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  1. I can't wear M&S bras. Their designers seem to think women's breast are located just underneath their chins, even at full length the straps aren't long enough.  I don't know why M&S sells trousers in long/regular/short, but none of their "upper" wear (bras, T-shirts, Pullovers (gave up years ago)) can be worn by any woman taller than 1.68 m.
  2. Here's the German one: (all linked from )
  3. Friendly divorce: what do I need and what is the cost?

    Having said this, my brother's divorce calmed down a lot after they stopped mediating and involved a lawyer, because as Karin points out, you need at least one and so might as well involve one from the beginning. They have three children and there are no issues wrt the children. Not *every* divorce has to turn into a total shit show, so it's worth trying. I think Ana's approach of "don't seat the small stuff" is a good first step and if she has a job that pays the same or more as her husband (it does happen), then apart from child maintenance which should always be independent (if any one party thinks they don't need it, put it in a savings account and give it to the child when it turns 18, just don't argue you don't want it) there is no point in discussing maintenance. .
  4. Where to find pig intestine

    Pork intestine would be Schweinedarm which is traditionally used to make sausages (for the outside, not the content). But that stuff comes in dried and not fresh, so you might have to be a bit more specific.
  5. Because I don't believe such a vaccination exists. Note I didn't ask the poster what vaccination *they* had, I asked which vaccination you would get in case of a sexually transmitted disease (and only then). I take any answer citing a reliable source.  
  6. My child got one of the Hepatitis ones (I'm too lazy to look up which one) just after birth, because that was just the standard procedure in Chicago at the time. I've also had assorted Hepatitis vaccines (plus typhoid and some other choice vaccines) for travelling, but I am still non the wiser what vaccine would indicate an STD. I've been to a sexual health clinic more than once in my life, I have never been offered a vaccination there. So, the question is still open.    
  7. Out of interest, what STI vaccinations are there ? Inquiring minds need to know. I meant I know about the anti-HPV which is sexually transmitted, but that is given to 11 years olds and doesn't say much about your private life...
  8. Well, my British "record" is a credit card size piece of cardboard with an NHS logo on, my name and nothing else (and no space to put anything else) and a date and the word "Moderna" scribbled on it. That's it. The NHS hopefully has a better record, but nothing I can get my hands on. Spacing between vaccinations is 3 months, no matter which vaccine you get. You can't chose, you get given whatever is in stock. No idea what happens on the second date, if they then will have all three in stock  ? Got vaccinated in an empty football stadium, it's not like the AFC Wimbledon can use their brand new stadium for anything else right now. If I go and see a consultant here, I take paper copies of all my documents, as they usually only have about 50% on their computers, sometimes less than that. My GP gives me printouts from their electronic records for exactly this purpose.
  9. Transnational family in a pandemic world :-(

    I live in the UK and we are not allowed to leave for tourism (well, we can leave, just can't come back and I can't pull the "I'm a citizen, let me in" card) and that includes visiting family. I haven't seen my family in Germany in a long time either. My parents have been vaccinated, but at 49, I'm still waiting in the UK and while I am not scared of any AstraZeneca side effects, I can't get my head around their reporting on efficacy. As far as I can tell J&J is as efficient with one dose as Astra is with two ? The mind boggles.
  10. Changing locks

    Is it ? I guess "stolen key" would be a more accurate description, but that is usually covered by the same insurance. You are unable to recover the key and it is now in possession of someone who does not live in the apartment. For a key to be stolen (and once he refuses to return it to the rightful owner, that's what it is), it doesn't matter if you know who the guilty party is. Well, the insurance might want to know, so they can pursue him for money. Doesn't hurt to ask.
  11. Changing locks

    Do you have 'lost keys' covered by any of your insurances ? That might do. Otherwise what Spider Pig says, change the lock (you own the flat after all) and then try and get the key back. Given what it costs to replace all the keys in  abuilding, even a formal letter from a lawyer might be cheaper if the ex isn't forthcoming. (If the ex is German, that will almost certainly help ...)
  12. Yes, even "friendly" payouts usually (OK, in the two cases I have seen) go by market price and not what you originally paid for it, though in theory you could agree on something else. In practice I'd prepare for a market price scenario, because the default, if there is no agreement, would be to sell.
  13. policeman overreaching himself

    It hinges on the definition of 'emergency'. And even then you are meant to try and contact the tenant first. If you enter the flat and there is no emergency and in most cases this is fairly narrowly defined; if that ceiling isn't going to come down in the next 10 min, you might be out of luck , if the tenant tells you they'll be there in an hour and you enter anyway. So in cases where there is already an ongoing dispute having the authorities in place might save you from further headache.