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  1. I think (and could be wrong) that most of the original Munich breweries, now brew their beer outside the brewery. I think Lowenbrau is the only company that still brews within Munich, but I don't think they have a tour.



    To use this credit you need to fit two criteria (1) be outside of the U.S. for 330 days of the year (2) sorry, I can't remember what the other one was.

    Must either be:

    (1) a bona fide of foreign country the entire year

    (2) During 12 month period, be outside the U.S. for full 330 days



    Only Uni students, poor people, and New Yorkers don't have cars in the U.S
    I fit none of those countries, yet have never had a car when I was in the U.S.



    One of which might be a tax loophole which allows you to exclude 80k USD of foreign earned income on your U.S. tax return.

    It's not a loophole it's a tax credit up to, I beleive, $80,000 of earned income, which was created to avoid double taxation for individuals living abroad. Though, that number may be higher now. To use this credit you need to fit two criteria (1) be outside of the U.S. for 330 days of the year (2) sorry, I can't remember what the other one was.


    Essentially, if you qualify for the tax credit and make less than $80,000/year you will not pay U.S. taxes. It's a nice credit if you are living in a country with tax rates less than the U.S.; however, Germany's tax rates, as we all know, are much higher. So, even with the tax credit you will pay more taxes if you are living in Germany than if you were living in the U.S.



    which is about 10,000 euro less then I make in the states



    True, but if you are going to make €10,000 dollars less than you already do and live in Germany than by all assumptions you will most likely not be able to live up to your usual standards.



    which is about 10,000 euro less then I make in the states.

    That doesn't sound like a very good offer unless they are giving you mad amounts of incentives such as cost of living expense, rent expense, etc. Also, will they pay or equalize your German taxes? That is important to find out because the taxes in Germany are much higher than in the U.S. Also, consider that the Euro is stronger than the dollar so your money most likely won't go as far as it would in the U.S.



    I will shut down the Computer now as I guess all i do here is standing up for the Germans... We are actually not too bad.

    No way, Bubblelady, it is good to have your perspective on here. Just because you may disagree or have different perspectives, it doesn't mean we don't apprecitate what you have to say.


  7. I agree that Mexico has more in common with Central and South America than with the whole of U.S. and Canada, but that was not the issue. I was also not stating that just because there are a lot of Mexican restaurants in Texas, than that means Texas is like Mexico. My point was more to the effect that the magnitude of Mexican restaurants and Tex-Mex restaurants is one of many indicators that Texas culture is more similar to Mexico than Canada. Where abouts did you live in Texas? Cities like Dallas and Austin are much more industrialized and have more of a common overall American theme to them; however, I would be surprised if you were to say places like Houston or El Paso are not similar to Mexican culture.



    influenced by Mexico in language and food

    But those are cultural similarities. I think we are using different definitions for culture. When I think of cultural similarites, which Ketchup stated, I think of things like language, food, music and dance. I believe these stated States are more similar to Mexico than Canada using this definition. However, politically and econmically (wealth/poverty, employment levels, etc.) I would say that these States are more similar to Canada since they are wealthier and have better employment options than people living in Mexico.



    I don't think anyone would disagree that Canada and the U.S. are vastly more similar culturally than say, Canada and Mexico

    Well, I think it would depend where you are from. States like California (Southern, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma are still part of the U.S. and are definitely closer culturally to Mexico than Canada.


  10. @Showem, you are Canadian right. Well, staying true to form, I suppose.


    "Canada, Mexico and Australia formed the 'Axis of Nations That Are

    Actually Quite Nice But Secretly Have Some Nasty Thoughts About

    America,'" -John Cleese




    That's interesting that you have met Canadians and Americans, that don't consider Mexico as part of N. America. Everyone I have know in the U.S. and Canada thinks that is part of N. America. I wonder what percentage think Mexico is part of N. America.



    My answer was that this law actually encourages you to drive instead of cycling when drunk

    That reminds me of the time one of my college rommates came out with this quote. "I was too drunk to walk home, so I drove".


  12. @Editor_Bob,


    Great job on the new Toytown site (non-forum). It looks great and is very thorough. Anyway, what does the locked topic actually do? Just curious.