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  1. Possible toddler development issues

    Unfortunately I must add a cautionary tale to this. My colleague's bilingual child showed similar tendencies and it was only when the nursery picked up on this (and I disagree that nursery teachers generally don't know how to handle this - they do have some education in this area) that he was assessed properly. While the details of the assessment has changed over the years, the child is autistic (he's 11 now and there's no more debate about the diagnosis, it's fairly obvious by now) and getting therapy did him a world of good. I would not dismiss the nursery's concerns out of hand. For what it's worth, my mother was told to take me to the doctor at some point 40+ years ago as I was basically sitting in a corner, claiming I was tried and refusing to come out for days on end. Getting a third opinion (yours, the nuersery's and then the doctor) won't hurt your child.  I know two tri-lingual children and they had no language delays (neither the boy, nor the girl), so while it might explain it, it also might not.
  2. Buy Royal Mail Stamps in DE?

    Especially as the envelop with the first class stamp on it won't make it all the way to Germany in the first place as it's insufficient postage.
  3. Eltern Unterhalt for Mother in Germany, son in UK.

    You are still liable according to German law. Whether they can pursue it after Brexit is a different issue, but right now "living abroad" and citizenship don't come into it. Of course your brother might come after you if you dump all the costs on him.
  4. Mett brötchen

    Is wasn't just too much grease in one go ? Bad Mett would have probably resulted in something more than indigestion.
  5. Game - Wild meat restaurants

    What you are looking for is probably the "Jagd Verein": (in German only)   They have a link where if you type in your postcode (I used the palace) it finds   for people/businesses who offer game for sale.
  6. Where to buy a menstrual cup (DivaCup etc.)

    As for "vaginal atrophy",  we had to add to/replace the pre-menopausal condoms with the (I'm almost, but not 100% done with menopause) the post-menopausal lubricant. (Given that I am only almost done, it's both right now. Not the height of romance, but better than the alternative.)
  7. Where to buy a menstrual cup (DivaCup etc.)

    I would have gone with bacterial vagnosis, just by the smell. When ignored for weeks it can become quite noticeable :-S (speaking from experience...) As you probably know it's not dangerous per se, and over the counter remedies can help, but if it's really established you might need a course of antibiotics. As for the permanent bleeding, I've twice (at the GP, I'm in the UK, so no gynaecologists for me unless I wait two months) turned up on day 8 or so of soaking through my tampons and was prescribed hormones to cut this short and to sort of reset the cycle. Worked like a charm. I think I had problems twice in three years of (peri)menopause, it might be worth asking your Allgemeinarzt about it, they might be able to help. (I've seen since a Gynaecologist twice and nothing of worry was found.)
  8. @Anton anonymous What makes you think this is different for immigrants elsewhere ? I spent a not-so-delightful time in the US, having to have the good standing with my employer confirmed every time I left the country. Or those comedy moments I had when trying to get a UK national insurance number. Or not getting even getting a debit card due to the lack of credit history, just a card to get cash from the machine. Despite paperwork and providing my last three addresses as useless as it was. I had to laugh at the title of this thread. What do you do if a non-German person is rude to you ? Is that somehow different ? Is it worse if an "exuberant" American is rude to you ? What about a Brit ? Are you aware that any "sorry" uttered on the London underground actually means: "You stupid cow" (cow her is gender neutral) ?   US customer service was on of the biggest disappointments of my stay in the US. Finally I thought the customer is king. What I got is "was "No can do, have a nice day". Somehow I always stopped listening at "No can do".    
  9. Kita says 45 hours/week is too long for the kid!

    6:30 to 6 is 11.5 h. Staying the whole time would imply 11.5 * 5 = 57.5 h/week. The OP talks about 45h/week. That's 8:00 (I have to admit if there's one thing I don't miss in the UK it's the early German start times) to 17:00. Yes it's long, but there should be rest periods, and there is no reason for the kid to be over tired/bored shitless. It just means he's not getting enough attention, which is quite an achievement if he's the only kid left. And the KITA should have solo activities as you mentioned on hand. 
  10. Kita says 45 hours/week is too long for the kid!

    My offspring met the first kid whose parents didn't both work when she went to school. Before that she didn't know anything else and neither did her friends, so she never questioned it. And there were no snarky remarks either.
  11. Kita says 45 hours/week is too long for the kid!

    @bobMorane Just ignore them, or ask them if he can have a nap. I find it strange that there are no kids there until 5 (what kind of work hours do these parents have ?!), but it just looks like they'd like to go home earlier. And if you pay for it there should be at least one person paying attention to him and not being engaged in administrative work. My four year old was in nursery full time and so where all the other 30 kids in her group, so it's not as unusual as the staff makes out.
  12. not 'fair' raised nebenkosten

    If this is a private landlord with just two flats, quite frankly this might have just been a mistake. He just upped the Kaltmiete a bit compared to the flat with the long term tenant (which is quite normal and also partially justified as any change in tenant will generate extra costs) and then muddled up when it came to raising the over all rent. Whatever happened to the old rule-of-thumb about the Nebenkosten being about 30% of the Kaltmiete ?  
  13. "in case" / "if"

    @sos-the-ropeDidn't you just answer your own question then ?! There is no distinction in German between "fuer den Fall" and "falls", hence Germans have the tendency not to make that distinction in English either.  
  14. "in case" / "if"

    Because to my German ears "falls" and "für den Fall" are equivalent ?!
  15. Others parking in my paid slot

    Can't you just put a traffic cone or something similar in your space  ?