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  1. Ordering from USA to Munich...taxes?

    Usually when you move you do not have to pay taxes on shifting your own stuff. I certainly moved from the UK to the US and back with half my household and didn't have to pay anything. What you can't so is to include a crate of wine or similar amongst your possessions, once  your household goods start looking too unusual they get  suspicious. I would wager that a proper moving company could have shifted the above mentoned clothes without any customs fees involved.
  2. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

    ALG1 is contribution based, not based on need.
  3. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    Well, they were meant to be phased out in 2018[*], but that got tangled up in an administrative quagmire. They are still working on it.  In 2018, apparently cheque usage was down my 20% wrt 2017, I couldn't find numbers for 2019.  That's not 'wide-spread' and most traders would really prefer you didn't write them a cheque, if you do use a traceable method of paying them they very much prefer a bank transfer. When I opened a new account at NatWest 2 years ago, I did not get a cheque book.  Maybe it's different in the country side or for old people, but times have moved on here.   [*]
  4. The problem here is that in absence of any evidence of a verbal contract, the default position to fall back is "no contract", there aren't really any alternatives.  
  5. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    Cheque usage in the UK is not widespread; banks stopped issuing chequebooks except on request a while ago and plenty of places will not take them and that includes pretty much all major supermarkets and even the guy who cleans my windows once a year wants to be paid by cash or bank transfer, but no cheques. There might be some cheques of mine festering in a drawer somewhere, I certainly haven't used one in at least 6 or 7 years, if not longer.
  6. Divorce advice

    In your link it states, that if you are separated for at least a year and one party does not agree to a divorce you can still get a divorce if you can convince a judge that your marriage has failed. If you want to get divorced, you need to get a lawyer, the earlier the better. If only so there can be no dispute of when the period of separation has started.
  7. Taking wife's surname after surrendering nationality

    This might be because the concept of Germanising(?) your first name when you take German citizenship exists. I know a Lilyana who became a Liliane, no problem. So they won't be surprised when seeing it the other way around.
  8. US Citizens travelling to the EU starting 2021

    The question was about what happens at booking time. By the time you reach the airport where the airline will look at your passport/residence/visa status with a fine tooth comb it's too late.
  9. US Citizens travelling to the EU starting 2021

    It's the equivalent of an ESTA. Most airlines will prompt you, as they do with an ESTA,  but you need to be aware that the responsibility of having your paperwork in order *always* lies with you. So if for any reason you get caught out, the airline (or any other travel operator, i.e. cruises) does not have to give you your money back. The airline cannot know your immigration status when you book, so any warnings will be fairly generic.
  10. Need legal advice for my friend

    Thankfully in a "Rechtsstaat" which Germany still is, there is a guiding principle along the lines of "the punishment must be proportional to the crime". 
  11. US to start revoking passports of American expats with tax debts

    As I noted it's not the taxes I am worried about, it's the unnecessarily complicated reporting. Some of it really sounds like the IRS is offended if someone doesn't live in the US. As in "you live abroad; you must be up to no good". Not like "you are a 13 year old with a current account in the UK and a German Sparvertrag with some Sparkasse that your grand dad gave you".
  12. US to start revoking passports of American expats with tax debts

    Is it cheaper than trying to give the passport up by yourself ? Asking for a (my) child. This worldwide taxation bit wouldn't be so bad if you didn't need a professional to deal with the paperwork - this should be simple. Bah.
  13. Protecting Parking spot with Lawyer App?

    Just remember when indulging in your revenge fantasies, two wrongs don't make a right and the law has no time for people taking it into their own hands. I'm amazed at the level of childishness displayed in this thread. Put up a sign, if that doesn't help put up a barrier and then go about your merry way.
  14. Enter rented apartment without tenant's knowledge

    In which country isn't a landlord or their agents allowed to enter a flat to prevent (further) damage to either the flat or its surroundings ? I have to admit it's odd the police was there, but if you told your landlord that you were away for some time, it's not like waiting for your reply would have made much difference as you were unlikely to be around in any sensible time frame.
  15. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

    Indeed. You are trying to avoid a (potentially) multiple thousand Euro bill - even 100 Euro for a taxi would be cheap...