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  1.   So, it you think there is going to be a EU digital Impfpass what's the point with not using your current paper impfpass and wanting a new one just for the covid vaccinations? As fraufruit says, what does it matter if other people can see which vaccinations you have had?
  2. I doubt if we are going to need to show businesses our Impfpass in order to prove we are vaccinated against corona. The data protection laws in Germany probably won't allow this due to the fact that other vaccinations are also shown in the booklet. It will be an App with a QR code or a printed sheet with a QR code so I wouldn't worry about non-medical people seeing other vaccinations you have had.
  3. Is anybody cutting their own hair?

    There's a 'Für Haarige Angelegenheiten' here in Cologne
  4. Opinion: what do we expect after this covid-crisis???

      And what? Is there something wrong with one person saying they agree with another person's opinion?
  5. Not if they have legal insurance, which hopefully they have,
  6. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

      Unless you are a named companion of someone in a higher priority group or you have a existing medical condition that puts you in a higher group, you will be in Group 4, which is the last group to be vaccinated. As to when you will be notified and vaccinated no-one really knows. They are targeting everyone to be offered a jab by 21st September but whether this happens or not will depend on whether the vaccine companies deliver the amount of vaccines they are expected to and how many people can be vaccinated each day.   I'm in a similar position in Group 4 and if I get both vaccinations by the end of this year, I will consider it a bonus. I am not too sure where we are up to at the moment and whether everyone in Group 1 has been vaccinated yet.   The priority groups are available at https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/themen/corona-informationen-impfung/corona-impfverordnung-1829940
  7. According to the news (https://www.zeit.de/wissen/gesundheit/corona-impfungen-deutschland-impfquote-impffortschritt-aktuelle-karte) we should be expecting 17m doses in April, which is more than the total received from Jan - Mar so things should start to pick up pretty quickly.   It is frustrating though especially with family/friends in the UK being vaccinated and things being relaxed over there and talk of everything being completely relaxed by 21st June whereas here in DE we are in the middle of the 3rd wave with things probably going to be getting worse over the next few weeks.
  8. Could I get Astra Zenica Corona Jab

    Söder has mentioned that if people don't want the AZ jab due to the negative press it has received then rather then letting the doses sit in the fridge they should throw the priority list out of the window and let people who are happy to have the AZ jab make an appointment on a first come first served basis.   Whether this will happen or not will depend on when it's reinstated (today/tomorrow?) and how much negative press there is and whether people in the higher priority groups stop showing up for appointments if they know they are getting the AZ jab.
  9. I think I heard it mentioned on the news yesterday they are going to be extending the time between the 1st and 2nd jabs as they do in the UK so this should mean more people get their first jab quicker but the vaccinations here are like watching paint dry at the moment. It's definitely an exercise in patience.
  10. Is anybody cutting their own hair?

    I've been cutting my own hair for the past few years as well using something similar to the Philips QC558040, which you can buy from Amazon. It's fairly easy to use once you get used to it and much quicker/easier/cheaper than going to the barbers if you only have short hair. I used to go to the barbers every 2 weeks so this has saved me a small fortune over the last few years.   The price is about double what I paid a few years ago but I suppose with lockdown lots of other men with short hair have also discovered it.
  11. German pension taken early then move to UK

    There is some information at https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/work/retire-abroad/state-pensions-abroad/index_en.htm  but as others have said it will depend on the contributions you have made.   Tax is a good thing to mention as well as I don't think the German pension is fully taxed at the moment and it will only be from 2040 that you are liable to pay tax on 100% of the pension but best to check on this. It's probably recommended to have a meeting/call with the Deutsche Rentenverischerung before deciding so you know exactly what you will be getting, how much tax you will pay, whether you will be entitled to pension increases now the UK is no longer part of the EU, etc.
  12. Cyclists are 3rd class in Germany

      Because it messes up their hair, they think they look silly and they don't have to. The same thing happened in the UK during the 90's when there was a campaign for cyclists to wear helmets as they can save lives when people are in an accident. You would see lots of children wearing helmets but the parents wouldn't. As these children grew up wearing helmets and don't know any different you now see both adults and children cyclists in the UK wearing helmets and the same thing will probably happen here in 10 or 15 years.   One crazy thing I notice about cyclists here is even on main roads you will see people (adults) cycling without their hands on the handlebars. I'm assuming this is illegal as they won't have full control over the bike but it happens a lot on a main road around the corner from me where there are buses and the occasional lorry as well. I always found this very strange when I first came here as you would see people cycling without their hands on the handlebars but people wouldn't cross the road unless the green man was showing.
  13. Personally I would say with the high-risk groups you shouldn't take any chances and follow the manufacturer's guidelines so 2 jabs 4 weeks (I think) apart. For people in the non-high risk groups then spacing the jabs out may be an idea as people will get some protection and it will allow more people to be vaccinated and get some immunity in a shorter period of time.   The number of infections may not decrease as much as people would like but the number of deaths should come down significantly as the high-risk groups are the ones that are likely to end up in intensive care.
  14.   This so-called 'bullshit' comes from Israel itself as they are the ones who have published the data. Scientific data is always published for peer review and this very reason. Other countries can take a look at the data and decide whether to follow Israel (and the UK) and give the first dose to as many people as possible and hold back on the second dose for longer than the manufacturer recommends or, based on this data, stick to the manufacturer's recommendations. The last thing anybody wants is for people to be vaccinated and we are still in the same situation at the end of this year with lots of new cases/deaths and we need another lockdown.   Take a deep breath and calm down, just because there is something mentioned about Israel is a non-positive way doesn't mean the whole world is against your country or religion or it is a personal attack against you.
  15. Israel is also (like the UK) only using single doses and either delaying the 2nd dose so they can vaccinate more people or not bothering with it and this isn't as effective as they had hoped: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/19/single-covid-vaccine-dose-in-israel-less-effective-than-we-hoped     So things may be slower here in Germany and take longer for everyone (who wants) to be vaccinated but it's better to be safer than sorry and give people, especially the high-risk group, both doses rather than only giving people one dose and then we still have issues with new cases/deaths increasing and we need to go into Lockdown Part 3.   It will be interesting to see if BoJo changes his policy of only giving people one dose and delaying the second dose based on this information.