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  1. Notice period in probationary period (Probezeit)

    It's normally 2 weeks although in certain cases it can be no notice - https://www.arbeitsrechte.de/kuendigung-in-der-probezeit/     Are you wanting to leave the job or is the employer wanting you to leave?
  2. Lufthansa Strike

      Yep, if ever I go on holiday to the Far East I never fly with Lufthansa as there have been these strikes over the last few years now. Air China, Cathay Pacific and Aeroflot all provide a very good service and you can pretty much guarantee that they will never go on strike.
  3. Non-Smoking Bars/Kneipe in Hamburg (Lack of)

    I don't know about 'annoyed' responses but this forum is more about responding to people's questions and helping them solve their problems rather than a chatty forum where people discuss this, that or the other so 'posting something in the hope of generating an interesting response' can sometimes come across as lazy. But don't take it personally, I certainly didn't mean my response to come across as 'annoyed' and Lisa probably didn't either.   There is a Miscellaneous Themes forum on here where people chat about all sort or things so if you are looking for a chat then that may be the place - https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/forum/179-miscellaneous-themes/
  4. Non-Smoking Bars/Kneipe in Hamburg (Lack of)

      But asking what the law is about something isn't asking for a point of view or opinion. Asking what you think about a law, how people bypass a law, why a law isn't policed by the authorities, etc. is.
  5. Beating loneliness in Cologne

    There are a few ways:    - Irish bars are always full of expats and if you are into football (or rugby at the moment) then you can go along when a match is on and you will normally find someone to talk to    - If you speak a bit of German then, as others have said, Vereins are very good    - There is a Thursday Night Drinks Cologne group that used to post on here but are now on Facebook and they organise a meetup every Thursday in different places in Cologne for expats (and German people who want to practice their English as well I think) - https://www.facebook.com/tndcologne/  
  6.   That's fair enough, there are quite a few foreigners who do the same and you certainly won't be alone on this board with that opinion Although it does mean that the next two years of your life while you complete the Masters will not be particularly nice but good luck with your studies.
  7. Your profile says you are based in Cologne so I am very surprised to hear you say that people here are racist or you get stares of disapproval when you are seen with a white woman as Cologne is known as one of the tolerant cities in Germany and it isn't something I have experienced in the 10 years I have lived here.   I don't have brown skin but I know quite a few Turkish-German and Iranian-German people (as well as white skinned Germans) and I have never come across any problems with having friends from different backgrounds or skin colour. Even when I (a very pale, white skinned man from the North of the UK) have been in relationships with Turkish-German women there hasn't been any problems. Are there racist people in Germany who may have 'stared' at you and think it's wrong for mixed-races to be in relationships? Of course, there are racist people everywhere and not just the white people. A lot of Turkish people don't think 'their' women shouldn't mix with white-skinned men.   From what you have said I would question whether the issue isn't people here but maybe you are behaving in a way, which is coming across as aggressive and the social skills, which are needed in the US are different that those in Germany in order to make friends. It sounds like you are struggling to fit in and make friends so you are blaming everyone else and not wanting to admit that you may have some responsibility yourself in your problems:   This sounds very aggressive - "Another thing is, the people here are just wimps. They talk shit behind your back and then when you confront them about it, they deny it." This sounds like you have interrupted a conversation between several other people - "But when you ask them something „Wer bist du?“"   And you have lived in 3 places in Germany but it's not you that is the problem but everyone else? - "I've already moved twice. First to a small town then to another then I said screw it and moved to one of the biggest cities. I figured the bigger cities would be more open and internationally friendly. It's not the case. Doesn't matter where you go they are all the same."   You really only have a few choices:    - Stick it out for a couple of years and do the MSc    - Move elsewhere (back to the US?) and hope you fit in better there    - Accept that you may have a part to play in your unhappiness as your social skills aren't working in Germany and try to change them. Maybe you are trying to hard to make friends and are coming across as desperate, maybe you are considered quite 'loud' as some Americans can to Europeans, maybe you come across as arrogant even though you don't mean to be, etc. You can either try speaking to people you know and asking them how you can improve you social skills or even go to a German psychiatrist and chat to them. A lot of times people who struggle to fit in (and not just here in Germany) don't know when to keep quiet and think they have to impress people or give them a reason to like them. The more they want people to like them, the more they open their mouths and the more they open their mouths, the more they annoy people. Being popular isn't about getting people to like you but not annoying people as people will generally like people (or at least be polite and say, "Hello") provided you don't annoy them. You may not be best friends with people but they will acknowledge you.   In the end the choice is yours but with the good education standard here, financial issues, etc. then it sounds like you will be staying here and being unhappy for another 2 years of your life isn't good.
  8. 2019 Urgent certificate of conduct

