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  1.   Cliff Morgan's commentary is just superb - I read recently that Bill McLaren was ill and missed that match.
  2. I suppose historically, literacy was so much lower than nowadays, the Notar had to read out contracts by necessity. Also, I suppose it helped people whose eyesight was failing and didn't have access to eye glasses or monocles. As literacy and eye-care improved,  reading aloud still helped to allow legal jargon to be explained. Finally, as mentioned above, it legally verifies that everyone heard the contract, understood it (or claimed to!) and did not raise any objections prior to signing it.
  3. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    Seems like Sylt was particularly popular 
  4. garden lawns are bad

      I had heard that there were proposals to ban people paving their front or side garden to have extra parking spaces as this was increasing the risk of flooding. I'm surprised though that rockeries are being banned though, surely you still get the rainwater getting absorbed into the ground with this type of garden (or part of garden)? My parents had one and there were always really nice plants growing there.
  5. accident in car wash

    If your car had been damaged by the brush while the brush was operating normally ( and set up correctly), then I can see how the car wash's insurance company could reject your claim. However, obviously the car wash's brush was not operating normally because it had broken off! Really poor by your lawyer - they should be reported for incompetence.
  6. Drivers and hand signals

      I saw one this morning and it did indeed switch on its warning lights when it stopped at a bus stop. It's a busy Hauptstrasse so maybe that explains it.
  7. Drivers and hand signals

      BFD = Big Friendly Driver 
  8. Drivers and hand signals

      When the bus is stopped at a bus stop with its warning lights blinking, the law is you have to pass the bus at walking pace in both directions. There's no requirement to let passengers cross afaik.
  9. Flatmate attacked me, not sure how to proceed

    I don't see the difference between male on female violence (where everyone would quite rightly say get the hell out of this abusive relationship) and your situation, to be honest. It's a domestic situation that is a ticking time bomb.  All the best and look after yourself 👍
  10. Flatmate attacked me, not sure how to proceed

    I know it's easy to say it but I would move out asap if there has been physical violence. There is a time for standing your ground but you don't know your flatmate's psychological history. There was a tragic case in Ireland of a guy being murdered by his flatmate - I knew the victim from my university days and it was just a real shock to read the story a few years ago.