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  1. Non-compete compensation during probation period?

    Hey MumboJumboo, what did you do, or what happened with the above?
  2. Hi everyone, I work in IT support currently in probation period, I want to quit my job and work for a competitor, but my contract has a non-solicit clause for 3 years and non-compete clause. In the non-compete part there is no duration. The competitor is mentioned including all potential competition?! It is not geographically limited. My contract is for a German company and it is written in English. Please provide me with some advice - can I really quit my job and work for the competition?  I am just an IT Support working there for 3 months, no sales, no manager... Please feel free to suggest me a good lawyer Thank you very much in advance.
  3. Hi people,   I need your help again.   I work in a small company - it is the owner and me at work. 1 room 2 desks that it is.   Last month just before 1 year working for this person - something snapped, and my boss started bulling me at work. Screaming at me, how I´m not doing anything, trying to make me work without lunch break (I fight for my right and yes, I have lunch break), that I´m ruining the business and so on.   Of course, that is bullshit. I worked pretty well considering I was never send to a training (ok once for a day), not to mention the salary prettyyyyyyyyyyyy low but I said ok I want this experience, it is near home I want to try it. I have normal unbefristete Vertrag after 6 months Probe period. During this one year I was left to work alone for almost one month. But yesterday was the top - screaming at me for every single thing without any reason I really don´t want to go into detail. At the end she even told me not come back after my lunch break (I was back in the office on time.) She said that she deals enough with me for one year. I´ve go the limit of my patience and I replied - if I´m so bad employee why don´t you fire me. She blocked for a moment and she said this is coming. I asked ok when. She didn´t reply but started accusing me that I´m treating her...   I must mention I started this the same day that the other colleague went on maternity leave. And I suppose that she is coming back, and my boss is acting like this because she doesn´t want to pay to 2 people.   Now the question: Is it really so hard to fire a person in Germany? Why she is not firing me?   Of course I want to leave this job because of this conditions but I would like to ask you what is better for me to quit or being fired?   Is there any advantage for me if I get fired, or should I just quit?   Is it worth it to contact a lawyer? In such situation is it worth it to ask for a qualifiziertes Zeugnis because I suppose she will write bad things that are not true.   Guys I really appreciate your help and support I´m really confused with this situation and I really don´t know what to do.   I will really appreciate if you try to answer all my questions.   Thanks A LOT in advance