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  1. Intimidation/corruption from police/mafia/Nazis

    Presumably before you took over this place it was used for drug production/dealing if the Police were that interested in it as well as the mafia type guy. Cutting down trees is a bit strange unless this is to allow people to look onto the property as the trees were previously blocking their views i.e. surveillance.   Maybe the best option is to go to the Police and just ask them directly what the background with the building is and why they have so much interest in the place. You could also tell them about the mafia type guy and see what their reaction is.   Other than that how about getting a lawyer involved and mention the Police attention and that it makes you feel intimidated, etc. and they might be able to find out more about why the Police are taking such an interest in you and this place.
  2. Intimidation/corruption from police/mafia/Nazis

    What is the building you have bought and can you check its' history? It sounds like this place used to be used for something else prior to you buying it and the history should be fairly easy to check-up on as it has Denkmalschutz.
  3.   I applied 2 years ago and ticked 'nein' and wrote: Laut § 12 Absatz (2) der Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz (StAG) muss ein Ausländer die Staatsangehörigkeit eines anderen Mitgliedstaates der Europäischen Union nicht aufgeben   Which I found after doing a bit of research online. When I handed my application in my case worker just said that they don't ask UK citizens to give up their citizenship and carried on checking through the form.
  4. Best way to reject a job offer

    Why not be honest and tell them why you have changed your mind? Just tell them 'it's not the right role for you, personal circumstances, not the right time...whatever' There's nothing wrong with having second thoughts about taking a new job. If it's something specific (money, more questions you have about the role, etc.) then you can ask them about these issues and maybe request another interview so you can have a further chat with the company but otherwise just advise them that your circumstances have changed and you are no longer interested in the role.  
  5. Windows 10

      Some people have disabled Updates from the early days of Win10 when after several Updates there would be problems with graphics drivers, audio, etc. not working correctly as MS were pretty much using the early adopters of Win10 as beta testers. This is why some people delayed upgrading to Win10 for as long as possible.
  6. UK state pension

    Just to follow-up on the above post there is some information about pensions if you have worked in more than one EU country and how they are worked out, etc. at https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/work/retire-abroad/state-pensions-abroad/index_en.htm
  7. Repeat prescriptions

      It looks like it is possible throughout the EU provided the medication isn't banned and the Dr has included all of the required information - https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/health/prescription-medicine-abroad/prescriptions/index_en.htm
  8. Pause Mcfit Membership

  9. Brian Dennehy a great actor has died aged 81 - https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52314289    
  10. UK state pension

      The German Pension scheme can't be compared to the UK Pension scheme due to the differing amounts paid in and out. In the UK you can get £175 a week so £9100 a year. In Germany I think the amount is 48% of your final salary (or something similar) so it is more like a private pension and they also base their payouts on people living into their late 80's. So if you want to compare the two then it's like saying your final salary before you retire in the UK would be £19000.  
  11. Pause Mcfit Membership

      And how are they supposed to be able to pay the rent on their gyms? They still need to pay these regardless of whether they can open to the public or not.   Personally I think they are doing all that they can. They are extending the membership for each month that they are closed, they are offering free classes online and they are giving people access to online training (Cyberobics) that they normally charge for.   If people don't like McFit then that's fine, there are plenty of other gyms to go to but you shouldn't confuse cheap prices with poor quality.
  12. Pause Mcfit Membership

      Who said anything about refunding fees? The membership is extended by the length of time they are closed due to the lockdown so if someone has a yearly membership that runs from 1st Jan - 31st Dec and the McFit gyms are closed for 2 months due to the lockdown then the membership will be extended by 2 months and will end on the 28th Feb of the following year.
  13. Pause Mcfit Membership

    You can suspend your membership with McFit as well even now    
  14. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

      They are probably just saying this as a worst case scenario so you don't keep chasing them up for the money and calling/emailing them and stopping them from dealing with other customers who are also looking to rebook flights or get refunds.   When I cancelled my flight with JAL I received an email saying it could take up to 2 or 3 months for me to receive my refund but it was credited back to my credit card within 2 days.
  15. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    It's good to hear some people at least are getting their money back and it seems to be people who book with the 3rd party sites (Expedia, Opodo, etc.) that are having problems. I don't know whether this is the 3rd party sites dragging their heels or whether they need to get the money back from the airline before they can refund the person but in either case, it's not ideal and would put me off from booking with a 3rd party site for at least the next year as this situation could drag on for a while.   I was supposed to be flying to Japan today for a couple of weeks but Japan Airlines cancelled the flight a couple of weeks ago. I was able to get a full refund via the website (even though the ticket was non-refundable) so no need to contact a Call Centre and wait for someone to answer and the money was refunded within 2 days. Great service from them and I'll be rebooking with them once the flights start up again and hopefully visit Japan in the Autumn.