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  1. You should check the policy but a quick google and the policy with CosmosDirect seems to cover this so this could be standard with most providers - https://www.cosmosdirekt.de/private-haftpflichtversicherung/haftpflichtversicherung-wohnung/      
  2. Defendant Covers Face

      And you really think that people won't remember this crime in years to come? This wasn't just some stabbing that happened outside a nightclub that seems to occur every weekend nowadays. This crime sparked neo-nazi marches with nazi salutes and attacks on immigrants and these were broadcast around the world.
  3. Defendant Covers Face

      I agree with this. Protect people's privacy while they are in court for their trial but if they are convicted then the privacy protection should be removed. There are pics today in the papers of the Syrian guy who has been convicted of stabbing someone in Chemnitz last year and he has been found guilty, sentenced to 9.5 years but his face is still blurred. His face should be shown now he has been convicted so people know who he is and know that he is a convicted murderer in case they run into him when he gets out of prison.
  4. Family member refusing to accept Inheritance

      Maybe she has debts higher that 30k and see this as a way to pay off her debts and make a fresh start in life? Maybe she wants to buy her own property and 30k just isn't going to be enough? In a lot of cases there's much more to the situation that there first appears to be.   The eldest sister obviously wants all of the money for a reason and saying that she feels that she is entitled to it may just be an excuse as she doesn't want to tell her family the real reason. Also if she only sprung this on her other sisters while they were at the bank signing the documents rather than beforehand means, that initially she was happy to split the inheritance 3 ways but between initially being told about the inheritance and actually signing the forms something happened or she realised she could do something that would make a much bigger difference to her life (buy property, clear debts, etc.) if she had all of the money.   It could simply be a case of greed or entitlement or something completely unrelated (debt, etc.).  
  5. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

      Are you still planning to report them to the Tierschutverein? If your Vet has heard of these kennels in the past then it means that other people would have had similar problems and if other people had reported them or you were aware of possible problems then you probably wouldn't have left your dogs with them.   It would be good to mention to other people either verbally in your local area or on social media so people are aware of the issues with these kennels and don't end up in the situation that you did.
  6. possible psychopath at work

    This is a very difficult situation and this person sounds more like a narcissist that a psychopath but whatever they are, they are a very nasty piece of work. It seems they have worked their way into the company and then manipulated their way into the hearts of the Senior Management and once they did this, they showed their true self and know that they can be as nasty as they want to be because they can't be fired.   It would be interesting to see why they are being protected by the Senior Management i.e. close friends with them outside of work, a relative, friend of a friend, Masons, etc.? Normally Senior Management won't stop someone who is on a lower level from being fired as it doesn't affect them or their job in any way so it suggests there is more to their relationship than just working for the same company.   The issue with him now sexually harassing a female co-worker now makes it completely unacceptable and it could be worthwhile reporting this to HR once again and mentioning to them that if it continues then it could result in the woman seeking legal help to put a stop to the situation and this would put the company in the public eye and more details about his behaviour, how long it has been going on for and the fact that the company hasn't been willing/able to do anything about this would become public knowledge and it wouldn't be very favourable for the company.   You could also try to find out more about this person's past and who their previous employer was as these sort of people don't suddenly start behaving in this way and he probably behaved in a similar fashion in their last company as well.
  7. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Just because someone is getting dual nationality doesn't mean they aren't proud to be from their original country. It just means that it makes it easier for them to remain/work/retire in another EU country of their choice.   This is no different from people living in the UK who have Irish parents/grandparents who have applied for an Irish passport. They are still British and may well live in the UK for the rest of their lives but they have the option of working/living/retiring in the EU if necessary. This can also be the case if people have plans to retire abroad. At the moment people can retire from the UK to Spain, Portugal, etc. without any problems however after Brexit it will be more difficult and probably more expensive for non-EU citizens to retire in an EU country.   I don't know if you have checked the requirements for an Unbefristeter Aufenthaltserlaubnis (permanent residency) in Germany as a non-EU citizen then it is pretty much the same as the requirements for citizenship. It may differ from state to state but in Cologne for permanent residency is (https://www.stadt-koeln.de/service/produkt/unbefristeter-aufenthaltstitel-niederlassungserlaubnis-1)  - Gültiger Nationalpass, inklusive Kopien aller bedruckten Seiten  - Besitz einer Aufenthaltserlaubnis seit mindestens 5 Jahren  - Aktuelles biometrietaugliches Passphoto  - Nachweis bezüglich der Sicherstellung des Lebensunterhaltes  - Nachweise über einen ausreichenden Krankenversicherungsschutz  - Nachweise über Rentenversicherung. Es müssen mindestens 60 Monate Pflichtbeiträge oder freiwillige Beiträge zur gesetzlichen Rentenversicherung geleistet worden sein.  - Nachweis über ausreichende Kenntnisse der deutschen Sprache  - Integrationsnachweise  - Nachweise über ausreichenden Wohnraum   For citizenship the requirements are  (https://www.stadt-koeln.de/service/produkt/einbuergerung-den-deutschen-staatsverband-1)  - Einbürgerungsantrag  - Passfoto  - Lebenslauf  - Nationalpass oder Reiseausweis  - Geburtsurkunde  - Nachweis der Deutschkenntnisse  - Nachweis der staatsbürgerlichen Kenntnisse  - Einkommensnachweis   So in both cases you are still going to have to pass the B1 German exam, Integration exam and provide evidence that you are able to support yourself financially as well as having pension contributions. The only difference is for the citizenship you need to have lived in Germany for 8 years and with citizenship it means you can live/work/retire in any EU country.
  8. I was a big fan of Rutger Hauer's in the 80's and he made a few great films, Blade Runner was the most well known but The Hitcher was probably my favourite. I think there was a remake a few years ago. He also used to advertise Guinness in the UK at the end the 80's/beginning of the 90's and used to take a sip of Guinness at the end of the advert but apparently used to spit it out once the filming had stopped as he couldn't stand the stuff. RIP
  9. Problem with sublet

