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  1. Anlage AUS - income from rented flat

    Hi, I am a kleinunternehmer. I recently filed my income declaration for 2012. My total income as a freelance here in Germany was 6000 euros. I have then an income derived from a rented flat in Italy. I was told by two accountants two different things on how to behave regarding this income.   Option A was I DID NOT need to include this income in any way in my Steuererklärung.   Option B was yeah, I did have to include it using ANLAGE AUS but it wouldn't affect my taxes after all. This option was then confirmed by the Finanzamt.   So I went for option B, with the understanding that being my actual income in germany still under 8.000 I would have had to pay no taxes. Turns out I now have to pay the 13,0952% on those 6000 which I guess derives from the fact that they calculated this based on the sum of my german income and what I put in the Anlage Aus.   I know of a few other people with a situation identical to mine who were told not to include their italian income and they didn't. Now I am not sure if I fucked up something or if I actually did it right and I have to pay these taxes, just everyone else I know is doing it wrong? This would be quite surprising though since apparently various Steuerberater are insisting on not including the Anlage AUS for income deriving from rented flats in Italy. I just had the impression, from things I read here as well, it was more correct to do it but that it wouldn't in any way affect my taxes.   Any help would be much appreciated, I am very confused at this point. Now that I thought I was beginning to get it..   thanks