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  1.   Market is still over valued.  
  2. Cost of living crisis

    Eurozone inflation is now at something like 8.1%   Inflation in Germany at a 50 year high.   Strikes now in the UK (rail) and Belgium over cost of living.   Macron losing his majority (mostly of cost of living).   How are people here coping with the ridiculous high inflation?
  3. This thread is getting more and more ridiculous.    Think about it. Why would an Indian couple want to live with Metall?
  4. You could get a life and stop interfering in other people's business. 
  5.   A lot depends whether the FED can get a grip on inflation.
  6. The legacy of Merkel.   More Merkel news just in.
  7.   What do you mean?
  8. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      hmmmm,   During the Luna crash, the TetherUS Stable Coin briefly also lost its peg to the dollar (went to 95 cents to the dollar).
  9. Buying power, inflation and others

     ECB just arranged an emergency meeting to discuss the bond spread.
  10. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      That is what I though about the terra Stable Coin.
  11. Buying power, inflation and others

    Italian 10 year bond at 4.266%.   This is far more devastating for the EU than Brexit.   Question for @murphaph, who do you think should pay Italy's debt? 
  12. Buying power, inflation and others

    Is anyone else watching the Bond market   Italy 10 year Bond Now at 4.146%.   Spain 10 Year bond 3.006%   Greece 10 Year Bond 4.652%   Portugal 10 year bond 3.001%   In comparison to Germany   Germany 10 year bond 1.6385% Netherlands 10 year bond 2.009% Austria 10 year bond 2.248%   The ECB must now be bricking themselves.   The only thing they could do to protect (Italy, Spain, Portuagal etc) was QE and negative interest rates.  With inflation rampant what do they do now?   Brexit may have happened but the EU has huge problems (it will be so much worse than Brexit)  
  13. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      I normally keep my crypto in a staking account or a fixed saving account. Very rarely trade.   At the moment the crypto market is to unstable.   Will hold onto the crypto I have and see if the central banks can get a grip on inflation.  
  14. BREXIT positives and negatives

      Correct.   If it wasn`t the NI protocol, it would be something else the ERG would be complaining about.   
  15. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

      Bitcoin was created as a result of the 2008 financial crisis.   Crypto (like everything else) is going down because of inflation (everyone wants to hold cash more specifically dollars).   Now the markets and crypto are going down because there is "talk" that the fed will hike the base rate by 0.75%.   Now if the central banks do not get a grip on inflation, expect crypto to come back much, much stronger.   Crypto is the result of what happens when you have incompetent central banks.