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  1. This is a Germany-wide problem and something that the Press and every parent of a small child knows about. If you google 'zu wenig kita-plätze' there will be results from news outlets all over Germany so the Press are already reporting on this and they probably won't be interested in your story as it isn't anything new (even though that sounds harsh).   If you want to try and find a solution to the problem of your child not being able to stay at the Kita all day then try to get in contact with other parents in the local area as they will probably be in a similar situation and may be able to help with a solution. Check if there is a Facebook group for your local area for parents or a local Community Center with information for Parent/Toddler Groups in your area? They may be able to help with a solution but the Press won't be interested.
  2. Census 2022

    Looks like you are one of the lucky 4% - https://www.zensus2022.de/DE/Wer-wird-befragt/Wiederholungsbefragung.html?nn=352818   " Bei einem kleinen Teil der Befragten – etwa 400 000 Personen (bundesweit 4 % der Haushalte und Wohnheime) – wird das kurze persönliche Interview wiederholt. Die Haushalte oder Wohnheime werden für die Wiederholungsbefragung stichprobenartig ausgewählt. "
  3. Bought online - Did not receive anything - Next step?

    Unfortunately, with sofort uberweisung from your bank account there isn't much you can do to get the money back and you are reliant on the seller paying you back. Credit card/PayPal are always best to pay for goods online as they will refund you the money if you don't receive your ordered goods and will follow-up with the seller themselves.   The only possible option is the verbraucherzentrale but I don't think they will be able to get the money back for you.
  4. DB Train late by 2 hours for airport

      Then presumably the package tour company would be responsible for getting you another flight or the package tour insurance would kick-in. This wouldn't include Rail & Fly if you booked this as part of your flight as that allows you to travel anytime on the day of the flight (or the day before if the flight is early morning) so you are responsible for making sure you get a train that gets you to the airport in time including any delays/cancellations that may occur.
  5. I hate Expedia

  6. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

      Are you, by any chance, divorced? You seem to have quite strong views on this issue.
  7. Backing out of a new job due to relocation difficulties?

    This isn't necessarily the case. I handed my notice in to my current employer 12 years ago after I was offered another job with a different company. They countered the offer and offered me a better wage and also a good development plan so I could progress more with the company as this was one of the reasons I was leaving so I stayed with the current company and advised the other company that I wouldn't be accepting their offer. This happens quite often and the company whose offer I ended up rejecting didn't have a problem with it as they knew the reasons I was looking to leave was career development.   Employees are only 'dissatisfied' if they aren't getting want they want from their current employer and if a current employer is able to offer them what they want (or part of what they are looking for) then they will no longer be dissatisfied. It works out for both sides - the company know what the employee is like and are happy for them to continue working there and the employee knows what the company is like and is happy to remain there.    I had never bothered looking for employment with another company as I was able to achieve my career ambitions with my current company so it wasn't like I was looking for another job several months later.