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  1. ground cable for satellite dish (Blitzableiter)

    It looks like it's only required if the building is higher than 20m but recommended for insurance purposes - https://www.11880-elektriker.com/ratgeber/blitzableiter   "Sind Blitzableiter Pflicht? Auch ist der Blitzableiter nicht Pflicht für alle Gebäude. Erst, wenn Gebäude mehr als 20 Meter hoch sind, ist der Blitzableiter Pflicht in Deutschland. Für kleinere, normale Ein- oder Zweifamilienhäuser besteht keine Pflicht zum Blitzableiter, aber lohnenswert ist er auf jeden Fall. Denn der Blitzableiter kann unter Umständen ein wichtiger Faktor im Zusammenhang mit Ihrer Versicherung werden, wenn Sie nach einem Schaden durch Blitzeinschlag mit ihr in Kontakt treten."  
  2. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    Lying isn't ideal and the penalties for breaking quarantine can be harsh but I suppose it depends what it asks on the Passenger location form. I haven't seen one so can't be sure but if just saying something like 'are you fully vaccinated' then you can answer 'yes' as you have been. If it specifies fully vaccinated as being 2 jabs of AZ/Moderna/BionTech or 1 jab of J&J then saying 'yes' would be lying.
  3. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    The App will show you are fully vaccinated if you have the necessary vaccinations to be considered fully vaccinated or are recovered and have one vaccination, which is considered fully vaccinated in DE.   I had the J&J vaccine, which only needs 1 shot. If I open the CovPass App it shows the QR code with 'Fully vaccinated' above the QR code and my name below the QR code. If I click on Display Certificate (you need to scroll down slightly to see this) it shows my name, DoB and also mentions I am fully vaccinated. If I scroll down this screen it shows the EU Certificate and says 'Vaccine dose 1 of 1' and you can click on this, which takes you to yet another screen where it shows the vaccine details (in my case Janssen) Is this the same on your App? Do you think people at the airport are going to check your QR code, ask you to scroll down, click on 'Display Certificate' and scroll down again until it shows how many vaccinations you had and then click through to a 3rd screen where it displays the vaccine manufacturer?   They will just check the first screen with the QR code on it and ensure that the name underneath is the same name on your passport. This is no different if go to a country that needs a visa to enter it. Before you get on the plane, they check you have a visa, the dates of the visa to make sure it hasn't expired and that the name on the visa matches that of the passport.   An (English) friend of mine lives in Portugal and he has flown between Faro and the UK several times over the last few months and his details are checked before he gets on the plane but quite a few times he has got to the other end (both the UK and Portugal) and there is no-one there to check his vaccination details, passenger location form, etc. They do the more strict tests at the airport you are departing from as it is the airline that will responsible for flying you back if you don't have the necessary requirements to enter the destination country.
  4. What's the issue with dual nationality?

      How would the German government 'force' you to give up your UK passport? It's your decision as to whether you apply for German citizenship or not, no-one is forcing you.   Even after Brexit there is nothing stopping you getting a residency permit and renewing this for as long as you want to remain in Germany. Lots of people from the US, Aus, NZ, India, etc. and other places outside of Europe have been doing this for years.
  5. Is it worth moving to a big city in the west?

    I find Cologne to be very friendly and people open but some people like one place and some another. The same can be said about the UK. My parents are from Manchester and, although I was born there, I spent most of my life in the South of the UK and Germany. My parents find people in the South of the UK unfriendly especially in shops and people in the North quite happily chat while they are at the checkout, passing each other in the street, etc.  but in the South it's more business like and you pay for your shopping and get out of the place as quickly as possible and mind your own business.   Why is it you are in Germany? Is it just for work or family related? If you found people in the UK much friendlier in the UK when you visited in August and you aren't happy in your current location, why are you looking to stay in Germany?
  6. Bullying or harassment in the work place

      This isn't always possible. In the company I work for you have to phone your Manager to report you are off sick, emailing isn't allowed. One way around it is to have your wife/husband/partner phone on your behalf. This is something one of my colleagues has done when he has taken some time off sick.
  7. Bullying or harassment in the work place

      Don't be concerned about this, there isn't anything they can do if you have a note from the GP. Just ring him up, tell him you have a sick note for the next 2 weeks, you will be back in on X date and that you will put the sick note in the post and hang up.   Don't get involved in a conversation or feel you have to provide more information or explain yourself to him.  
  8. Die Untätigkeitsklage, is it a good idea?

      What is the case about and which authority are you dealing with?
  9.   Yes, I don't think you are going to get any further without a lawyer
  10. Do you have legal insurance? If so, go to a lawyer and even if you don't the only way you are going to move this forward is via a lawyer. Unfortunately in Germany unless people/companies receive letters regarding legal issues from lawyers they just ignore things or drag their heels in the hope the other person gives up.
  11. Windows 11

    Yeah, it seems to be a bit all over the place   "Windows 11 Pro und das Microsoft-Office-Paket Ihrer Wahl sind vorinstalliert"   "Laptops von HypTech schöpfen das Potenzial von Windows 10 Pro optimal aus"   "Betriebssystem    Windows 10 Pro"   If it is now starting up quicker and you are happy with it you can stick with it but, if not, take it back. It has a SSD drive so Windows should start very quickly and shouldn't really take more than 30 seconds to load.
  12. Windows 11

    It mentions the Operating System as Win10:   Betriebssystem -  Windows 10 Pro
  13. Radiation hardening and SpaceX

      You don't think that two people who are adamant that they are right and cannot be wrong will be able to agree to disagree do you?   This is what the Internet is all about - people who can't accept other people have a different opinion and have to get the other person to agree with them before they can move on with their lives. That's why some people spend a lot of time on the Internet, because they have annoyed lots of people in the real world because they can't accept other people can have a different opinion than them.   Neither of you will back down and if one of you stops posting in this thread, the other person will think they have 'won' because that is all that is important to people who can't accept other people can have a different opinion than them. They have to get other people to agree with them even if it means they p1ss everyone else off because all that is important to people like this is 'winning' and being right.
  14. When did German TV decline?

    I don't think it's just German TV. Ever since the casting shows, reality tv, etc. came along in the late 90's/early 00's TV in general has gone massively downhill and that will be the same in most countries. Pretty much the same TV programs are shown on TV in Germany and the UK, just in a different language and while you get the odd decent program here and there in both countries, you really need to search through a lot of rubbish to find anything decent.   I normally stick to the documentary type channels (ZDF Info, Phoenix, etc.) on German TV with a smattering of the odd English/US TV show and one or two series from Netflx/Amazon.
  15. Bundestagswahl 26th of September 2021

      And who exactly are 'the likes of us' and why do you think some political parties don't like you?   I don't know whether you are trying to get a discussion going here but you shouldn't be asking for people to tell you who you should vote for and why. You should be doing the research yourself and then making your own decision as to who you want to vote for if you want to vote. Just because you are eligible to vote, it doesn't mean you have to.   If you want to see, which parties agree with some of the things that are important to you then have a look at the Wahl-O-Mat, which will be available from the 2nd Sep - https://www.bpb.de/politik/wahlen/wahl-o-mat/