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  1. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

    As noted elsewhere self preservation is neither "concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one's own advantage". There are plenty of situations where a divorce will give you no advantage whatsoever, at best you are back where you started from. You might also get divorced to protect people who are dependent on you.   For example  my former boss' (second) wife is currently in jail after she tried to stab him - and when I say "tried" I mean she got him, but missed any vital parts.  Now my former boss is a twat, but a distinctively non-violent one (I also know his first wife), what is he supposed to do ? Wait till she hits the mark ?
  2. UK to Germany travel

    There is no hard and fast list. Visa/visa waiver requirements are phrased as "sufficient proof" and there is a lot of latitude as to what counts as that. There is no list of documents that will give you *the right* as an UK citizen to enter any EU country.  This something that a lot of people don't seem to get. I've heard the same discussion over and over and over before wrt to travelling to the US as a German/UK citizen and this is very similar. One day they might ask you for proof that there is something keeping you in the UK (or any other proof that you would leave the country at the end), in which case a UK mortgage statement might be helpful. Who knows. Chances are low but not zero. This is the reality of Brexit. Back in the day I used to travel with to the US an official letter from my UK employer stating that they'd expect me back after whatever meeting I was going to. I might have to do so again if Trump gets re-elected.   Here's the official advice: now how to you proof "enough money" ? Proof of a proper invite which includes somewhere to stay go a long way, but it's not the only way.  
  3. Avoid standing orders and direct-debit billing

    Next post: Germans don't want to make contracts with foreigners !!! Discrimination !!!! Which is what happens if you follow this advice: You spoil it for other people. Don't do it. One year contracts aren't exactly unheard of in Britain either btw.
  4. UK to Germany travel

    But they aren't making up the rules, that's my point. That UK border guard questioning my colleague was well within the rules of that time. The rules are always there, they just get to decide for whom to verify them. So requiring proof for your parents' claim is perfectly legal. And because after Brexit it's much easier to infringe on the visa waiver requirements as a Brit, the chances of questioning have increased. It's a bit like going to the US. I've had everything between "have a nice day" and secondary questioning on the same passport and I have never been able to discern any reason beyond luck. It feels personal, but it isn't. Well, maybe unless your name sounds non-European and/or you have the wrong skin colour, but that's a different topic.  
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

    What's wrong with being middle class ?
  6. UK to Germany travel

    Border guards selectively enforcing rules has always been a thing, that pre-dates Brexit. The highlight was when (pre-Brexit) one of my Greek colleagues was questioned at the UK border, whether he was coming to the UK for the sole purposes of claiming benefits (which wasn't allowed in the EU). The guy had a job in the UK (was coming back from a work trip) and a mortgage, but of course no paperwork on him. And this was pre-smart phones, so he couldn't just conjure them up.  I think in the end he got through when he convinced them that the group waiting underneath the "do not stand around here" sign were indeed his colleagues and I guess we looked nerdy enough. Fun times.   The problem is they are well within their rights, so you cannot argue.
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

    I'm not sure about the generation gap wrt tattoos. I got one age 21 and I am 50 now. I don't regret it and neither would I mind if my daughter (now 16) would get one the moment she turns 18.  And I am as middle class as it gets
  8. Best way to heat apartment with electricity?

    Citation needed.
  9. 'Letter of Entitlement' for German licence

    I couldn't find anything in English, but what I think you need is: You should email (I guess you could state your dilemma in English and hope that they can cope) and provide: Last Name (+previous name if applicable), First Name(s), DOB, Place of Birth and the address of the DVLA ("Adresse der jetzt für Sie zuständigen Fahrerlaubnisbehörde" -- "the driving licence authority now responsible for you").