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  1. Car incident

    Hi guys, I`m using a lawyer and I´m going for the fiktiven Abrechnung. The lawyer wrote to the other insuranse company: Bitte gleichen Sie die vorstehend bezifferten Schadenersatzansprüche auf einem unserer Kanzleikonten. Is this ok? Shouldn´t they transfer the money directly to me? Thank you very much for your replies
  2. Car incident

  3. Car incident

    BTW could this count like a Schadenfall for my insurance?  
  4. Car incident

    Thank you very much for the help. I will write my insurance company explaining the situation. I have a favourite service where I always repair my car probably I should go and take a quote. But what exactly should I write my insurance - what exactly happened and attach the fotos and the info and ask them if they could please clarify it for me ? Können Sie das bitte für mich klären. and I will inform them that I will take a quote from my service later and send it to them? and then wait something like that or?    
  5. Car incident

    Thank you robinson100 for the fast reply. But I don´t understand why should I involve my insurance company when I have no fault?
  6. Car incident

    Hi all, today I was in my car checking my phone messages on the shop parking lot. Suddenly, the person from the car parked next to me opened his door and hit my car leaving a mark. I have his insurance details. Would you please helped me - what should I do next – I need to call his insurance and then what are the options? Thank you in advance for your help!
  7. quite disappointed with HUK as well. Now I´m clarifying the stuff with Allianz.
  8. What are you cooking today?

    in Munich? which restaurant?   Thanks alot for the info I will try it
  9. What are you cooking today?

    in Munich? which restaurant?
  10. Hi everyone, In 2020 I`ve changed my car insurance. From Allianz to HUK24 the reason of course price. I´m supposed to be in 2020 - SF-Klasse 8. On 07.02.2020 I´ve received a letter from HUK 24 about “Neue Einstufung in SF-Klasse” and it is SF-Klasse 3 ?!?! I had 3 years accepted by Allianz from another EU country. I know that by changing I´m losing it. Then it is 8-3= 5 right? How come SF-Klasse 3 then?!?! Any idea? I had one accident, but I paid everything myself, not the insurance, there was no change in the SF-Klasse. Allianz give info to HUK 24 only how long I was insurance by them or in general. Because I think in the very beginning I had another car insurance by Cosmos Direkt. Not only the bad SF-Klasse now by HUK 24 but I cannot buy the Rabattschutz (min SF-Klasse 4 ) What can I do? Thank you in advance for your help. P.S. I read about - Bescheinigung gemäß §5 Abs. 7 Pflichtversicherungsgesetz für Kraftfahrzeuge. I´ve never receved one. Should I request it? I´m confused.
  11. Hi everyone,   I really need your help I´m about to sign a new work contract when I noticed that they are asking about my old salaries? They asked me normal where und how I´m insured (I´m normaly Krankenkasse insured but with the new contract I´ll be Versicherungsfrei), this is ok but then comes the question if in 2017 and 2018 my income exceeded Jahresarbeitsentgeltgrenze? Why they need this? Even to provide proof of my last year salary - do they have the right to do it? Of course I don´t want that they see the difference between my last and my new salary? What can I do ? How can I proceed without giving this information and avoid confrontation? I´ve never seen such questions in my other work contracts that is why I´m confused.   Thank you very much in advance!!!