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  1. No complaints with my local Lidl. Because its busy, fruit and veg always fresh. (Not the case with my local Netto which isn't so busy.)  There is a HIT a couple of kilometres away that I only use rarely - nearly too much choice when you are used to the uncomplicated discounters.    
  2. What is the fine for a car accident

      Sorry but if you are driving here, it's your responsibility to know the rules of the road. 
  3. Are people with tattoos stupid?

      He can do whatever he wants with non-political tattoos. His free will, his life. Not my problem.   However, when he starts making political statements (consciously or ignorantly) with a tattoo that are against my beliefs, that's when I can insist that he covers it up or I don't meet up with him.   I don't find my stance incoherent but others may find it so.   There I leave ya! 😃
  4. Are people with tattoos stupid?

      No. He's not an idiot for getting a tattoo per se.    Imo, he's made a serious mistake getting this one (it's on his neck so always visible) and he'll have to live with the consequences.     
  5. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    I have nothing against most tattoos. My brother-in-law got one that most people would associate with the far right so I have a problem with it and him now. 
  6. Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    What I find extraordinary is after this well publicised case, people still leave their toddlers / young children alone - two couples that I know have done this in the last few months. 
  7. What is your hobby?

    After around 30 years, got back into astronomy last year. Seeing the rings of Saturn through a telescope for the first time last summer was spellbinding.
  8. Wurst and Last and Always..
  9. Protocol with Handwerkers

    To the OP, I'm sorry that you are having a horrible time. Sometimes it's better to pay over the odds and build a relationship with a local tradesperson. When we first moved to our town, we made the conscious decision to pay extra but get someone local. Because we stuck with the same people, they now know us and twice have come asap for emergencies (boiler kaput and flooded basement). But I understand your situation is different and more complicated.  
  10. Protocol with Handwerkers

      In Ireland, we have a word for a newcomer to a village or a town: a 'blow-in'. Growing up there in a provincial town, I would sometimes get the impression that our family were still considered blow-ins and we had been there since 1912! :-)
  11. Behavior of German children while playing

      I remember my mum knitting too and she could easily do it as she was talking to me - not the same as looking at a handy which is much more immersive imho.   I actually like to look at my kids interacting with others or just playing on their own. 
  12. Behavior of German children while playing

    Someone remarked on parents being glued to their smartphones while their children are playing and it does my head in. How can you properly and fairly deal with bad behaviour if you have no idea what has just happened and (invariably) you have two screaming children in front of you? But also, more importantly, how can good behaviour be seen, encouraged and therefore reinforced?   
  13.   And probably the several parents within earshot who are trying to get their babies to sleep. 
  14. Baptism in Evangelical Church

      Regarding payment, I would always give a contribution but this is because I'm Irish (no church taxes) and it is expected that you pay. In Germany, because you are already paying church tax, it is a little more discretionary whether you make a donation. 
  15. DHL parcel box

      I do too. Thomy senf jars make great little glasses..