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  1. BREXIT positives and negatives

        Are you a mod?    The last Brexit thread turned into a farce mainly due to Murphys anger management issues, can`t see this one being any different.
  2. BREXIT positives and negatives

      The Greens with 15% and the FDP with 12% will decide who runs Germany.   2 parties with 27% of the vote will decide the next German Government.   Hardly democracy.
  3. Recognition of divorce

      Do you ever look in the mirror?
  4. Recognition of divorce

      The standesamt can also check if the marriage is legitimate. A marriage certificate does not prove that the marriage was not legitimate.   When getting married in the EU, most EU countries will ask for a certificate of no impediment, Denmark does not do this which then start to raise questions.
  5. Recognition of divorce

      Standesamt can get involved anytime. Can you send me the link which states that the Standesamt will only get involved in certain situations?
  6. Recognition of divorce

      There was a guy here a few years ago who got divorced in India and married in Denmark. The Standesamt refused to accept the marriage certificate because his divorce was not recognised in Germany.   I am amazed you bought Brexit to this thread. Get out, have some fresh air. This obsession can really not be doing you any good.
  7. Recognition of divorce

      Germany is under no obligation to accept a marriage certificate from Denmark. The Standesamt is also aware that people avoid German bureaucracy by getting married in Denmark.   Each department (Finanzamt, rentenversicherung), can send the marriage certificate back to the Standesamt to verify and the Standesamt do not need to accept it.   It took me 9 months to get the papers ready to get married in Germany.   1) The divorce had to be recognized by the Oberlandesgericht (took 5 months). 2) I also needed to apply for an exemption for certificate of no impediment also at the Oberlandesgericht (UK do not give them to people living abroad) (another 4 months).  
  8. Bundestagswahl 26th of September 2021

      Not really. The FDP which will get about 13% of the vote could be Kingmaker in the next Government and make all sorts of demands.   How is that democracy.
  9. Bundestagswahl 26th of September 2021

      And this is the problem.   Both the SPD and Greens have not ruled out governing with Die Linke.   The way the polls are Die Linke will be in Government and will have one of the ministries.
  10. Strictly Stand Up English comedy in Berlin 18.Apr.2018

    @El Jeffo can we get an update on the comedy scene in Berlin.   Was in Berlin today and everyone looked miserable. 
  11. Bundestagswahl 26th of September 2021

    Will the cdu stick with laschet? The man will destroy the cdu and cdu.
  12. Suggestions for investment in US stock/funds market

    You have to fill a separate form, otherwise the US tax authorities will charge 30% when ready to sell.
  13. Things to ponder

    Stop with this farce. Why don't u ask dessa why she bammed me for ? She knows iit, the whole of TT knows I it.   How is life in Bangladesh by the way?
  14. Things to ponder

    Your nothing but a bully and a troll protected by dessa.   Lose the protection and have a proper debate.   Didn't think so.
  15. Things to ponder

      Is this the multiple thread mobbing which you and Jeffo have planned?   Jeffo i assume is a grown man by now, or?   Don`t reply I will not be posting for a while.   Not worth it and I understand why balti left.