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  1. Are you a member of the Mieterverein? They will be able to provide assistance. Do you have legal insurance? If so, you can check with a lawyer to see how you can move this forward.   You will also need to think about whether it is worthwhile taking your landlord to court. What are you expecting to get out of the situation? Money back from the landlord for incorrect nebenkosten or just telling him you are taking him to court as he threatened you with the same and you aren't happy with the way he treated you? In some cases it's best just to move on from situations and learn from them rather than getting lawyers involved.
  2. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Don't worry about your German when you pick up the certificate. You already have DE citizenship as you will probably see when you pick up the certificate it will already have been stamped with a date when citizenship would have been issued already. When I picked mine up at the beginning of the month, the certificate has the date of the 24th March and the issued date was the date that I picked it up (3rd July).   When you pick up the certificate you will need to pay the additional €64 and read and sign a couple of documents and that's it so there's no need to worry if your German isn't fluent. It was good enough for the B1 exam whenever you passed it and that is all that matters.
  3. Influx of Trolls Spewing Their Bile

    As frustrating as these people can be, and as hard as it can be at times, you just need to ignore these people. Their behaviour is all based upon attention seeking, which is why the only way to deal with these people is not to give them the attention they want. These are presumably adults who as children didn't get the attention they needed/wanted from their parents and the only time their parents paid any attention to them is when they misbehaved. That's why as adults they behave in a very immature way by name-calling (i.e. Soytown) as the only way they know how to get people to interact with them is by provoking them in a childish way.   Every time you see one of these people posting something provoking that annoys you, take a step back, wait 10 minutes before you reply and think about how pathetic and pitiful the life of this person must be in order for them to post the things they do and how unhappy they must be. You shouldn't get angry with these people, you should pity them and once you start pitying them you will find you don't get so annoyed by the things they post and eventually you will ignore them.
  4. As above^^^   I arrived in Germany in 2008 and only exchanged my UK licence last year due to Brexit. When I exchanged it I was told I should have exchanged it when my UK licence expired in 2013 but that was it rather than renewing it in the UK. No mention of how long I had been living in Germany or that I should have exchanged it after being here 6 months and I have also hired cars in Germany over the years with my UK licence with no questions asked.   In Cologne to exchange the licence I just rang up the local Kundenzentrum and explained I needed to exchange my licence and made an appointment. I needed to take a recent photo with me along with 35 euros for the fee and a copy of my passport. The whole process took 10 minutes and 2 weeks later I went back to pick up my German licence.   The only reason I would have needed a medical or any form of eye test, etc. was if I wanted to be able to drive large vehicles (i.e. 7.5t trucks) as I had an old UK licence, which allowed me to drive pretty much anything. And there was never a question of the licence needing to be translated.
  5. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      I can't speak for Hamburg but I picked my naturalisation certificate up at the Köln Innenstadt office on the 3rd July. I received a letter a few days previously saying that my application for German citizenship had been accepted and due to Corona there weren't any presentation ceremonies and people needed to collect the certificate and this was only possible with an appointment.   I rang up and scheduled an appointment and they sent an email confirming the date/time. I needed to either print out the confirmation or show the email confirmation on my mobile to the security before I could enter the offices to pick up the certificate and was only allowed into the building 10 minutes before the appointment. The whole process of paying the rest of the fee (€64) and signing a couple of documents before being given the certificate took about 10 minutes.   When making the appointment to pick up the certificate I also asked whether I could apply for the ausweis and passport at the same time. This was done with a different person just after I picked up the certificate. The time taken to pick up the certificate, apply and pay for the ausweis/passport took about 20 minutes or so. As for safety with the virus, due to people only being able to enter the building with a confirmed appointment there were very few people in the building and masks needed to be worn. The ausweis/passport took 2 weeks as I received an email on the 17th July saying that they were ready to collect so I'll make an appointment and pick those up later this week or next.   One important thing, at least in Cologne, is to make sure you have proof of the appointment to show the security at the door. While I was waiting for my appointment there were several people who were turned away and weren't let in as they didn't have any proof that they had a appointment so you either need print out the confirmation email of the appointment date/time or been able to show the email on your mobile to the security people.
  6. Shame on you, Lufthansa

