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  1. Hallo LD1,

    i am Kate from Heilbronn (37) and I am a mother of a 3,5 year old son. Our 1st language is polish, and the 2nd one is german.

    Now I would like to introduce my son to English in a playful way so I am searching english native speakers, for example families, mothers with children in the same age as my son for playdates :) I understand english well but I forgot a lot since I didn't use it for 15 years... I would like to meet with english speaking people (families with children, maybe students or teenagers who grow up bilingualy and would like to meet and give us "tutoring" :) )

    I am open to different possibilities. We have a car and can meet within a radius of 10-15 km from Heilbronn.

    If you can help us, or you know someone who would be able to help us (also of course against payment) - please get in touch!

    I would be very happy.

    Have a nice day!
    Kind regards