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  1. How to resign!

    Thanks on the tips. Probably should have deleted all references to my name pre-posting! But it's pretty unlikely anyone who knows me will see it.   Optimista's comment is interesting, I have noticed that too. Some Germans do jump on the high horse and can get offended on some topics, where you would not expect it.   cheers
  2. How to resign!

    Hi all,   probably a non topic but...   From January I will start work in the UK, and so need to resign here in Germany. With the standard 6 weeks notice (until the middle of the month). I can work until the end of december, prior to moving. So all is legally good. If you look through my old posts you'll see this move is linked to schools etc, as I really love it here in Germany...   However I am conflicted as to whether I resign at the last minute  (mid nov -as I have the standard 6 weeks) or now, i.e  giving the company a maximum warning. My wife suggests just at the last moment, using holiday and overtime to get out quickly. On the other hand I think giving them warning is best.   I will be resigning from a Mega-corp so on a global level it will have no impact, and I likely won't return, but my team leader and colleagues are really great guys so I feel bad and want to minimise the problems for them.   Thanks for any advice   cheers   Matt
  3. COVID test center at Duesseldorf Airport

    Hi, does anyone know if the citizen 'schnelltests' would be ok for UK entry. My local test center gives the result in english as well, but its unclear if it would be OK. I've paid for day 2 UK tests already so want to avoid a paid PCR test in Germany as well. Here is an example of what it looks like ... any tips? Cheers
  4. Removals: Moving to the UK

    Many thanks for the hints - I'll definitely  follow up on them.   @DaPaniter house is in Regensburg-West, really sought after. Give you a small discount let me know :))    
  5. Hi,   I will be relocating to the UK (Midlands) in Nov/Dec to start work in Jan 2022. Any tips on a relocation/removals company. I have 'dopplehaus halfte' to move, including a Piano!   Or... I will rent my house out, and I would leave the house furnished, however Germans seems not to like this.   Likely I'll need a stopgap on the move - where the stuff is held for a month or two until I finalise a house in the UK.    There are some older threads on this but they are 10years old.   Many thanks for any advice.
  6. Hi, Has anyone been to the UK in the last few weeks. I have to go because of an emergency. It seems that you have to book 2 covid tests upfront (for day 2 and 8) and provide a reference number. I am returning to Germany before Day  before day 8, and also the UK.GOV website offer a list ok providers but the first few links are broken.   Anyone had any experience recently.   Matt