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  1. Digitisation and the death of the service culture

      lol, I thought this only happened to me. I went to the Commerzbank this morning and withdrew €150 from the  ATM and received 1 x €100 and 1 x €50. I had intended to go to the bakery afterwards but they wouldn't be able to change either to had to pop into the supermarket just to buy something to get some change.
  2. Strafbefehl (leaving the scene of an accident)

      He didn't say he was breathalysed at the scene but when the Police arrived so someone may have made a note of his licence plate and the Police could have turned up at his flat. In any case it doesn't really matter where he was breathalysed as he wasn't over the limit.   @JasonBamberg - A 7 months driving ban sounds heavy although I suppose this was high due to you leaving the scene of the crime but I would speak to a lawyer about it and see if you can get the driving ban reduced and maybe even the fine.  
  3. How to respond to Mahnbescheid

    Have a look at the following topic that has been going on for several years regarding file sharing - https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/279097-accused-of-torrenting-copyrighted-material/
  4. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

      No, he's not a Dr. If you're not overweight then the high values are likely to be caused by either a poor diet or a family history of high cholesterol or maybe a bit of both. Increased activity and changing your diet can help and there is some good info at https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/lower-your-cholesterol/ or https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/files/docs/public/heart/chol_tlc.pdf   Obviously speak to your Dr if you are worried about the values or see what they think about changing your diet/increasing activity.
  5. A gift to a doctor

    Why not check if the hospital has a charity program and donate to that? I don't know, which hospital you are having the operation in (good luck by the way) but the Charité has their own charity programs that people can donate to and presumably other hospitals have the same thing - https://gewaltschutzambulanz.charite.de/angebot_der_gewaltschutzambulanz/spenden/   This avoids any problems with allergies, what is/isn't allowed, etc. and you can always send a card directly to the Ward where you were staying thanking the Doctors/Nurses for looking after you once you are out of hospital.
  6. Having a full medical check-up

    You can get some cancer related things checked up on every year - https://www.gesundheit.de/medizin/vorsorge/gesund-leben/gesundheitscheck  
  7. Dentist overcharging for a filling

      Definitely cheaper in Germany. I'm with TK myself and the last filling I had (2 years ago) was around €40 euros or if I wanted it to match the colour of my tooth perfectly then €80. The non-matching colour isn't massively different from the actual colour of the teeth but if it was on one of the front teeth it may be noticeable if you looked carefully. I also had a root canal about 8 years ago and the TK paid fully for that and I didn't have to contribute anything
  8. What does 'Nachweis zur Person' mean when completing a form?

    Nachweis zur Person = Proof of identity.
  9. Loitering in Germany

      Yes, this is the case with some homeless people as they are happy to live on the streets and it's a difficult situation with homeless people living in a way that makes other people feel threatened.
  10. Loitering in Germany

      That maybe they could help the homeless person. Rather than them being moved on, presumably, from place to place by the Police/Ordnungsamt, a charity organisation such as Caritas might be able to provide some assistance that would lead to a permanent solution for this person and give them the help they need to get off the streets.    
  11. bringing gold

    You should contact the Zollamt to check the requirements and duty you would need to pay to make sure there aren't any surprises when you bring the gold to Germany - https://www.zolltarifnummern.de/zollamt/Bonn   A quick google suggests that bringing in gold worth more than €430 from outside the EU is subject to taxes depending on the value of the gold - https://www.biallo.de/recht-steuern/news/wie-viel-gold-darf-ich-nach-deutschland-einfuehren/
  12. Notice period in probationary period (Probezeit)

    It's normally 2 weeks although in certain cases it can be no notice - https://www.arbeitsrechte.de/kuendigung-in-der-probezeit/     Are you wanting to leave the job or is the employer wanting you to leave?
  13. Lufthansa Strike

      Yep, if ever I go on holiday to the Far East I never fly with Lufthansa as there have been these strikes over the last few years now. Air China, Cathay Pacific and Aeroflot all provide a very good service and you can pretty much guarantee that they will never go on strike.
  14. Non-Smoking Bars/Kneipe in Hamburg (Lack of)

    I don't know about 'annoyed' responses but this forum is more about responding to people's questions and helping them solve their problems rather than a chatty forum where people discuss this, that or the other so 'posting something in the hope of generating an interesting response' can sometimes come across as lazy. But don't take it personally, I certainly didn't mean my response to come across as 'annoyed' and Lisa probably didn't either.   There is a Miscellaneous Themes forum on here where people chat about all sort or things so if you are looking for a chat then that may be the place - https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/forum/179-miscellaneous-themes/
  15. Non-Smoking Bars/Kneipe in Hamburg (Lack of)

      But asking what the law is about something isn't asking for a point of view or opinion. Asking what you think about a law, how people bypass a law, why a law isn't policed by the authorities, etc. is.