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  1. Could I get Astra Zenica Corona Jab

    Have to hand it to the Russians - always resourceful. The sputnik V is now looking pretty good.   I see an ebay side line coming on! or I could buy them up and knock 'em out in front of Lidl.  
  2. Now they've stopped the AZ Jab across the EU... Any chance of getting it here in Germany, ahead of the order. As I guess there's a whole load in the fridge next to the milk! I wonder who I could ask...any ideas?   I asked my 'Hausarzt' but as expected they had no answer... 
  3. Yeah - I hate the way they hand it to private companies to cash in. 200 pounds is even just for a postal test, which you can get elsewhere for 40pounds. However you have to use one from the supplier list - to get a reference code for the flight* It's as if the government were delaying the travel ban until they worked out a way  for their mates to cash in.   *I imagine you could just write down any code and nobody would check, but I won't do that
  4. Hi, Has anyone been to the UK in the last few weeks. I have to go because of an emergency. It seems that you have to book 2 covid tests upfront (for day 2 and 8) and provide a reference number. I am returning to Germany before Day  before day 8, and also the UK.GOV website offer a list ok providers but the first few links are broken.   Anyone had any experience recently.   Matt
  5. @Arunadisi --> glad it worked out well in your case!  Did you keep your German health insurance during that time. Also did you 'abmelden' the children when they went to board?   Really appreciate the info...    
  6. I think coming back to Germany in later life is very possible after A-Levels and or study, especially if you have some German.   At this later stage of life it gets much easier to move to germany . I came here for work and it’s pretty nice, and you are welcomed. Only for kids it’s tough. 
  7.   Definitely  puberty and covid haven’t helped. However  both  may have made the underlying situation clearer, and spurred us into action.   On the second point i’ve never managed a constructive conversation with a German teacher.    I think she does feel better now she knows she is leaving. However they still have a lot of homework and tests. Can any real trouble be brewing if the grades and handed in work really slip. can i get into trouble as a parent, before the summer?   Relieved to see someone else took that route before as well!!
  8. Hi Optimista   Good point, however at this stage its really important children are motivated to learn, and can optimize their life chances. OK when they are 18, 19 ,20 then you can expect them to dig in but not before. Or lets say they can dig in if they have the right environment...
  9. Hi,    Thanks for the answers. I guess more detail would be interesting. We came to Germany in 2017 and my daughter started in the Klasse 3. She is very talented with languages and managed to get the Gymnasium Empfehlung. However she was never really happy and her base ability carried her through. During the last year (Y7 in Gymnasium) she entered a negative spiral and wants nothing to do with school.   Before that in the UK she loved school, and was really good. For UK independent schools you sit the 13+ exam, which I helped her prep for. You could tell the way the material is presented and tested for really clicked for her. Also during her entry tests they had to do an online group activity and she really enjoyed that.   During lockdown online lessons you can eavesdrop on lessons in her Gymnasium (also a bit edgy), and honestly (ok one expectional teacher who really tries) why are the teachers teachers, unbelievable how little effort they put in! Its a joke.    Anyway I really think the target school in the UK will fit her, and we hope to move the whole family across in one year and switch to day school, and my son can go as well.   I visited of BIS Munich which also seems really nice, but in the end opted for boarding first (we would have to move anyhow)    I will move back to the UK when possible. At the moment the Job market in the UK is a little volatile, and so I want to stay where I am. So this Is the background, I was hoping she could have an extended holiday in Ger before going to the UK in summer.    It completely ruins my day if I feel my kids are under-served or unhappy at school. i'd rather retire poor!   Cheers.
  10. Thankyou to everyone for the answers.   I have a new confirmed start date for her UK school in sept. However I have a new caper ongoing. I'm thinking of pulling her out of her school now and just somehow 'homeschooling' her until sept. obsv this is a little 'edgy' to say the least   But if i 'abmeldene' her from her current school - could I wing it for an interim period until sept where she is out of German School - before she goes to the uk in summer.
  11. Thanks for the answers. I'm sure if the Schulamt see something to moan about they will. As we did the assessment day for her new school - I wanted just to register her sick from current one here! but my wife applied for a Befreiuung,... cue a lot of moaning from the school office ... ending in a 'don't do it again!' With Kindergeld - can you still keep it if the child is out of the EU. Or is the only  requirement  that you are a tax payer in Germany?  
  12. Hi All,   Will probably send my daughter to board in the UK from the summer. Is there anything to think about on the German side. I guess she will still spend significant time here, so any idea on whether I should keep her 'Angemeldet' and  on our German Health insurance. We have duel citizenship so I hope that  will make things easier.   Thanks for any info.