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  1. I wrote to them to cancel my fees as i am moving abroad. Got a letter back from them saying that going abroad isnt an automatic reason to have to stop paying?!?!?! WTF?!?! I mean i will be on another continent and wont be watching any german tv or listening to any german radio. Filled in a form to say will be selling my tv and radio before i leave. Lets see what they say next...


  2. I had to do this recently in Munich but did this in person. If you check out this link though (german) it basically says i think that you need the form certified ie by a notary if applying by post - you dont have to do this in person.



    Die amtliche (von einer siegelführenden Behörde) oder öffentliche (von einem Notariat) Beglaubigung der Unterschrift.

  3. Travelled by car from Munich to Czech Republic, then through Slovakia to Hungary, then back through Slovakia and Austria to Munich last week and there were no border checks. Which is good as i had forgotten to take my passport with me :huh: . Hotels did ask for passport at check in though. To be honest was pretty stressful and not sure i would want to travel without passport again just in case!


  4. Just back from being in Prague at weekend and would def recommend Miss Sophie's. Ten mins walk from Wenceslas Square the location is cool. We stayed in one of the private double rooms which was v quiet and really well decorated and quite funky (and with en-suite bathrooms that you would expect from a pricey hotel!). Although they class themselves as a hostel (allbeit a boutique hostel) it really is like a hotel but with options of dorm rooms, doubles/twin and apartments. Secure underground parking as well at hotel next door which is handy (need to pay though).


  5. What gets me here is that receipts can have your full bank account number, sort code and card details etc on them here when you pay by card. Am so surprised fraud isnt more widespread actually. I had the same thing with my credit card back in May where it was used to purchase online from Finally got the money back from my bank 3 months later though.


  6. Hmm there are classes but i cant find a link just now. If you go into the tourist info at Marienplatz you can pick up a leaflet there with times, costs, locations etc. These may just be for women though but i could be mistaken.


  7. Date: Sunday, 2 August

    Meeting point: Freising train station, by McDonalds, at 10am.

    Route: Isarradweg Freising to Landshut (40km)


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    3. Chili (Donnersbergerbrücke Sbahn)

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    10. Seb - maybe. Might cycle up from Munich and meet you guys in Freising to go onto Landshut if can get out of bed early enough.


    Who's sharing ticket again?

    Better clarify this: let's meet on the HBf platform beside the information desk at 9am. We will share DB Bayern tickets (28 euro for five people) and everyone will need a DB Bayern Fahrradkarte (4.50):


    1. zimmer

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  8. Happened to me last month - online transactions that werent from me. Went into bank and filled in the forms and cancelled the card. Just spoke to credit card company and they never received the forms from my branch so all the money has come off my account this month and i need to start the process again to reclaim the money. Not happy that i have had to pay out the money from my pocket and now need to hope that i get it back at some point soon!