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  1. Wirecard just rose another 100%.   Now at 6.80.
  2. peloton: Anyone bought the bike?

      Last year I went to Cross Fit and found it great. Completely motivated as there were a big group all doing the same stuff. Classes now cancelled due to Corona (Social distancing).   The thing about peloton is that you are also competing with other riders and it might give me the extra motivation i need. 
  3. peloton: Anyone bought the bike?

    I am one of those people who needs group exercise to keep me interested.   Put me on a bike or a treadmill i most likely will stop after 5 mins.    
  4.   I thought this was it. Game over.    So who would buy shares of wirecard?
  5. peloton: Anyone bought the bike?

    Due to a little bit of pressure to lose weight, I was wondering if anyone has bought the peloton bike?   Is it worth the investment?   Getting good reviews and seems very addictive but am wondering if anyone has first hand experience with the bike?
  6.   A bit of a farce now.   Wirecard up 50% this morning.
  7. Heart attack at the age of 41

    So it now looks like the statins are somehow damaging my liver (ALT/AST levels are becoming elavated).   Does anyone know how to lower the ALT/AST levels and take statins?   I have one beer a night just in case there are any wise jokes about the amount of alcohol I drink.   Cardio says exercise but that for me is tough.
  8. Back to the wirecard issue and my major mess up.   So it looks like there are major battles ahead,shareholders v the board, the audit company etc.   Do I need to do anything to be able to get on the lawsuit against wirecard and the auditors?   I only lost 3k but if I can recoup something that would be a start.    
  9. The Fed will just buy everything during the next down turn. Governments will then throw more stimulus. I think March was the time to buy.
  10.   Didn`t sell. Lost it all.   Still at break even with my other stuff.   I bought Vanguard All world when the Dow Jones was just over 19500.   Will stick with ETF`s now.
  11.   This was my Major mess up together (maybe ) with Lufthansa, which  I also bought at 9.22 per share but also not looking so good.   My biggest investment in terms of stock is still the Vanguard all world etf.   I actually very rarely buy individual stock (mostly ETF`s) and after my disaster with Wirecard I will probably now stick with the ETF`s.      
  12. went over 19 this morning but now back down.
  13. Riots in Stuttgart

      You mean suspending the Dublin Agreement without any backup plan?
  14. Wirecard now up 13% in pre-morning trading.   At 30 I will probably sell and take the hit.