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  1. Gary Glitter found guilty, three-year sentence

    The media normally mention any aliases the convicted person uses in case they contact someone under their alias rather than their known name. With Gary Glitter most people will know him by that name but not his real name so mentioning it will mean that people can be aware of who he is/what he has been convicted for if they only encounter him by his real name.
  2. Any experience with PlanetExpress ?

    I've not used Planet Express (does the name come from Futurama?) but I have used Forward2Me (https://www.forward2me.com) for having goods shipped from the UK to Germany, which can no longer be shipped directly due to Brexit.   The service works pretty well. You are given a UK address, which you specify when purchasing items online and then Forward2Me receive the items, repack them and forward them on to my DE address.   There are a couple of negatives with the service:    - The UK address you are given doesn't match the DE address associated with your DE credit card used to pay for the goods. This means that the website you are ordering from can question whether the card is valid so you need to explain to them that you are using a forwarding service. This isn't a bad thing as it's just confirming the card isn't being used by someone it should be but it does lead to small delays.    - Forward2Me repack the item. They say this is to do with ensuring the package is ready for international travel but they add a charge for this and it means the package is bigger, heavier and costs more to post.    - You are liable for import duty. Normally the package is sent DHL International, which means it can be tracked and the package is held in customs at, whichever airport it arrives at and you receive an email with the import duty that needs to be paid before the package can be released from customs.   Overall the service works pretty well but it isn't cheap and the repacakging, international postage and import duty add a lot to the costs of the items you order.   There is information about import duty at https://www-paketda-de.translate.goog/zoll/auslagepauschale.html?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-GB&_x_tr_pto=nui and there is a link further down to the actual customs calculator so you can see roughly how much import duty you would need to pay - https://www-paketda-de.translate.goog/ausland/zollrechner.php?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-GB&_x_tr_pto=nui   
  3. Electric vehicles in Germany - all the ins-and-outs!

      Definitely fishy. There may be some bans with the charging of EV 'under certain conditions' - https://www.stern.de/politik/ausland/schweiz-will-elektroautos-bei-strommangel-mit-fahrverboten-belegen-32967884.html   Translation via Google:   "If the electricity runs out and you are the only car with an electric vehicle, it could soon be largely forbidden for the Swiss to drive it.   Our neighboring country is preparing for possible outages of a nationwide power shortage. The regulations summarized under the term "power shortage" provide that under certain conditions it can be prohibited in future to drive electric cars, since their power consumption is to be reduced.   The draft published immediately by the Swiss Federal Council summarizes that "in the event of an imminent shortage", appeals would first be made to all electricity consumers to save energy.“   So nothing about not being able to charge EVs in CH for the Winter.  
  4. The " where are you really from " thread!!

      I think that is probably more to do with something you said as you seem to be quite a vocal person with an opinion about most things and struggle to understand people who have a different opinion.
  5. Anti Vax Nurse set free

      That's because telecommunication firms have installed 5g mobile emitters in the goalposts so people can get decent reception/internet connection at the stadium. It's all been hushed up as the 5g frequency causes nasty side effects (lack of balance) with the microchip in the covid vaccine.
  6.   Probably desperate to find a new (and affordable) place to live due to going through a divorce.
  7. Considering the OP insulted people on here who didn't take his side (telling people to shut up, calling them f'n cowards and telling people they need to have a f'n backbone) I would say that he is well known to the Police in his local area as it seems this is his usual behavior if things don't go his way or people don't agree with him.   The bus driver would have described him to the Police (American, described his and the dog's appearance) along with his behaviour (insulting, name calling) and the Police would have known who it was.
  8. Implications of refusing to work Xmas

