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  1. Hi all,   I´ve just found a good IT job. I've applied and I now luckily I´m hired. But all of a sudden after I signed I noticed that it is written "Der Arbeitnehmer wird als Mitarbeiter für unsere Zentralverwaltung". Nowhere is the exact IT position mentioned nor for instance IT department.    Do you think this is a big problem? I pointed it out and they said - IT staff - this is an approximate description of what job it is. This is not a job description.A concretization is not necessary and that everything is ok.   On one side I want it written correctly in my contract that I´m IT Mitarbeiter.   On the other side if I start making such a big deal before even starting I´m scared I can miss this opportunity or it is not going to be seen good and could cause problems. I`m communicating with my future boss not with the HR.   What do you think? Is it ok to leave it like this?  What could be my disadvantages in the future?   Or should I ask them again (after they already refused to correct it saying everything is ok). In reality I already signed it as it is.   Thank you a lot for your help!    
  2. Rentenversicherung/arbeitlos

    Hi everybody,   Just a quick question. I´m currently arbeitslos and since yesterday I´m not receiving any Leistungen from Agentur für Arbeit.   My question is: should I stay angemeldet in Agentur für Arbeit or should I abmelden? What are the advantages or disadvantages?   Noone could explain me how are the things with the Rentenversicherung.   Thank you in advance for you help!