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  1. DHL parcel box

      I do too. Thomy senf jars make great little glasses..
  2. A while back my wife and I had a discussion about the refugee crisis, and its consequences. I was mourning that it had polarised political opinion. For my wife, this was actually a positive: people were forced to choose what side of the argument they were on and often nailed their colours to the mast, sometimes inadvertently. Thinking back, it was definitely an eye-opener in several conversations I had where people's latent views came out.
  3. Apartment problems/Landlord

      First things first this needs to be sorted out asap. You need a new rental contract drawn up in your name. The problems you list can then be solved.   Re. The bicycles - I'm assuming the other two are the property of your ex?  Cannot understand how one person can say you have 4 when you say you only have 2 otherwise.
  4. Mark Hollis from the band Talk Talk died last week aged 64 RIP. I've been watching their 1986 Montreux concert quite a bit on youtube. It really is a tour de force.     
  5.   The concept of subsidiarity is one of the main tenets of the EU. 
  6. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

      Ah yes, cue Fenton..  
  7. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

      I think it's more common to hear it pronounced the second way. (Never lived in Wales but used to watch BBC Wales / HTV / S4C quite a bit in Ireland.) The double 'Ll' is also used in Llanelli - hla-ne-hlee (apologies to any Welsh speakers if I am talking through my hat!)
  8. Endstation, use your friendship with your flatemate to your advantage - ask her if she has any single friends or, even better, go dancing with her and get a dance partner for yourself. Key is to get out there, stay positive and you will meet someone. Good luck! 
  9. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

    OP, is your plan to reopen the pub after the rats have been taken care of / property is refurbished etc?  
  10. Unfortunately urban noise is a price the OP (and I) pay for living in the Blue Banana.   Try and look at the advantages you have and try to live with the things you can't change.
  11. Pigshead Revisited  
  12. Tips on buying a washing machine?

      Both Netto and Lidl stock hygienespueler also (not sure about Aldi) ..the aroma of the one from Lidl is a little bit over-powering but the Netto one is fine imo.
  13. Neighbour made mess

      I agree it's not something you see so often but I've seen several women working for landscape gardeners / tree surgeons in my locality in the past.    Btw, nothing wimpy about not wanting to use a potentially lethal tool without training and all the right equipment. And even then a chainsaw can maim or kill an experienced user by an unexpected kickback.
  14. Neighbour made mess

    I know you have a young child but I would have gone directly to the neighbour as soon as possible and ask her what she is going to do about her mess. You are 100% in the right and it's up to her to clean it up (or to be told to expect a bill from a cleaning company). Keep it civil but be firm - her mess, sort it out.   Ask yourself what would have happened if the shoe was on the other foot and you had made the mess..