    Try to ignore the idiots on here, some people just have too much time on their hands.   Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do. You can try:    - Speaking to your Landlord to see if there is anything they can do regarding additional protection against the smoke creeping through the floorboards  - Checking with your neighbours to see if they have similar issues and how they have dealt with it.  - Maybe speaking to the bar owner but I don't think there are any specific laws regarding ventilation and how the smoke is being funnelled out of the bar   The best option is going to be to speak to the neighbours. If several of you have the same issue then it may be possible to speak to the bar owner or get the landlords to do something about the situation. There was a similar situation reported in the paper here in Cologne with a series of kebab shops along a road that had smoke coming from them and the people in the flats above weren't too happy about it. As it affected quite a few people the kebab shop owners put in some additional ventilation to stop as much of the smoke as possible to rising into the flats.
  10. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

    "Two Croatians pushed in front of me in the queue" gets my vote
  11. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

      I'm surprised it took you so long to find this thread.
  12. Loads in Cologne as well. I saw someone on one this morning that only just missed being run over by a tram. He just went around a roundabout without a care in the world and the tram driver was ringing the bell and only just missed him. I don't know if the scooter driver was wearing headphones just not paying attention but it's only a matter of time before a bad accident happens and the government rethinks the rules regarding e-scooters.
  13. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

      This^^^   OP - you mentioned, " I turned and said " sorry, were you talking to me" and he proceeded to tell me how he does not have eyes on his back and I should have said something ( which I did, I said "sorry")" and this is where the problem  started. It doesn't mean that what happened was acceptable but nowadays there are far to many people around who carry knives or are more than happy to turn to violence at the drop of a hat so it's not worth interacting with these people. Just say, "sorry" and walk away without interacting with them any more. If they start to follow you just head to a public place (shop, bar, etc.) with lots of other people who will hopefully help you and phone the police.
  14. How to date without tinder

    ^^ This OP just needs to get out and do things but he seems to think he can't do this by himself. I also work from home but I go to the gym first thing in the morning, to a cafe at lunchtime for a cup of coffee and go out to a bar a couple of nights a week. In all 3 places you end up seeing the same people over and over again so say, "hello" and over time a conversation starts. In all 3 places I have met women that I have had relationships with even though I didn't go to these places with the intention of meeting someone and maybe that is the problem here?   A lot of German people speak very good English and if they want to have a conversation they will even though it may be a bit stunted to start with. Twenty years ago an English friend of mine ended up in a relationship with a Polish woman who couldn't speak much English. They ended up carrying around a Polish-English pocket dictionary and using it when they couldn't explain things to each other and managed to get by.   OP - it sounds like you are trying too hard and probably getting frustrated and having confidence issues when you don't meet someone each time you try. Just relax and get out and do things and eventually you will meet someone. Normally when people try too hard they come across as desperate and this can frighten people off.
  15. Getting salary from current and previous employer

