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  1. Buying a home in Germany 2022

    BTW if there is a wall moisture what should be the right approach with the Makler: The apartment price must be adjusted or it must be repaired for the seller costs? Once the price is discussed and reservation is made could I still negotiate a lower price? 
  2. Buying a home in Germany 2022

    Thank you all and Happy New Year!   I have arranged an additional visit to the apartment where I will check that there is electricity, heating, water and everything is functioning. There is a spot on the wall, the Makler said is just from the furniture that stayed there. However I want to be sure and bought a device for measuring the wall moisture. What else would you advice to be checked? Did you hire some Gutachter to check the real estate with you? After receiving the contract for the real estate and the one from the bank did you consult it with some specialist like lawyer or Verbraucherzentrale? Thank you in advance!
  3. Buying a home in Germany 2022

    I have a few more questions:   During the Notar appointment should I pay attention to something specific? Which finance advisors could you recommend?
  4. Hi everyone,   I would like your advice on buying a home in Germany. in Besichtigungstermin (viewing appointment) what are the right/important questions to ask? Asking for a credit directly from a bank is it ok that they want all kind of really personal information just to give you a credit offer?! Einkommens- und Vermögensauskunft Kopie Personalausweis/Reisepass Lohn-/Gehaltsnachweise der letzten drei Monate Einkommenssteuerbescheid Kopie Kontoauszüge/Depotauszüge/Bauspar- und Versicherungsunterlagen   I requested the Grundbuchauszug der Wohnung from the Makler after the viewing appointment, but I was told that this will be given directly to the bank when we secure the credit and we really want to buy it?   Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Hello everyone ,   I change from Sunflower-seeds oil to Raps oil, because I thought is healthier.   Today I did some internet research and I found out that Raps oil is not really healthier...and in North America known as Canola oil which is made from raps seeds that were genetically modified. What I read is that in general all the raps oil for eating is genetically modified because otherwise is toxic and previously was used only in the industry.   I probably switch back to Sunflower oil which I also read is not so healthy, but in comparisons with raps is better.   Extra virgin olive oil I use pure on salads, but it doesn't work for cooking. The olive oil for cooking is also with changed structure...   Coconut oil or avocado oil is too expensive:(   In some articles I even read butter is better than all the vegetables oils...but the information is mixed.   Also I read in one place that yes Ghee is healthier but in small quantities.   Pretty confusing or That's why I wanted to ask you what cooking oil do you use and why. Mentioning brands that could be found on the German market will be appreciated.   Thank you!