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  1.   John Hume, Northern Irish Politician. One of the driving forces behind bringing peace to Northern Ireland. Probably the most influential Irish politician of the last 50 years.   History will be kind to Mr. Hume.  
  2. We spent 2 weeks in Baabe (between Seelin and Göhren) this summer. I would definitely recommend it as a base for families with toddlers -  a beautiful, safe beach, peaceful forest, well maintained playgrounds in the town and Göhren. It was nice that the footpath was separate to the bike path from Baabe to Göhren - this wasn't the case to the north of Baabe. There are lots of things to see 15-30mins away by car. 
  3. Summoned as a witness in a criminal case

      The time between the incidents is not so relevant. The fact that the supermarkets are close together (few hundred metres?) means that there is more likelihood that your daughter innocently went past them on both occasions. If they had been a few km apart, I'd imagine your daughter would have had more explaining to do - still a coincidence but immediately looks more suspicious.
  4. Summoned as a witness in a criminal case

    @emkay Presumably the two supermarkets are close to one another? 
  5.   Not sure I would like to have to use a touch screen in an emergency situation - thinking along the lines of something like what happened to Gemini 8.
  6. Activities for toddlers

    Our oldest went to junior gymnastics from 1 until she turned 4. It was a good way to stay in touch with her earliest friends because they all ended up in different Kitas.
  7. Lufthansa Strike

      I don't think the people that fly relatively infrequently will be affected. I am sure though that over a certain threshold, some sort of graduated 'green tax' will be introduced for frequent flyers. 
  8. Lufthansa Strike

      Also, some countries still see it as a strategic imperative to have a functioning national airline - Lufthansa bringing back stranded tourists at the start of the Covid pandemic is a good example.   I'm a bit ambivalent when it comes to the airline industry. On the one hand, I grew up in 1980s Ireland where air travel was out of financial reach for most due to Aer Lingus' monopoly and exorbitant prices. So I can admire Ryanair's success and even O'Leary's chutzpah (up to a point). However, the airline business has just grown too much imho - airline travel is now nearly seen as a right by a lot of people, irrespective of the environmental cost. I don't think the industry can continue like it has for the last 25 years.
  9. Attacked by a dog, what is my legal situation?

      Maybe an option is to write a polite letter explaining the situation and say you are welcome for a chat? I think if you are polite and reasonable, he should be accommodating.
  10. Attacked by a dog, what is my legal situation?

      The Corona virus / his business should not come into the equation:  your priority is the well-being of your daughter using the communal garden. Come on now,  it's not the most onerous task to put a leash on your dog. Plain laziness from the owner. 
  11. Coin counting machine locations?

    Another option could be to buy a manual one on Amazon.   
  12.   I see the Berlin Hikers have a nude hike organised for June!! :-)  
  13. Hi Pesar,   How many times have you gone to dancing lessons? That is one activity that you are nearly guaranteed to have at least a 50/50 female / male split.   I can't remember if I gave this advice last time: When I was single in Ireland, I joined a hiking club - again, the gender balance was around 50/50. Also, because we met up early Sunday mornings, the people who attended were sporty and not really into the night club scene. Here is a hiking club in Berlin:   Hope this helps.
  14.   I suggested that the school should defer the tuition. Obviously not suitable for all students but an option for those who plan to stay locally in the next 6-12 months. 
  15. I'm really finding this unfair by the language school. I worked for an English school here and I can imagine the reaction of our German clients if we had given them such a fait accompli.