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  1. German Einschulung vs. American 1st day of school

    Book pricing for library type purchases (which schools are) is different from end user purchasing.  E-Books come with a license agreement and certainly the public hand can not be seen violating this. Unless there is a librarian on here who can offer a concrete insight I don't think you can use Amazon end user prising as an example for anything. The replacement cycle for (physical) school books often coincides with an update to the material, so e-Books (apart from the licensing) are not a one off purchase either as they need to be updated as well. Working tablets suitable for school use are more than 150 Euros and they break too. You need a reasonable size, and to submit homework, you ideally need a keyboard. Or you can resort to the "write it on paper and upload a photo" strategy my daughter's school employed to get around this, but then you need (usually paid) software for the teachers to be able to mark the work. Plus security updates etc etc. It's do-able (as the last year has shown), but non trivial. I though MM was working in the computing trade, but I might have gotten that mixed up with someone else, so I am a bit surprised at the 'electronic is easy'  statements -- I'm a (at least part time) system administrator and I can decidedly state that this is not easy.
  2. German Einschulung vs. American 1st day of school

    Just to say, my offspring's secondary school (one of the largest in the country) in the UK hit the same problems wrt internet based teaching -- they were relying on children being able to access learning materials from on site and it turns out that especially in households with more than one child, one device just wasn't enough. People worked off mobile phones, but what if mum and/or dad needed their phone for work ?  Also as a regular user of public libraries I can attest to the fact that computers providing internet access at the library seem to be used quite extensively. I  work at one of the more elite universities in the UK, and when I enquired after a student who had  dropped out from online teaching, she told me her internet connection at home wasn't good enough and she had run out of data for that month. So this is not an exclusively German problem.  Also my child has lockers at school and a lot of electronic books, but by the time she's carried all her work books (the ones for writing in) and the odd bits of paper based learning materials home her rucksack is quite heavy and we invested in a proper one (from an outdoor shop) at some point. I wish they had Schulranzen here, it takes the pressure off looking cool while ruining your back :-S
  3. Do I need a smart phone to fly to Germany

    I've flown to Germany and back from the UK twice in the last month. You do not need a smart phone.   Going to Germany you need: * Fit to fly: Print out the pdf that whatever testing company you use sends you. This however requires you to do the test somewhere where you have access to a printer afterwards (i.e. do it the evening before, but not more than 24 h before landing).  Sometimes they can print it at the testing centre, but you need to inquire about this beforehand. * Einreiseanmeldung: Print out the first page, this contains the registration number, the rest are just generic instructions for travellers. * Vaccination record: If you still have time, ask for a "Covid pass letter" (note the 'letter' bit) from the NHS. It'll arrive in the mail on NHS headed letter paper. You can ask for one from somewhere on the NHS webpage and/or call 119 to ask for one: My other half ran into trouble with the NHS app and this was their suggested solution. It was recognized everywhere in Germany. No one asked for a translation, it is far too obvious what is on there. If you won't have time to do it, print your Covid pass from the NHS webpage. This will look similar enough to a German vaccination record that people can handle it. (The Corona Warn App can actually read these, but rejects them after the last update with "invalid issuer" - before that it translated it into a EU Covid Pass :-D )   For returning to the UK: * Fit to fly: Take a print out * Locator Form: ditto: note that you can only fill out the form if you have a day 2 test booked, the form now requires a valid code. * Vaccination: As far as I can tell the UK doesn't care, I was never asked for it once.  
  4. Having said all of this, something did change this year when it comes to passport applications. My daughter holds US, UK and German citizenship and I have always indicated this on her German passport applications (children's passports don't last that long). This year was the first time they asked how she acquired UK citizenship (by registration, incidentally) and demanded to see proof of this. It had never been an issue before.
  5. How to avoid a serious tipping mistake

    I tend to tip when I am on holiday (though I am aware about tipping in Japan, but I've never been there) and I don't care if they see me as a dumb tourist, because I basically am one. As long as the service is OK, why worry about the odd Euro or two or three ?
  6. Fired while on sick leave (terminated)

    That sucks. "betriebsbedingte Kuendigung" means they are making you redundant, this generally implies that there is no more work for you to do, rather than you having done anything wrong. However "Einhaltung the tariflichen Kuendigungsfrist" does not square with a one week notice, the minimum would be 4 weeks before the 15. or the end of the month, so for you that would be August 15th. They would also need to pay you for any holidays not taken etc. The "Sozialversicherungsgesetzbuch" paragraph only alerts you to the fact that you need to tell the Arbeitsamt (Agentur fuer Arbeit these days I guess) about you being made redundant in a timely manner (i.e. asap, and *not* only after you finish working in your current job), otherwise you won't be able to claim unemployment benefits. I don't live in Germany any longer, someone else would have to point you where to get low cost legal advise, but you should at least get the full redundancy period.
  7. Why are you leaving Berlin?

    You are getting homesick for Acton ??? Oh dear... ;-)
  8. As far as I am aware the internet is here to stay and out of the top of my head I know of three long term couples in my not too large circle of acquaintances that have met on the internet.  It's not an either-or thing you can do both. I have never met anyone in a bar in my life, not even back when I was young and actually going to bars ;-)
  9. LOL. A friend of mine isn't photogenic either. He had a hair cut, a fresh shirt and then had his picture taken by a professional. It's still clear he isn't Mr Universe, but it does make a difference. (And no, he didn't just recycle a "Bewerbungsphoto", because he's aware of the difference when it comes to looking for a job or a mate ;-).
  10. If you are on a free dating app, you don't really mean it. Looking for the love of your life, but not willing to spend a few bucks on it ? Doesn't compute.
  11. The end of private in-house caregiving

    @LeonG If you are self employed you need to factor in the cost for extra accommodation into your rates, the same as your employer does, there is really not any difference !
  12. The end of private in-house caregiving

    That's almost my point: The real cost of care is hidden by exploiting foreign workers. So if you close the loophole, the real cost becomes apparent and at that point you either adjust policy or accept the nursing home. It depends on what old people are worth to a society.  But just exploiting someone else is morally wrong and I believe also at least in the long run uneconomical, because someone has to pay for all of this one way or the other.   I don't know what kind of contract you had and I gather this was a long time ago, but if your employer sends you away from your usual workplace *temporarily* (as opposed to relocating it permanently, in which case you either face moving or getting a new job) and you cannot reach your new designated workplace from your home they are liable to pay for accommodation - otherwise no-one would go on a business trip ever.
  13. The end of private in-house caregiving

    The elephant in the room that jeba et al like to ignore is the fact that "this is a lot of money for people from elsewhere" is that it creates more unemployment locally. Which then the state, aka your taxes have to subsidy. The "free accommodation" only works out as an extra wage if the person in question doesn't have to maintain a second residence elsewhere, which in case of eastern Europeans workers who often work a block of time on then off, is not really feasible. I have been send abroad by my employer, sometimes for longer periods of time and I did not gain any monetary advantage from my "free" accommodation as the mortgage at home still had to be paid and I can hardly rent out the space in my double bed.  
  14. I can't wear M&S bras. Their designers seem to think women's breast are located just underneath their chins, even at full length the straps aren't long enough.  I don't know why M&S sells trousers in long/regular/short, but none of their "upper" wear (bras, T-shirts, Pullovers (gave up years ago)) can be worn by any woman taller than 1.68 m.
  15. Here's the German one: (all linked from )