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  1. How to separate and maybe divorce

      Here in my part of NRW, I was able to go alone to collect my son's new passport. I had to bring a Vollmacht signed by my wife and my passport as ID. 
  2. How to separate and maybe divorce

    This thread is very informative. Was thinking about other cases: Googling the topic, I never knew that widowed single parents traveling with children are advised to bring their deceased partner's death certificate.
  3. Even after all these years, I still...

      I wrote 'If you genuinely need help...' it's not an issue for me.   It's the people that just can't be bothered to count their coins that irks me. 
  4. Even after all these years, I still...

      I was reading that the cashiers in Lidl have a minimum scan speed they have to meet so if it was in Lidl,that's the reason why.   What bugs me are the people who just dump a whole load of coins at the till and expect the cashier to count it for them..of course, it is no problem if you genuinely need help but the last couple of times it just seemed like pure laziness.
  5. Even after all these years, I still...

      I've been shown a calculator a couple of times here in the past but in my case it was due to the shop assistant hearing I was a non-native speaker and trying to be helpful.
  6. Wisdom from pop music

    'Blame it on the trainBut the boss is already there'   Prince reminding us not to tell porkies at work.
  7. “One wrong movement and she is Dead”!

    I would report it to the Police. People tend to have a routine so it could be the case that this person (OP didn't specify the owner's gender if I am not mistaken) will walk the same route at the same time of day. 
  8. Gay Byrne, Irish Broadcaster. Grew up watching him every Friday night on the Late Late Show. RIP.
  9. Children. Smartphone. What age?

      So you've assumed I'm a luddite and assumed I'm not rich.   One out of two, not bad ;-)
  10. Children. Smartphone. What age?

      Thanks @Lisa13. You saved me having to write this. More time to fix my hand loom.
  11. Children. Smartphone. What age?

      Thanks for the advice.   My question still stands regarding Steve Jobs and Bill Gates btw.
  12. Children. Smartphone. What age?

      So would you class Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as 'luddites' for not allowing their children smartphones until they were in their teens (Gates) or restricting iphone useage (Jobs)?
  13. Children. Smartphone. What age?

      My problem with smartphones is that they are much harder to supervise. If tablets are not available in future, my children can use  a PC. What is unacceptable to me is giving my 10 or 11 year old  a device that I cannot supervise what videos or images they are being sent and so end up seeing/watching.  
  14. Children. Smartphone. What age?

      Yes, my children are still in Kita but the point is I see a 10 or an 11 year old as still being a child and too young to have a smartphone. I know it is easy to say this when I'm not confronted by the situation but it's my personal view (and thankfully my wife's).
  15. Children. Smartphone. What age?

    Sorry but I don't see the need for my children to have a smart phone while they are still children.    If someone says they need connectivity for school, they can use a tablet at home.