      There isn't a legal requirement for companies to pass on the 3% reduction in MwST to customers. Some businesses will (supermarkets) because they had a big increase in trade during the lockdown so they can afford to pass on the savings to customers. Some businesses won't (cafes, bars) as they were shut during the lockdown so have lost money and probably need the money in order to survive especially as there could be localised lockdowns (i.e. Gütersloh) at some point in the future, which will force them to close once again.
  7. It's €30 so nothing massively expensive. It's going to be best just to pay the fine rather than risk getting a higher fine in 30 days time.
  8. Is TK insurance valid in Turkey?

    On the back of the TK health card there is the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) but this is only valid within the EU and Turkey isn't part of the EU so private health insurance will be needed. I remember a few people from the UK being caught out a few years ago when having accidents in Turkey while on holiday and thinking they could use the EHIC.
  9. Dog on the leash or not?

      That's not what people are saying. There are designated areas where dogs can be let off the lead and this doesn't mean they can run wild. The owner still needs to maintain control and if they aren't friendly to other dogs or people then they remain on the lead even if they are in an area where they are allowed to be off the lead.
  10. Dog on the leash or not?

      Or if you are scared of dogs then don't go to the places where people are allowed to let their dogs off the lead.
  11. Where to exchange Euros to Czech Koruna?

    The best exchange rates are normally when using an ATM in the local country i.e. in Prague. For getting cash probably either the German bank or somewhere in Prague will be pretty much the same.   FYI - if you want a credit card without any extra charges for foreign currency then check out the Santander 1 Plus visa - https://www.santander.de/privatkunden/konten-karten/karten/1plus-visa/   I have one of these and use it whenever I am in non-Euro countries to withdraw cash or pay for goods and there 0% charges for non-EU currency.
  12. Riots in Stuttgart

    The background to the people who were rioting doesn't really matter. The reason people behave like this is that some people behave the way they are allowed to behave. They know that they have a slim chance of getting caught and, even if they are arrested, they will be let off with a small fine/warning. This is the same with football hooligans, left wing extremists at the G7 Summit in Hamburg, pickpockets outside most main train stations, etc., etc.   If Germany wants to put a stop to this then they need to clamp down hard on these people. Identify them, arrest them and punish them with at least a few months in jail in the same way the authorities did in the UK during the London riots in 2011. That was pretty much the same thing with a lot of young, disadvantaged youths thinking they could play the numbers game and get mixed up in large rioting crowds, steal from shops and, as it was their first offence, nothing would happen to them if they were caught. The UK courts were told to ignore sentencing guidelines and hand out harsh sentences to the offenders, which they did and they were backed up by the UK government. The same thing needs to happen here.
  13. Bullying in Public

      You might need proof in order to get some sort of action taken against the parents/child but by calling the Police and having them turning up to speak to the parents, it should have the desired effect. It may also be that this bully doesn't only bully RF's daughter and is also causing trouble/bullying other children. This is normally the way with children of parents who don't take a lot of interest in their child if other parents complain about the child causing trouble.
  14. Intimidation/corruption from police/mafia/Nazis

    Presumably before you took over this place it was used for drug production/dealing if the Police were that interested in it as well as the mafia type guy. Cutting down trees is a bit strange unless this is to allow people to look onto the property as the trees were previously blocking their views i.e. surveillance.   Maybe the best option is to go to the Police and just ask them directly what the background with the building is and why they have so much interest in the place. You could also tell them about the mafia type guy and see what their reaction is.   Other than that how about getting a lawyer involved and mention the Police attention and that it makes you feel intimidated, etc. and they might be able to find out more about why the Police are taking such an interest in you and this place.
  15. Intimidation/corruption from police/mafia/Nazis

    What is the building you have bought and can you check its' history? It sounds like this place used to be used for something else prior to you buying it and the history should be fairly easy to check-up on as it has Denkmalschutz.