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  1. FFS

    Of course Knorr is a German brand:
  2. I don't know what the actual problem is, but I don't think it's shortage of stock:   Tell him to write you a prescription, you'll get it yourself.
  3. work contracts

    By the sound of it, he was only "promised" a new job, without a contract that's not worth very much.
  4. Behavior of German children while playing

    I know the difference between AUTHORITARIAN and AUTHORITATIVE and what you are advocating is not AUTHORITATIVE.
  5. Behavior of German children while playing

    That's just not true. The amount of "an authoritarian style of brining up kids will fix all problems" I hear around I find quite frankly somewhat disturbing. To address some points: - snotty noses and "Hand vorm Mund": I am sure both my daughter and my niece had to be told this about at least 300 times before it stuck. To expect a two or three year old to do this automatically is not consistent with normal child development. Also toddlers get about 10-12 colds a year, you can't keep them home for every cold (grown ups, it turns out, are also meant to show up at work with a cold). If you move to a new country with a new set of viruses and interact with (at least) one small child on a regular basis (you don't need to work in a nursery for this), you are down and out with all kind of cold related viruses for about 2 years. It's a lot less if you've grown up there. - saying no with a smile and distracting the child: Distracting (i.e. offering an alternative to the forbidden behaviour) is actually a much better way than just saying no and letting the child just stand there miffed. Given how much direction young children need, if you just say no, and leave it at that, you'll end up being rather unfriendly to your child all day; I don't think anything good will come of that. -looking at your smartphone: Watching small   children in a play ground is excruciatingly boring. My mother used to knit and chat with her friends, which was standard behaviour even 50 years ago, so while the means have changed, I don't think the underlying behaviour has.   My goal with my own child is not to bring up a perfect child, but to bring up a person that will be a well prepared and happy grown up when I send her into the world.    
  6. Moving away after divorce leaving kids with their mother

    Well, she would have extra costs, so I can see that the court would be taking this into account. Generally if both parents can agree on a custody model, the courts will just go with it, so your best bet is the peaceful approach (albeit after speaking to a lawyer, forewarned and all that). You would probably have to give up custody (you could still retain rights to visitation), as it's not practical to have shared custody with one parent a continent away.
  7. Getting British passport for my German/UK child who is 14

    Back in the day it took weeks rather than months. As far as I am aware the ceremony is irrelevant, my offspring never went to one, but then she was about 1 and it was 10 years ago, so that might not apply anymore. As far as I am aware the German authorities will issue you (or in this case your child) with a second passport if it's urgent (I once had mine trapped by the US embassy, and when I enquired I was told this was a valid reason, but again, this is from 10+ years ago).
  8. Massage therapist in Berlin

    You can just qualify as a "staatlich anerkannte/r Masseur/in", no Heilpraktiker needed. Having said this, it still takes about 2 years or so to do the course.
  9. Opinions on MMR vaccinations for children

    @optimista The problem is, that if the doctor vaccinates and something happens as a consequence of this vaccination your daughter will not be covered as there is no more TB vaccine licensed for Germany and hasn't been for decades. So So I think the reluctance is understandable, especially as TB has a bit more side effects than the average vaccine. Even in the UK, BCG is not on the NHS vaccination schedule, though some London health authorities will vaccinate, so I can see that your doctor wouldn't take UK visits as an argument.
  10. Opinions on MMR vaccinations for children

    I had the small pox vaccine as a child, but it doesn't last all your life. I find a small pox epidemic rather unlikely, There's an interesting book written by the guy who oversaw the small pox vaccination programme: My daughter had chicken pox very badly, I would have gone for the vaccine had the UK decide to actually vaccinate. To my understanding vaccinating children against chicken pox increases the probability of shingles for every one, as you don't encounter the virus as often as you used to pre-large-scale vaccination, and your immune system's defense against the virus start to disappear. So a shingles vaccination, even if it is not as efficient as it should be right now is certainly the way forward. I've been vaccinated against pretty much everything in the book and then some (travels), so as far as I am concerned, the more, the better.
  11. Divorcing in Germany with a young child

    I've seen my brother divorce (well, having an unwanted divorce foisted on him) with 3 kids and while it has definitely not been pretty (it never is), it's a long way from some of the stories floating around here. Everyone  is now settled, the grown ups are polite to each other and the kids get on well with both parents, something that wasn't a given when this started.   A certain willingness to abandon procedures that don't work helps. E.g. they started with a mediator, but in the end resorted to lawyers which worked a lot better.  On the other hand I have friends going through a nasty divorce and there having a single point of contact (the mediator) in addition to the lawyers works as this person e.g. coordinates the kids holidays etc. Of course this requires both parents to agree beforehand to accept the decision of the mediator. It does help if you can throw a certain amount of money at the problem :-S   All in all: Don't panic.
  12. Divorcing in Germany with a young child

    Thanks. Sometimes I don't know why I bother with certain posts...
  13. Divorcing in Germany with a young child

    "Better on Hartz IV and isolated in  a bad neighborhood in DE than living comfortably in a good neighborhood in another country is the View time and time again of the JA.  " Sigh. Keeping the child in the country they are currently located unless both parents agree is pretty much the law in any Western country, there's is nothing special about Germany here. Try taking a child out of the US against one parent's wish (ask Boris Becker about that one...).   And no, mad rants won't get you custody. 50% time is hard to organize (unless you really live the next street over) and also incurs additional costs as suddenly you have two parents with awkward childcare constraints - which if you are both working full time already won't matter, but it will certainly put a spanner in the works if not.
  14. Verdi - terrorist union

    But seriously: Unions can only pay out what their members put it. Possibly with interest. So a wealthy Union can pay more, but this has nothing to do with Union achievements. Maybe UK Unions are cheaper to be more inclusive, who knows ? (Not that I know anything about UK Unions besides my own. Others might pay more.) And the further you are down the pay scale, the more you suffer. So yes, the pilots will be OK. Flight attendants maybe not so much. But it's definitely my money. 
  15. Verdi - terrorist union

    I didn't know the IG Metall supported teachers ?!