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  1. Changing locks

    Do you have 'lost keys' covered by any of your insurances ? That might do. Otherwise what Spider Pig says, change the lock (you own the flat after all) and then try and get the key back. Given what it costs to replace all the keys in  abuilding, even a formal letter from a lawyer might be cheaper if the ex isn't forthcoming. (If the ex is German, that will almost certainly help ...)
  2. Yes, even "friendly" payouts usually (OK, in the two cases I have seen) go by market price and not what you originally paid for it, though in theory you could agree on something else. In practice I'd prepare for a market price scenario, because the default, if there is no agreement, would be to sell.
  3. policeman overreaching himself

    It hinges on the definition of 'emergency'. And even then you are meant to try and contact the tenant first. If you enter the flat and there is no emergency and in most cases this is fairly narrowly defined; if that ceiling isn't going to come down in the next 10 min, you might be out of luck , if the tenant tells you they'll be there in an hour and you enter anyway. So in cases where there is already an ongoing dispute having the authorities in place might save you from further headache.
  4. Why this forum speaks English and not German

    Meanwhile in the real world (UK) German accents do get mocked. Nevermind the "don't mention the war" type of humour [eye roll].
  5. In the UK the government seems to be adamant that the vaccine will not be available privately which means that I might not be able to travel because let's face it, they will make a hash of it and Brexit won't help. I've actually had Corona (community acquired and I have a note showing that I have the antibodies), but I get the feeling that if a vaccination is required then this will have to go via some official form and vaccination only. Apart from that, I tried to volunteer for testing, but was turned down (they don't give you the reason's why). I've had lots of vaccines in my life and only ever had minor reactions, so I'm not scared. What I've seen wrt immunotherapy (which is probably the closed to an RNA vaccine) in people I know is that the side effects are temporary, though they can be unpleasant. By the time this reaches the general public literally tens of thousands of people will have been vaccinated. Obviously there can't have been any study of long term side effects, though if nothing has shown up in the first 6 months, chances are good nothing will show up later. I can hardly wait 20 years just to be sure.  Now I just need to talk my dad into it. 
  6. Crazy political correctness in the UK

    Well, I live in the UK and I work in a field (scientific computing) that deals among other things with a lot of databases and I can tell you, it's definitely going. I have to keep software up to date for other reasons (we are changing data access protocols at the moment, oh the fun) all the time. A name change like e.g. master -> primary, slave -> secondary is really an update like any other.
  7. Crazy political correctness in the UK

    I dunno. The master/slave terminology in technology has never sat well with me.  I'm glad it's going. And Greg Clarke is just a twat and would be one, no matter what language he uses to convey his twattishness.
  8. flight ticket cancellation

    Looking at the recent reviews for this site, I'm wondering if they aren't on the brink of bankruptcy.
  9. Do good psychotherapists exist in Germany?

    The idea was (at least I assume) that after 6 sessions you should know if it's working or not and if not do something else. However that something else tends to failing to materialize, mainly due to lack of funding I guess - CBT is cheap. Don't underestimate the number of people with undiagnosed 'proper' issues that show up at university (first time away from an abusive family anyone ? - or in  the other direction: first time away from their (informal) support structures, which was all that held them up); they tend to present with all kind of issues, often only superficially related to the actual problem.   When my daughter had a bad turn during lockdown we applied for mental health support through the state system and the answer was (and I am only slightly paraphrasing here): As long as she's not suicidal  it's not a priority. I was tempted to mail in pictures of her fresh self harm scars, but in the end I did what anybody with the slightest bit of money around here does and paid for it myself. She's better now. She did do a bit of CBT, but only at the very end.
  10. It's a Russian ship. Russia isn't exactly on the forefront of women's lib.
  11. Do good psychotherapists exist in Germany?

    Well, I realize it's no consolation, but CBT is is used for anxiety and pretty much everything else in the UK as well and you won't get 80 sessions either - better have improved after 6.  My other half regularly deals with university students in dire need of proper mental health support and what do they get ? Yep. And it's useless almost every single time. Other therapy is only available after several years (yes, years) of arguing with your GP.  So students who have been properly diagnosed before the arrive at university almost always finish the course, while those newly diagnosed and fobbed off with CBT rarely do.