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  1. Finding a social circle

    That looks really lame to be honest, and yes, extremely corny. I've looked into vereins and there are none for the areas I'm interested in - hell, even only a few people in the major cities nearby do what I do. And it's not that the language is the biggest issue, it's just that I don't "click" with Germans. So maybe @kevinjoe is right, will just have to hang out more with people from my home country; at least they're way more interesting that the Germans are.
  2. Finding a social circle

    Hi,   I've lived in Bonn for years now, but still have no real friends here. I speak a little bit of German, but not well enough to be comfortable around Germans and to socialise using it. I have pretty specific hobbies, none of which are team based, so apart from my job and my spare time semi-professional career, I don't really have any friends here. I've had a few girlfriends but none currently, as social situations are basically nonexistent for me here (I only have them when I'm back home in my home country). I'm also an introvert, don't drink or smoke, and don't like engaging in general small talk - if I don't have anything good to say or I'm not interested in the topic of the discussion, I won't say anything. I'd still like to find people to hang around and go out with, to increase my social circle and maybe even find someone special, but the generic MeetUp meetings I don't like (tried it). I also work out at home, to save money by not having to pay for the gym. Any socialising tips from your experiences?