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  1. Hi Everyone,   We are out of Munich for one month and would like to rent out our place between September 15th and October 17th.   The apartment is located next to Bundesfinanzhof in a quiet building. It's one big room plus large separate kitchen and bathroom. Total around 55 sqaure meters.   Location: About 5 minutes walk to the river, 10 minutes walk to the Chinese Tower and the park. Rewe neaby, Bakeries, all there.   Public Transporation: Tram to Isartor at the door, buses to Ostbahnhof and Giselastr every 5 minutes.   Price: We ask for 1000 Euro, all inclusive plus 500 security deposit.   Looking for quiet, responsible tenants. Pictures available, just send us a message here.
  2. Well, we send to IM apps (Telegram, Messenger), support more cities, guarantee only new ads. As far as infrastructure goes, ours is state of the art (can't judge theirs, but the website looks quite miserable)   Also our website, dashboard etc. is much easier to use. And you can't change someone else's preferences (seems like you can just enter someone else's email and change their preferences)   The project started when I have done it for myself with hard-coded queries. Anyone that can code can do it, it's a few hours work. As far as I am concerned we just do it better   Please send a PM or an email and try yourself...
  3.   Does it?   It took about a half a year of development but it is definitely real
  4. Thanks, that makes perfect sense. Nothing is secret, we just can't publish the website yet due to legal reasons and some manual setup is needed for one feature.   Main features: We search 5 different websites including immoscout (will be more), you only need to use one platform We are fast - we check websites every few minutes and send messages immediately, other websites send an email few times daily No need to check websites yourself every few minutes We send notifications through IM apps, faster and easier than email We only send fresh advertisements - no point in applying after 500 people have already sent an email Simple registration, just email, no password, no private details How to try: Send us an email at or a message here. Everything is in German now, but it is very basic and obvious IM notifications need some manual setup on our side What you get: Great apartment search tool for free Our everlasting gratitude Free usage for lifetime   At the end of the trial, we will delete all data (except your email, with your permission, so you can always use it for free after we launch)  
  5. Hey everyone,   I have, like many, spent a lot of time looking for an apartment in Munich (twice). Being a software developer, I have developed a tool that helped me spend much less time on searching. It worked out very well, and I spent the last 9 Months into making an easy to use product out of it. The idea is that it looks for you in multiple websites and you get notifications only when relevant ads are published.   Since it is not 100% ready and would really like more opinions before we launch it, I tried contacting people on Ebay-Kleinanzeigen, asking if they would like to test. That didn't work very well. I also wouldn't like to spam forums or portals with fake announcements.   Does anyone has a nice idea where to find people who would like to try it out for a week or two? (of course, if you are interested, please write me a message)