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  1. I do, can't be always outside though - and whenever I come back, there's noise.
  2. I don't get it why the family stays indoors with the kid all day, when it's nice and sunny outside, so the kid runs around the apartment all day, crying and whatnot. A huge part of it is how they're raising the kid, methinks.
  3. Welp, now he/she learned how to jump with both feet at the same time...For hours each afternoon...Jesus Christ
  4. Hi everyone, this might be a bit of a sensitive topic to anyone living with children, but I would still like to ask and see if anyone can share their opinion or possible experiences in a possibly similar situation. I am living below a family that has a very loud child that is constantly crying and running around in the apartment; the child seems to be about 3 years or so old. I have been living in this apartment for 8 months, and things haven’t improved at all. There is a lot of noise coming from the apartment above at various times, most often in the morning (6 A.M. sharp) and in the late afternoon, even on weekends, when I try to sleep in a bit longer in the mornings, but that is impossible because of the loud crying, screaming and running (as I’m writing this, the child has cried loudly and/or screamed at least 5 times in the last 20 minutes). I have already turned to the landlord and the management of the building, and they said they talked to the family, but nothing has changed. As this is a case where a child is making the noise, can I even do anything about it, even if it’s starting to affect my quality of life, wakes me in the morning and is not allowing me to relax in my own home? Thanks everyone!