in general. If this was the reason for ruling out Spich, then you have to rule out lots of other areas of NRW too. To name just one area is pretty bizarre and a little naive.


    My view for what its worth: anti-Semites, racists, homophobes are in the minority in Germany. This makes them carry out their crimes where the likelihood of getting caught or themselves getting attacked is low..they are opportunistic. The sad fact is attacks can happen anywhere. 


  16. 4 hours ago, Fietsrad said:

    What about Schulzranzen, school rucksacks? They are marketed intensively, a good (?) one costs €349. The miserable children get their first exposure to consumerism at Schulzranzenmessen, which are held on the premises of car dealers!


    Little Johnny was overwhelmed by the display of fancy rucksacks. "I don't know which to buy, mum, can you choose?", he whimpered.


    Ergobag? We got one of last year's models that was on sale for 135€. I just looked and there are a few used on eBay Kleinanzeigen  - now is a good time to buy if you wanted one for next August.  There are definitely options not to pay the full price.