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  1. garden lawns are bad

      I had heard that there were proposals to ban people paving their front or side garden to have extra parking spaces as this was increasing the risk of flooding. I'm surprised though that rockeries are being banned though, surely you still get the rainwater getting absorbed into the ground with this type of garden (or part of garden)? My parents had one and there were always really nice plants growing there.
  2. accident in car wash

    If your car had been damaged by the brush while the brush was operating normally ( and set up correctly), then I can see how the car wash's insurance company could reject your claim. However, obviously the car wash's brush was not operating normally because it had broken off! Really poor by your lawyer - they should be reported for incompetence.
  3. Drivers and hand signals

      I saw one this morning and it did indeed switch on its warning lights when it stopped at a bus stop. It's a busy Hauptstrasse so maybe that explains it.
  4. Drivers and hand signals

      BFD = Big Friendly Driver 
  5. Drivers and hand signals

      When the bus is stopped at a bus stop with its warning lights blinking, the law is you have to pass the bus at walking pace in both directions. There's no requirement to let passengers cross afaik.
  6. Flatmate attacked me, not sure how to proceed

    I don't see the difference between male on female violence (where everyone would quite rightly say get the hell out of this abusive relationship) and your situation, to be honest. It's a domestic situation that is a ticking time bomb.  All the best and look after yourself 👍
  7. Flatmate attacked me, not sure how to proceed

    I know it's easy to say it but I would move out asap if there has been physical violence. There is a time for standing your ground but you don't know your flatmate's psychological history. There was a tragic case in Ireland of a guy being murdered by his flatmate - I knew the victim from my university days and it was just a real shock to read the story a few years ago. 
  8. Buying power, inflation and others

    Apparently people are using cooking oil in diesel motors so this is also affecting availability. My local Netto has a one bottle per household sign - I assumed it was one bottle by oil type and took one olive and one cooking but the cashier told me to choose which one I wanted. I chose olive and the old guy behind me said 'I'll take the cooking oil so'.
  9.   Haven't laughed so much in ages, thanks!
  10. When we bought our house, a colleague of my wife's who worked in the local Bauamt had a look over the Reihenhaus. There was nothing that was really wrong, just superficial stuff. It also helped that we could look at the other 5 houses and just see if the owners had needed to replace roofs (no), wooden window frames (none at the time, one house in the last ten years), the state of the underside of their front balconies (these can be problematic - don't neglect tell-tale rust signs). The guy's personal opinion was that if the house was built late 70s to late 1980s, you will be very unlucky to have a major structural problem.
  11. Du vs Sie culture in office

      Yes, this caught on in Ireland and Britain too, it's a bit annoying.   I wonder if the adoption of the action, where you can make facial expressions or change your tone of voice to show you are being ironic, has now influenced how people now see the written form? Maybe someone has written a thesis on it! 
  12. Du vs Sie culture in office

    Here it is:
  13. Du vs Sie culture in office

    Interesting for me to read that now, using double quotes for a single word now can be taken as meaning the author doesn't agree with the quotation. Possibly Jeba was not aware of this, I know I didn't know this. (Can't seem to insert the link)    
  14. Du vs Sie culture in office

      There used to be a Minister of Health in Ireland that used the title 'Dr.'. It turned out his doctorate was in Agricultural Science!  
  15. Du vs Sie culture in office

      In the State Kita my children go / went to, it was always informal du / first names with everyone until around three years ago. Then it was requested (demanded) that parents stop using Erzieher/in first names and everything was formal Sie. 
  16. Changing car tires

    When I first moved here, I did the tyre changes in ATU out of habit - they were expensive. Got a tip of a small garage and it's a lot cheaper and quicker - 30minutes and think it was around 60€ last time for changing the wheels and storage. Also,  I actually like that a mechanic is checking them twice a year.
  17. Ask if the occupants in the flat above tried to fix a blocked shower. I tried to years ago to remove the drain cover from ours and all I succeeded in doing was loosening the seal. Subsequently, every time we had a shower, water leaked into the flat below. The Hausmeister said that this happens all the time. Luckily the insurance paid out. Lesson learned - call the Hausmeister if you're renting, don't attempt DIY.
  18. Really shocked to see that Shane Warne has died. He was only 52. Absolute masterful leg spin bowler - yes, he had prodigious spin but what set him apart was it was coupled with superb control and cunning. It was a privilege to see him in action.
  19. English Language: "Warming Down"

    I think people have started to use 'warm down' after outside training or sport in the winter / cold weather. 
  20. "Woher kommst du?"

    I think it's just more of a cultural thing here to put more emphasis on where you were born rather than were you were brought up. An example I came across - a former colleague of my wife had her two children in a hospital in Cologne even though she lives much closer to several good hospitals in our area over the city border. My wife asked about it and the colleague said she wanted that they could call themselves a Kölner(in). Oje!
  21. You should have it already but if not, you should have Rechtsschutzversicherung in place if you go down the legal route.
  22. If you share an attic, you could partition your side off to stop wildlife getting in. This isn't going to stop the elements getting in though. I would first ask in the Bauamt what you need to do but I suspect you will have to go down the legal route. Apart from the house, the next most costly thing an average homeowner will need to pay for is a new roof. You don't want to have to get a new roof replaced 20 or 30 years before it needed to just because you didn't take action over your neighbour's / her family's inaction.
  23.   It's all down to expectations. Sorry to keep banging on about Corporations this morning but one thing you get with them is standardisation. If you are used to a certain level of customer service, the exception will be glaringly obvious. If it wasn't a corporate hotel, it still would have had been rated and again we are back to expectations.
  24.   I understand what you're saying. They have their critics but in this case, he probably should have worked in a McDonalds - at least the corporate model (in theory) rewards drive and long hours. In his case, there was no upward path.