      And what does not having updated their profile to show their current location have to do with the OPs question? They stated they were no longer living in Germany and need a Certificate of Good Conduct. And again with their current location, is there a difference in getting a Certificate of Good Conduct from Germany if they live in France rather than if they live in the US?  
  9. Healthcare after Brexit

      No, but it's better than nothing and gives people time to decide what's best for them i.e. stay abroad and shop around for the best/cheapest healthcare or possibly return to the UK. It's far from ideal but much better than people needing to get healthcare sorted out on the 1st Nov if Brexit goes ahead on the 31st Oct.  
  10. You should check the policy but a quick google and the policy with CosmosDirect seems to cover this so this could be standard with most providers - https://www.cosmosdirekt.de/private-haftpflichtversicherung/haftpflichtversicherung-wohnung/      
  11. Defendant Covers Face

      And you really think that people won't remember this crime in years to come? This wasn't just some stabbing that happened outside a nightclub that seems to occur every weekend nowadays. This crime sparked neo-nazi marches with nazi salutes and attacks on immigrants and these were broadcast around the world.
  12. Defendant Covers Face

      I agree with this. Protect people's privacy while they are in court for their trial but if they are convicted then the privacy protection should be removed. There are pics today in the papers of the Syrian guy who has been convicted of stabbing someone in Chemnitz last year and he has been found guilty, sentenced to 9.5 years but his face is still blurred. His face should be shown now he has been convicted so people know who he is and know that he is a convicted murderer in case they run into him when he gets out of prison.
  13. Family member refusing to accept Inheritance

      Maybe she has debts higher that 30k and see this as a way to pay off her debts and make a fresh start in life? Maybe she wants to buy her own property and 30k just isn't going to be enough? In a lot of cases there's much more to the situation that there first appears to be.   The eldest sister obviously wants all of the money for a reason and saying that she feels that she is entitled to it may just be an excuse as she doesn't want to tell her family the real reason. Also if she only sprung this on her other sisters while they were at the bank signing the documents rather than beforehand means, that initially she was happy to split the inheritance 3 ways but between initially being told about the inheritance and actually signing the forms something happened or she realised she could do something that would make a much bigger difference to her life (buy property, clear debts, etc.) if she had all of the money.   It could simply be a case of greed or entitlement or something completely unrelated (debt, etc.).  
  14. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

      Are you still planning to report them to the Tierschutverein? If your Vet has heard of these kennels in the past then it means that other people would have had similar problems and if other people had reported them or you were aware of possible problems then you probably wouldn't have left your dogs with them.   It would be good to mention to other people either verbally in your local area or on social media so people are aware of the issues with these kennels and don't end up in the situation that you did.
  15. possible psychopath at work

    This is a very difficult situation and this person sounds more like a narcissist that a psychopath but whatever they are, they are a very nasty piece of work. It seems they have worked their way into the company and then manipulated their way into the hearts of the Senior Management and once they did this, they showed their true self and know that they can be as nasty as they want to be because they can't be fired.   It would be interesting to see why they are being protected by the Senior Management i.e. close friends with them outside of work, a relative, friend of a friend, Masons, etc.? Normally Senior Management won't stop someone who is on a lower level from being fired as it doesn't affect them or their job in any way so it suggests there is more to their relationship than just working for the same company.   The issue with him now sexually harassing a female co-worker now makes it completely unacceptable and it could be worthwhile reporting this to HR once again and mentioning to them that if it continues then it could result in the woman seeking legal help to put a stop to the situation and this would put the company in the public eye and more details about his behaviour, how long it has been going on for and the fact that the company hasn't been willing/able to do anything about this would become public knowledge and it wouldn't be very favourable for the company.   You could also try to find out more about this person's past and who their previous employer was as these sort of people don't suddenly start behaving in this way and he probably behaved in a similar fashion in their last company as well.