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  1. Cyclists are 3rd class in Germany

    I walk my children to school and Kita every day. At every sharp street corner, it's got to the stage that we have to stop and I have to cautiously poke my head around the building checking for cyclists on the footpath. They don't ring their bells, don't slow down and all ages do it. 
  2. What's the issue with dual nationality?

      The last successful invasion of Great Britain was by William of Orange in 1688. The last unsuccessful one was the Invasion of Fishguard (1797) by France. 
  3. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    The way I see it, online forums just allow cowards to show their true colours behind the 'anonymity' of the Internet. These aren't discussions because these people never change their opinions - it's just a risk free way to vent. 
  4. Disturbance by neighbours animals

    Where is the yard? Would the law make a distinction between a cock in a rural village and one in an urban area? I know life isn't fair but it would be unfair in my eyes if this was an urban area and the neighbours had only recently started keeping chickens.
  5. You think Germany Democracy is bad value for money? At least each German MP represents on average 114,000 of the population (same as France, bit higher than the UK). They get paid a basic salary of 120,000 Euro (plus expenses).   In Ireland, each MP represents 31,000 people (!) and they get a basic payment of 96,000 Euro.
  6. Judaism in Germany

      Ah, it was a joke? Sorry, I took your comment at face value. Glad to hear it wasn't something  that they had experienced there.
  7. Judaism in Germany

      Spich? I live in Troisdorf and this is a Stadtteil of the town. Pretty surprised to read your comment. Troisdorf has a high level of immigration in general. If this was the reason for ruling out Spich, then you have to rule out lots of other areas of NRW too. To name just one area is pretty bizarre and a little naive.   My view for what its worth: anti-Semites, racists, homophobes are in the minority in Germany. This makes them carry out their crimes where the likelihood of getting caught or themselves getting attacked is low..they are opportunistic. The sad fact is attacks can happen anywhere. 
  8.   Ergobag? We got one of last year's models that was on sale for 135€. I just looked and there are a few used on eBay Kleinanzeigen  - now is a good time to buy if you wanted one for next August.  There are definitely options not to pay the full price. 
  9. If you have be a quiet period, it should be a good time to research new tax laws or clients' previous audits? If they are new clients, research their company.    Don't tell the boss you have nothing to do. Sends out all the wrong signals.
  10.   She is a Beamtin so we were looking at towns and cities that are administrative centres where she could apply for a post.
  11. Hi, My wife and I are thinking about moving from NRW. Does anyone here live in Stralsund or know the city well? We both liked the city but obviously we need to research this fully. It would be great to hear opinions on the city from someone here. Many thanks!