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    I'm in Neuperlach Süd as a 6-month werkstudent (CT, doing prototype systems, hardware off-the-shelf, programming by me, fun)... and while the food usually is pretty good, the chili yesterday was atrocious.  :lol:





    oooh which building do you work in?


    I'm a big fan of the steakhouse kartoffeln. A.K.A FAT CHIPS


  2. I studied German at home through schhol and A-Level, and was pretty useless. Been in Germany for the last year studying and working as part of my German/business degree, and its come on a load, the grammar's now clicking and everything. I'd say i've learnt about 75-80% of everything i know in this last year, just goes to show how much living in the actual country of the language you're learning REALLY helps!


    Still not fluent by any means, i can follow conversations in full though, the speaking and writing aren't as advanced but think they're getting better slowly!