      This means that if want to start a new job prior to when they stop paying you in September then you will need to give your old employer 7 calendar days notice in writing.
  16. Question about Zertifikat for Integrationskurs

      The Einbürgerungstest
  17. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      As well as a min of B2 a lot of times you will also have to show additional integration into the community i.e. volunteering, etc. in order to be able to apply for residency after  years, which will be what the following paragraph on the website you have linked to is talking about:   " Zusätzlich zu den nachgewiesenen besonderen Integrationsleistungen sind Nachweise dafür erforderlich, dass die Eingliederung in die deutschen Lebensverhältnisse weit fortgeschritten ist (z.B. im Betriebsrat, in der Jugendarbeit, der Schülervertretung usw.). "
  18. Question about Zertifikat for Integrationskurs

      You should check with your local Amt. Google 'Einbürgerung' and your location and it should take you to the page of your Amt. A lot of times you need to have an appointment to check exactly what you need to provide in order to apply for Citizenship and this can vary a lot between locations.   In Cologne you only needed to do the Integration Course if you had been in Germany for less than 6 or maybe 7 years. When I rang the VHS to book the test they told me I needed to do the Course but when I mentioned that because I had been in Germany longer than 7 years I didn't, they just let me  take the test. If I hadn't have found this out then it would have meant taking a week off work to do the Course before I could do the test.
  19. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Yeah, you should book the appointment as soon as possible to get your docs in before Brexit eventually happens. You can always mention you are waiting for your B1 results and if you don't get the results before your appointment, some places allow you to hand the other docs in and then the B1 results when you receive them.   I don't know where exactly you are in Bavaria but in Cologne in 2017 it took 7 months to get an appointment to hand my docs in and after submitting them in Feb 2018 I haven't heard anything other than a letter confirming my application.
  20. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      The 'Aufenthalt' will be classed as where you are living or working. I spent 5 months working in a Swiss ski resort many years ago so put this on the form but if it was a 1 month holiday then I wouldn't bother. You could always check this when you either hand in your form or have your initial chat where you are told, which documentation you need to provide.   For questions where you don't have enough space you can attach use a blank piece of paper and write the question number on it and continue the answer there. I had to do this for the "Aufenthalte seit Geburt" question as well as I have moved around a lot.
  21. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Thanks, I didn't realise there were different levels of German needed if you applied earlier than the 'normal' 8 year period.
  22. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      B1 Certificate is what's needed so B2 is fine. You will probably need to pass the Integration exam and for 6 years normally voluntary activities are needed to show you are contributing to the community but as pappnase has mentioned, just go to the place where you need to apply for citizenship and see what they say, Some areas seem to be more stricter than others so asking doesn't do any harm.
  23. Converting a UK driver's licence into a German one

      Yes, Class B is the car/van driving class. If you have a licence from the 70's then chances are it also allows you to drive 7.5t trucks, buses, etc. This was the case with my licence from the late 80's, which I swapped in a couple of weeks ago. I was told that if I wanted to be able to drive the large vehicles then I would need a health certificate from a Dr but as I am only interested in driving a car/van, I didn't bother with it. My DE driving licence arrived and I have Class A (moped), B (car/van), BE (car with trailer) and L (tractor!?!?!).   They didn't bother taking my UK licence off me either as it's still valid until 2023 and has the additional driving classes on it and I was told not to keep both licences in my wallet as this could cause problems with the Police but I could use my UK licence in the UK if I needed to drive one of the additional classes that isn't on my DE licence but needed to use my DE licence in mainland Europe.  
  24. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      I haven't heard of anyone having interviews as most states seem to be waiting until Brexit actually happens before doing thing but I suppose with the amount of Brits in Berlin then they need to be pro-active. Can you update the thread at https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/382412-germany-all-laender-brexit-advice-for-resident-brits/ with the details of the interview once you have had it to let others know what happened?   Try not to worry too much as there's not really much you can do about it. It's not like a job interview where you can research the company background and think of possible questions they may ask and the answers you will give. Presumably it will just be about your circumstances i.e. how long you have lived in Germany, whether you have a job, amount you earn, etc.
  25. Easter gift

    There are some people that are a bit touchy about these things. My Mother (lives in the UK) complained a few years ago when the birthday card for my stepfather arrived 2 days before his birthday as she thinks it should arrive on the day even though there is no way you can guarantee when it arrives with the post. The ironic thing is she sends out Xmas cards every year on the 1st December and doesn't see a problem with this.