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  1. I'm reading mixed reviews - now that there has been some opening between Turkey/EU, has there been a change in using German sim cards in Turkey?


    Specifically, my question is: if I use my German Ortel sim on my normal phone when I travel to Turkey for a few days, 1) will I be able to use the network in Turkey without any problems, and 2) If so, does anyone know where I can find what roaming charges would be?


  2. Hi all - In lieu of a coffee meet up this week, some of us are meeting up for lunch/ South Indian food at Saravanaa Bhavan at 12:30 this coming Wednesday, June 25. Their info is as follows: Kaiserstraße 66, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, +49 69 97693374.


    Ghina - welcome to Frankfurt! Please feel free to join us this Wednesday - and if not, we look forward to meeting you in July or August!