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  1.   Thanks for this. I have a memory foam topper on my bed more due to hip problems rather than back problems and have been struggling with the sheets not being deep enough. I'll have a check on Amazon and Ikea.
  2. sold car but did not get the thing back

    I doubt if you will be able to report him to the police as a thief as he bought the car and you accidentally forgot to take something out of the car. You will probably need to rely on him on giving you the stuff back. If it is something valuable then you could try to speak to a lawyer to see what rights you have and whether you could start civil action against him but depending on the value of the stuff and whether you have legal insurance or not, it may not be worth it.
  3. Kids out of school for trip home

    An Australian couple who I know took their 5 year son out of school for an additional 2 weeks around Xmas a couple of years ago and the school was ok with it. Their son had to do a small presentation/write an essay when he got back about his trip and this was considered to be in place of the work he missed during the extra 2 weeks he was off school.
  4. Problem with a weird transport company!

    Is there any reason you aren't getting a lawyer involved and persisting with them moving your stuff? I can understand that it's a lot of hassle and maybe you will need to pay another removal firm more money but this firm doesn't sound very reliable or above board.   Are you 100% sure that they will actually turn up and move your stuff or that they will be liable if there are any breakages?  
  5. When customs due on parcel, no notice...ever

    Is this a new building? I remember seeing something on German tv a few years ago with people having similar problems with mail not being delivered and they were in a new building that had just been built. Apparently the post office and delivery firms hadn't had their systems updated so the address of the building wasn't known to them so they had no idea where to deliver the items to, so they were just returned to the sender.
  6. Ask to see a copy of the photo to make sure it wasn't another car that jumped the light. You can also check for online sites that can help in these type of circumstances if you think you have been falsely flashed e.g. https://www.geblitzt.de/  
  7. A gastroscopy without the sedative?

    It shouldn't be an additional cost to the Doctor as they should either be getting money for the procedure from the Krankenkasse or from you if you have private heath insurance.   You will get a sedative before the procedure but not normally put to sleep so maybe this is what the Doctor is thinking you want - https://www.infomedizin.de/behandlungen/magenspiegelung/   Don't forget you can go to another Doctor for the procedure if you aren't happy with your current Doctor and can always ring your health insurance company for recommendations if you want to.
  8. Learning third language from German

      Anybody can learn anything, it just takes some people longer to learn certain things than other people. All that happens if people struggle to learn something new, and they don't have a natural aptitude, is they give up but it doesn't mean they couldn't learn  the new skill, language, etc. if they didn't stick with it.
  9. Train tickets on board purchase

    You need a ticket to get on the train as you do with the s-bahn, RE, etc. so if you get on without a ticket then you risk being fined - https://www.chip.de/news/Kein-Ticketverkauf-mehr-in-Zuegen-der-Deutschen-Bahn-Was-Sie-jetzt-wissen-muessen_184002801.html     Life without a smartphone is getting more and more difficult nowadays and if you also don't have access to a PC then you are really going to struggle with some things.
  10. German Passport - Non EU

      The Leben in Deutschland exam was considered the integration course when I applied for citizenship so if you have already completed this then you shouldn't need to take another integration course.
  11. German Passport - Non EU

    Any reason you don't want to do the B2 exam? It's not much of a step up from B1 and will help if you are looking for a job in a German speaking company at some point in the future.   In Cologne you can do the course at the VHS and it's just called IntegrationsKurs. This also looks to be available in DUS but as HH_Sailor mentioned it will be better to check with the immigration office to make sure the course is accepted by the immigration office.   The course in Cologne was a week long (full-time) with an exam at the end so you would need to take time off work and there will be a cost but depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to a rebate or some/all of the cost refunded.