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  1. Tax refund shows 100 euro for 100k salary and wife unemployed

    Why would u expect huge amounts back. 3-5 people normally have to pay the finanzamt as it is a big tax break especially if you are the higher earner. 
  2. Tax refund shows 100 euro for 100k salary and wife unemployed

    Are u 3-5 or 4-4? If you are 3-5 it sounds correct. Maybe last year you were 4-4.
  3. Attacked by a dog, what is my legal situation?

    Thanks @AlexTr.     I do agree with this but unfortunately I bought the flat and so did he, so it would be a pain to move ( i do need to be nice). The guy also bought his flat and he is definitely not going anywhere.   If i was renting it would not be such a big issue as I would look elsewhere, speak my mind and just leave.   Since yesterday the dog has not been out.    I do have to handle this with care.   He is not the sort of guy you can say don`t do this etc.   By the way I do think the dog was only playing (still intimidating for a 5 year old) which is why I am taking my time to think about it,    
  4. Attacked by a dog, what is my legal situation?

      Will probably talk to the owner, but I need to know where I stand legally first. The article from bramble did help.   The Coronavirus (lockdown) has completely destroyed his business so the dog was (in my opinion) a way to help him.   I don`t want to make the guy anymore depressed,  
  5. Attacked by a dog, what is my legal situation?

    I don`t want to make an issue about it. I just want the dog leashed when there are kids in the garden.   @AlexTr, thanks for your post.
  6. Attacked by a dog, what is my legal situation?

      I was away, according to my wife the dog kept on chasing my daughter around the garden.   She kept on shouting "ich habe angst", but the dog kept on chasing. It was probably playing, but still intimidating for a 5 year old.   Eventually the owner lifted up my daughter.
  7. Attacked by a dog, what is my legal situation?

      She is ok, more shaken than physically hurt.   The owner of the dog had to come running and lift my daughter up so the dog could not reach her.
  8. Attacked by a dog, what is my legal situation?

    Will continue on this thread.   So today my 5 year old daughter was attacked (or the dog wanted to play) by a dog.    So I am not sure how to proceed here, is there a law that states in the communal garden the dog has to be on a leash.   Not sure what my legal rights are here?
  9. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

      But do you think it is ok to mock alcoholics?   Your moral compass is all over the place (not the only one mind you).    
  10. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    I don't agree with John but you are using this debate for your own personal vendetta.   The big difference here is that John fights his own battles.
  11. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    Come on. You didn't  stumble on it. You looked for it.   Second time you mentioned people with weight problems.   Something happened with u and a fat dude but you won't say so that is that.  
  12. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    John this thread was done and dusted before you decided to bring it up.    Something happened between you and a fat dude.   Did a fat dude step on a dog?
  13. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    I totally agree with you here. It is not the first time that he has bought up people with weight problems.   Makes you wonder if a fat dude was doing his missus?   By the way Robinson jumps on any bandwagon without really understanding what bandwagon she is jumping on.
  14. Her rights if she is in Germany will be governed by the WA.   No deal brexit is for trade and those who arrive after the traditional period.   How will marriage be better than what is in the WA?
  15. What is money?

    With all this cash being thrown around, got me thinking that what actually is money.   1) US: huge stimulus plan, helicopter cash, unlimited QE. 2) UK: The bank of England announced that it will fund the Government directly. 3) Germany: Half of the country on Kurzarbeit, 9000 for freelancers.   With all economies throwing the kitchen sink at the virus,what is the value of anything anymore?   Is every single business insolvent? Is it really the job of Governments around the world  pay everyone a salary. Have we now reached a situation where businesses are no longer allowed to fail.   Are we heading towards hyperinflation?
  16. Hooray, I have a TT stalker

        It is absolutely bizarre why I am not allowed to mention Jeffo and comedy (apparently mentioning Jeffo and comedy gets a lot of reports from Jeffos groupies).   Yet here you are cracking joke after joke or attempting to.   So bizarre why Jeffo and comedy is a no go area for the mods. 
  17. What is money?   France and Germany are proposing a €500bn ($545bn; £448bn) European recovery fund to be distributed to EU countries worst affected by Covid-19.   In talks on Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed that the funds should be provided as grants.   So it now looks as if the German Tax payer will also have to support Italy, Spain and possibly France. Italy, Spain and France will not even have to pay the money back.   Doesn`t even look like a Eurozone issue but the whole EU will be affected even countries with their own currencies.   If there ever was a reason for Brexit, this is it.   Over to you Finland, Austria and the Netherlands.      
  18. The cutting room floor

    So you were a mod for longer than a few days.   How did you pull that off? 
  19. The cutting room floor

    You can also be banned or put on pre-mod for reporting someone.    I would take my chances on the forum rather than reporting someone.   I also reported Jeffo a few times. It is very clear that the mods have a different set of rules for Jeffo then the rest of us.
  20. Stop the spread of Moronavirus on Toytown

    Is that because you have had your mod status restored?
  21. Finding a house in Mannheim

      I still am viewing (last viewing in January).   Been looking now for 3 years.
  22. Finding a house in Mannheim

      Because your lack of knowledge on how and when to rent an apartment is very obvious.
  23. Finding a house in Mannheim

      When the last time you rented somewhere or made an appointment to view?
  24. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      Have you seen his Tesla?
  25. Finding a house in Mannheim

      He starts his new job in July.   Do you think he should just turn up middle of June and start looking?