    You are going to have to check your contract carefully and specifically regarding paragraph 10 of the working hours act - https://www.personal-wissen.de/10805/feiertagszuschlaege-fuer-arbeit-an-weihnachten/   " Am 25. und 26. Dezember sowie am 1. Januar entfällt die Arbeitspflicht. Vom Beschäftigungsverbot an den Weihnachtsfeiertagen und an Neujahr sind jedoch gemäß § 10 Arbeitszeitgesetz einige Branchen ausgenommen "   Translation (Google)   "On December 25th and 26th and on January 1st there is no compulsory work. However, according to Section 10 of the Working Hours Act, some sectors are exempt from the ban on employment on the Christmas holidays and on New Year's Day."   In some places you will be expected to work as with other bank holidays (airports, etc.) and normally in these places your employment contract that you sign when you accept the job mentions these things.   As someone else mentioned Dec 24th isn't a bank holiday so just a normal workday even though some places do allow their employees to finish early or take the afternoon off.
  9. As above, if the work environment is really that bad then leave while you are able to without any repercussions and don't worry about giving the employer extra notice.   I had a similar experience almost 20 years ago with a company in the UK where there was a 1 month probation period. At the end of the month I said it wasn't working out and I left. There weren't any problems and because it was such a short period I didn't have to put the job on my CV and try and explain to future employers why I was only with the company for 1 month.
  10.   OP is fined for insulting a bus driver. OP posts on a forum and people don't agree with him so he insults the people who have replied to him. I think I see a pattern here.   Someone mentioned they wondered how the Police knew who the OP was and it is probably because they are already known to the Police for insulting people in the local area as it seems if people don't agree with his behaviour or what he thinks to be correct he just resorts to name calling and insults.   OP - If you want to fight the decision then you will need to hire a lawyer however you will still need to pay the fine for insulting the bus driver. The best you can hope for is the bus driver gets a telling off/official warning from his employer and you know that you are able to take your dog on the bus in future. A better option might be for you to get some anger management help.
  11. Bad legal advice and/or court appeal after Urteil?

    Are you sure it's bad legal advice and your crime has been added to the führungszeugnis by mistake? Or have you previously been convicted of other crimes?   According to https://www.frag-einen-anwalt.de/Eintrag-ins-Fuehrungszeugnis-bei-Geldstrafe-von-40-Tagessaetzen--f42879.html   " Gemäß § 32 Absatz 2 Nr. 5 a) BZRG (Bundeszentralregistergesetz) werden Geldstrafen bis zu 90 Tagessätzen nicht in das Führungszeugnis aufgenommen. "   As someone with 40 tagesatz also asked the same question. And the law says - https://dejure.org/gesetze/BZRG/32.html           (1) In das Führungszeugnis werden die in den §§ 4 bis 16 bezeichneten Eintragungen aufgenommen. (2) Nicht aufgenommen werden     5.     Verurteilungen, durch die auf         a)     Geldstrafe von nicht mehr als neunzig Tagessätzen,        b)    Freiheitsstrafe oder Strafarrest von nicht mehr als drei Monaten         erkannt worden ist, wenn im Register keine weitere Strafe eingetragen ist   There are some other restrictions in the document when crimes, which have received less than 90 days punishment are included in the certificate of good conduct so you can check these and see if it applies to you and maybe this is why your crime is included in the certificate?   If not then maybe there is a way that you can have this judgement removed from your certificate of good conduct as the law states quite clearly that crimes of less than 90 days punishment shouldn't appear in the certificate with caveats. It doesn't look like a mistake from the lawyers you consulted unless they weren't aware of other issues/crimes you had been convicted of.                      
  12. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

      Yes, that is the same in Germany on a landline. The 'enkelkinder' scams here in Germany do the same thing and it's recommended to wait 5 minutes after hanging up on your landline before dialing another number as the connection isn't completely broken as soon as you hang up.
  13. Would you like to get taller?

      It's not only women that judge men by their height but also other men, which is probably why some people are going to quite extreme measures to increase their height - https://linguaholic.com/linguablog/manlet-meaning/  
  14. Would you like to get taller?

    It's definitely extreme and I suppose these men think some/most/all of their problems in life will be resolved by increasing their height. A bit like women who have a boob job because they think their boobies are too small and increasing the size will make their life better.   I did see something on German TV a few years ago about the German drag artist Olivia Jones thinking about having the opposite done and having some of the bone removed and her height reduced as she is over 6'6"
  15. This is a Germany-wide problem and something that the Press and every parent of a small child knows about. If you google 'zu wenig kita-plätze' there will be results from news outlets all over Germany so the Press are already reporting on this and they probably won't be interested in your story as it isn't anything new (even though that sounds harsh).   If you want to try and find a solution to the problem of your child not being able to stay at the Kita all day then try to get in contact with other parents in the local area as they will probably be in a similar situation and may be able to help with a solution. Check if there is a Facebook group for your local area for parents or a local Community Center with information for Parent/Toddler Groups in your area? They may be able to help with a solution but the Press won't be interested.