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  1. Legal insurance advice/recommendations?

    Hi,   Let´s update this topic:)   What are your legal insurance recommendations? Which company you´ve used without a problem?    
  2. Legal Insurance Wrong Lawyer

    Rechtsanwaltskammer compliant someone to help with this point?
  3. Legal Insurance Wrong Lawyer

      But how do I do that - I just write it in the Verwendungszweck or?
  4. Legal Insurance Wrong Lawyer

    Hi everyone,   I really want to keep it short and simple. I hope it will help other people to prevent it somehow.   Totally classical lawsuit – Arbeitskündigung. Ok, I have a legal insurance by Allianz (never used before SB 150 EURO), so I would like to talk to a lawyer to check if everything is legal. OK 150 Euro are paid I talked with the lawyer, unfortunately it is legal because the company is so small. OK what about the Arbeitszeuignis, upstanding salary and all the final papers from this job. The lawyer said you have the right to request it and they must do it. OK I wrote the letter sent it. Of course, the employer didn’t want to give any Arbeitszeugnis. Then my lawyer said I can write a letter. So, it happened. At the end I’ve got everything. During the whole time I was asking the lawyer and Allianz is everything covered, this is the same case right, I shouldn’t pay anything additional. And they all said YES (of course nothing clearly written). But there was always - the lawyer said ask Allianz and Allianz said ask you lawyer. More than 6 Months after all have ended, I received a bill from the lawyer that they were 2 cases and I must pay 150 Euro again. I refused this bill and said how come after 6 Months all this happens and please send me a detailed bill what are these 2 cases exactly. Then I received the same bill with a shorter payment period and a threat of more charges and going to court. No further explanation about the 2 cases.   Furious, I spoke with Allianz and tried to clear the case with them. According to Alliance for them that was always one case up to the moment the lawyer requested otherwise, and they cannot do nothing. I must pay or deal with the lawyer. They said the lawyer requested one case Kündigung and one case Arbeitszeignis. I paid because there was no time and to avoid additional charges.   I feel hopeless. Someone told me to contact Rechtsanwaltskammer with a compliant. How to formulate on which base I am complaining.   Could someone please explain me what is exactly the work of the Allianz Agentur because all they make is the contracts and the moment you need them for something they just call Allianz and the first answer they receive that is everything that could help. I needed to do everything by myself per telephone.   Can someone please help me!!! Thank you in advance!!!
  5. Hi all,   I´ve just found a good IT job. I've applied and I now luckily I´m hired. But all of a sudden after I signed I noticed that it is written "Der Arbeitnehmer wird als Mitarbeiter für unsere Zentralverwaltung". Nowhere is the exact IT position mentioned nor for instance IT department.    Do you think this is a big problem? I pointed it out and they said - IT staff - this is an approximate description of what job it is. This is not a job description.A concretization is not necessary and that everything is ok.   On one side I want it written correctly in my contract that I´m IT Mitarbeiter.   On the other side if I start making such a big deal before even starting I´m scared I can miss this opportunity or it is not going to be seen good and could cause problems. I`m communicating with my future boss not with the HR.   What do you think? Is it ok to leave it like this?  What could be my disadvantages in the future?   Or should I ask them again (after they already refused to correct it saying everything is ok). In reality I already signed it as it is.   Thank you a lot for your help!