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  1. Does anyone actually know how long immunity will last? 
  2. Great we are here again.   Does your vocab have any more words.
  3. I am sorry but Maradona was the greatest footballer that ever lived.   If you and cb6 have nothing of importance to say on this thread then just say nothing.   Do not start to use this thread to trash his memory.  
  4.   How would you read this comment?
  5.   So you justify cheating because no one knows about it?   Your posts are getting ridiculous by the minute.   If you look at the video, a Man Utd player went up to congratulate him.
  6.   This is what you said.   I remember him for his brilliance, since you are English I assume you can only remember him as being a cheat.   If the only thing you remember about Maradona is the hand of god then you are indeed are a sad individual.
  7.   This is what you wrote.
  8.   It has been removed from all social media world wide apart from England.   You and cb6 really seem to believe that Maradonna introduced cheating into football.    
  9.   So what? How many English players would have gone up to the referee and said sorry but I handed it in.   How many players who blatantly dive go up to the referee and say sorry ref I want touched.
  10.   So cheating is only cheating if it watched by the whole world?
  11.   Just in England, rest of the world have long forgotten it and frankly very few people actually care.   You hand the ball or you dive for a penalty, whats the difference?
  12. Who could forget the English attempt at the "Hand of God".
  13. Residency for Brits after Brexit

      The system is already set up. Those in Hamburg, Cologne are already getting appointments.   We can`t even get through to the ABH to tell them we are residents here.   The British embassy webpage has also mentioned that we should contact the ABH if not already done so.
  14.   Which makes him loved in Scotland even more.