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  1. Hello TTers,


    I am looking about information about outsourcing/external contracts.

    I saw online there is little information about this in English... Or maybe I cannot google it properly. :)


    Are there any special regulations for these types of contracts that one needs to be aware of?




  2. It's a bit general, but i get the picture.


    What is their work/life balance?


    Do you/they know how long does it take for HR to provide an answer?

    I applied for a job and I did not receive the usual "we will check your profile and contact you" message.

    Not sure if the application was seen by HR or not.

    Not to mention the job was posted again and again by Intel in the last 3+ months...


    Thank you



    Were any of these qualifications direclty or indirectly asked for? If so, then you have a chance to ask for a higher salary based on that. Otherwise, if they are not specifically necessary for the job of system administrator, why apply for it? Then you need to apply for something else. If the company doesn't perceive those to be useful qualifications for the job they are looking to fill, they may well not be willing to pay you above the rate they are considering for that job.


    These are considered a plus, mot mandatory, but very welcomed if one has them.



    Matusalem, I have made a personal report simulation for you and reached a similar number. System Admin. are not very well payed.


    This site is rather accurate for the average value, but of course you can get more with a good interview and maybe negotiating a good bonus pack.


    Check this site, it has some real offers with values:



    and check, some jobs have salary info.


    What are these Bonus packs? I cannot find information about this... Can you provide some examples?



    In Germany, system administration is done by people who have done an apprenticeship - they do not have a university degree.

    That explains the salary.


    You are probably right, but in my case I have a Masters degree. Plus I have ITIL and Microsoft certifications, which should be noteworthy.

    Also my past working experience is at a very big IT multinational company. Let me just say that I have colleagues here in Romania that earn more than 2000E net salary monthly, as System Administrators. :)


  5. Hello,


    I will have a final interview in 2 weeks with a company based near Nuremberg.

    I have a Masters degree in Computer Science and I am working as a Windows system administrator for approx 5 years (I am ITIL and MS certified).


    I am married and me and my wife are expecting our first child in 1 month.


    What salary offer would be considered reasonable/good for Sr System Administrator position in Northern Bayern?



    Thank you.