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  1. Will my fiance be qualified?

      The latest from the German Government is that I can apply for it. The success of my application is NOT guaranteed. This was made very clear.   Based on this I still have to pay tax in Germany? Absolutely ridiculous.        
  2. Will my fiance be qualified?

      In my opinion this is just wrong.   Some Brit has no clue if he will be allowed to stay after 31st October so he leaves and looks for a job elsewhere and if he finds a job elsewhere he will still have to pay Tax in Germany (assuming he leaves his wife and daughter in Germany).   How can this be fair? 
  3. Will my fiance be qualified?

      Is this also true for people who work away from home?   If you need to get a visa based on marriage does this mean you need to find a job in the same city as your wife?
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      More form the Andre Nell interview.   Neil: “You talk about Article 5b in Gatt 24 – ” Johnson: “Paragraph 5b. Article 24. Get the detail right. Get the detail right, Andrew. It’s Article 24, paragraph 5b.” Neil: “And how would you handle paragraph 5c?” Johnson: “I would confide entirely in paragraph 5b, because that is – ” Neil: “How would you get round what’s in 5c?” Johnson: “I would confide entirely in paragraph 5b which is enough for our purposes.” Neil: “Do you know what’s in 5c?” Johnson: “No.”     
  5.   A lot depends on your age and when you want to access the money. Someone in there 30`s who wants to access the money in their 60`s will probably chose a different ETF to invest in than someone in their 50´s who want to access the money in there 60`s.  
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      And if there is a general election they have not said what they will campaign for. Remain or Leave?   Labour basically want to confuse the public in a hope that Corbyn can get the keys to number 10.
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      If you read it more carefully you would see that Labour is still sitting on the fence.
  8. Arbeitslosengeld during/after Mutterschaft?

      If you have a degree I think you get more money but I am not 100% sure on this.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    What side is Bercow actually on.   First a Remainer now it looks like a Brexiteer.   It could very well be that we end up with Bercows version of brexit.
  10. Deutsche Bank Developments

    Maybe getting a bit ahead of myself but Deutsche Bank seems as if it will greatly reduce its investment banking operations.   Does anyone know what happens if you have a depot account with Deutsche Bank? Will you have to close it or transfer it?
  11. Sufficient salary ranges in and around Munich

      Because of Quantative easing.   What happens if Central banks stops artificially inflating the stock market? 
  12.   That is your evidence?  A forum for Tesla users.   You really are sounding more and more ridiculous.
  13.   Has anyone ever heard that before?  
  14. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

      Please search, "2015, Köln, Sylvester"
  15.   FFS.   You bought a Tesla, but is that a real reason to troll this website.  
  16. Brexit: The fallout

      Actually they are only concerned for the survival of the Tory party.     A no deal Brexit is what the Tory members want and Hunt and Johnson will deliver it.    Parliament can do very little to stop this (only option is the vote of no confidence, which has to be tabled in September).  
  17. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Turned into a thread about online bullying.   I am flummoxed at how the mods could let this happen.
  18. Which past members do you miss the most?

    IMHO opinion it would be nice if we were talking about you on this thread.
  19. Brexit: The fallout

      The average age of a conservative voter is 51.   The conservative members are mainly over 60 years.   Most are just waiting to kick the bucket so they probably won`t be around to see what happens next anyway.
  20. Life without alcohol

    Why don't you PM each other?
  21. Life without alcohol

      What was the point of this?
  22. Life without alcohol

      You are so much worse than anything SL could come up with.   You just browse this forum waiting for user against user, and then you are straight in there with your wooden spoon.
  23. Life without alcohol

      Did you feel more liked after that?    How did the conversation come up?
  24. Life without alcohol

      Really.   Adults who go to TT meetups and start mouthing off about doing some TT`ers wife?    
  25. Landlord wants to sell house - Negotiation Advice

    If he loses he will have to pay the court costs. And if he did say 30k to move in writing this is something the court will not look too kindly upon.