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  1. flight ticket cancellation

    Looking at the recent reviews for this site, I'm wondering if they aren't on the brink of bankruptcy.
  2. Do good psychotherapists exist in Germany?

    The idea was (at least I assume) that after 6 sessions you should know if it's working or not and if not do something else. However that something else tends to failing to materialize, mainly due to lack of funding I guess - CBT is cheap. Don't underestimate the number of people with undiagnosed 'proper' issues that show up at university (first time away from an abusive family anyone ? - or in  the other direction: first time away from their (informal) support structures, which was all that held them up); they tend to present with all kind of issues, often only superficially related to the actual problem.   When my daughter had a bad turn during lockdown we applied for mental health support through the state system and the answer was (and I am only slightly paraphrasing here): As long as she's not suicidal  it's not a priority. I was tempted to mail in pictures of her fresh self harm scars, but in the end I did what anybody with the slightest bit of money around here does and paid for it myself. She's better now. She did do a bit of CBT, but only at the very end.
  3. It's a Russian ship. Russia isn't exactly on the forefront of women's lib.
  4. Do good psychotherapists exist in Germany?

    Well, I realize it's no consolation, but CBT is is used for anxiety and pretty much everything else in the UK as well and you won't get 80 sessions either - better have improved after 6.  My other half regularly deals with university students in dire need of proper mental health support and what do they get ? Yep. And it's useless almost every single time. Other therapy is only available after several years (yes, years) of arguing with your GP.  So students who have been properly diagnosed before the arrive at university almost always finish the course, while those newly diagnosed and fobbed off with CBT rarely do.  
  5. double health insurance

    The official number for people without health insurance is < 100k, at least among people who are in the country legally (which the OP would be). Certainly not a million. As for not having insurance for the first 8 months and getting away with it, there are plenty of examples on these boards of people who didn't get away with it, and as you won't be paying their back-charged fees, please do not advise this. It really irks me, when people publicly boast about illegal behaviour as if it was a good thing. No-one is perfect, but I don't feel the need to tell everyone about my occasionally shitty behaviour ?! What good can possibly come of that ? As for the OP, I would start here: You will probably have to sort out your employment situation properly and then the rest will fall into place. And as RedMdige said, there are two insurance brokers on this board who have heard it all before and they might be able to help you. If you are aiming for citizenship I would make sure you play strictly by the rules, everything else comes under "how to make your life difficult".
  6. Has anyone any experience of working in the UAE?

    Yes, but the right to remain can be rescinded. E.g. I have settled status in the UK, and I can be absent for 5 years before it gets rescinded, but it's not for life. The OP should probably check with someone legal what the actual limit is, maybe it's all a non-issue.
  7. Has anyone any experience of working in the UAE?

    Yes, but even if you register at a friends address and not pay rent you can't get around the health insurance. Just being registered in Germany does not make a you a resident. I'm on a Germans in Britain forum and lots of people find that out every year.  It's one thing to do this while flouncing around the EU as an EU citizen as no-one really cares as you (usually) have a right to be in the country anyway, but the moment non-EU (stupid Britain) comes into play they all bets are off. If for any reason you try this DO NOT ANNOUNCE IT PUBLICLY in a forum.
  8. I wonder if the terms and conditions were updated recently ? That's the problem with electronic versions of this, you really need to save a copy of them on the day you book, but who does this ? If this the terms and conditions were the same on the day you booked, then you are shit out of luck. 
  9. High rent in sublet

    Charging above market rent is not illegal per se. Usually there's a limit, but it might be a lot higher than you think. This is where the Miterverein can help.  Also charging extra if furnishings are provided is also common, I assume if the washing machine breaks you would expect your landlord to fix it and not pay for it yourself ?   
  10. Neighbours musicians

    Honestly that was my first thought too. Much easier than moving a $%^ piano. And with Corona and a lot of people not having anywhere else to work but from home, you are extremely unlikely you'll get anywhere with your complaints. It doesn't sound to me that they are producing frivolous noise, they are just trying to get better and pass their next exam, which is what students are meant to be doing. What if they have scheduled lessons ? Your best bet is probably to ask them if the could avoid playing whenever your 1-2 most productive hours in a day are.
  11. Travel to the US and back.

    If the airline is still in business by then. My travel insurance is up for renewal and "airline failure" is now explicitly excluded, which it wasn't before. I bought some tickets for a while in the future (not to the US, but equally precarious) and I bought Lufthansa, because somehow I was sure it would be a state run airline by then.
  12. Ordering from USA to Munich...taxes?

    Usually when you move you do not have to pay taxes on shifting your own stuff. I certainly moved from the UK to the US and back with half my household and didn't have to pay anything. What you can't so is to include a crate of wine or similar amongst your possessions, once  your household goods start looking too unusual they get  suspicious. I would wager that a proper moving company could have shifted the above mentoned clothes without any customs fees involved.
  13. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

    ALG1 is contribution based, not based on need.
  14. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    Well, they were meant to be phased out in 2018[*], but that got tangled up in an administrative quagmire. They are still working on it.  In 2018, apparently cheque usage was down my 20% wrt 2017, I couldn't find numbers for 2019.  That's not 'wide-spread' and most traders would really prefer you didn't write them a cheque, if you do use a traceable method of paying them they very much prefer a bank transfer. When I opened a new account at NatWest 2 years ago, I did not get a cheque book.  Maybe it's different in the country side or for old people, but times have moved on here.   [*]
  15. The problem here is that in absence of any evidence of a verbal contract, the default position to fall back is "no contract", there aren't really any alternatives.