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  1. I lived around 20m from the main railway line into Köln for two years when I first moved to Germany. The apartment was on the 3rd floor so over the height of the wall. Rent was cheap but we got noise and vibrations. The apartment was midway between stations so trains passed at high speed plus you didn't even get the convenience of being near the station.   I got used to it but really found it nicer when we moved to a (relatively) quieter area. It was only when I had left that I realised how noisy it was. 
  2. Wheelchair Access

    When I pushed my kids around in a pram, adding to the annoyance of unfriendly infrastructure was inconsiderate parking. Really annoying.
  3. Neighbours trespassing in my backyard

    Sounds like the behaviour of your landlord's wife isn't going to change anytime soon. In fact, it could escalate.   Any chance of moving?
  4. stairwell terror

      No double meanings intended.
  5. stairwell terror

    Why don't you help your neighbour deliver her newspapers? 
  6. Family member refusing to accept Inheritance

      Yes, good point regarding caring. Sometimes inheritances aren't fair.
  7. Family member refusing to accept Inheritance

      Even if the oldest sister was the designated executor of the will, this would mean she is entitled to a larger percentage than her siblings, not the whole share.   My oldest sister was executor when my Dad died and she got expenses and a fee for her work - she definitely earned it.
  8. I use DeepL for everyday use and I find it excellent.
  9.   Kranz's grandfather was a German immigrant though ;-)   Seriously, Kranz is an inspiration. His response to the Apollo 1 tragedy is required reading.
  10. How to date without tinder

    A few people suggesting 'become a teacher'. Not sure I would really recommend this as your motivation should be to teach, not to pick up dates.   So, if not teaching, why not learning? OP, your English is very good, why don't you enroll for advanced English lessons? You could also advertise for tandem conversation sessions were you speak your native language and your partner would speak in hers..and then see how it goes! Good luck!
  11. New words or sayings

    The words aren't new but saying 'you know' as a filler when talking - I first noticed it with Tony Blair and then ever second person on the BBC seemed to follow suit. Really annoying.   A phrase that is new and is both ridiculous and annoying is Gwyneth Paltrow's 'conscious uncoupling'.      
  12.   Ok, that puts a different perspective on things. Sounds to me he is trying to take you for a ride (pardon the pun).   Could you ask a German colleague or two to accompany you to the bike shop and request full details why you were charged so much?   If the bike shop owner refuses to give back any money, then I would file a complaint.    I would also leave an accurate review online if the shop has a web presence.   Good luck
  13. OP, what type of bike is it and what was replaced? Bike parts can be ridiculously expensive so with parts, MwStr and labour, this could be a reasonable price. All depends on what was replaced.
  14. OP, maybe a long shot but if your name is Aidan, do you have Irish parents / grandparents? Would you be eligible to apply for Irish citizenship? 
  15. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

      Oh yes, she knew what she was doing, that's clear.   What I will say in the woman's defence is that, for me, a new checkout opening is not strictly queue jumping. This is going to sound like something from Seinfeld but a new queue is like the start of a new relationship - it's a step into the unknown. You leave the bossom of the existing queue at your peril.  ;-)