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    It could be their provider(s) ... have no billing agreement with your Spanish operator...


    Almost definitely the issue. I had the same problem years ago, and subsequently voted with my wallet and switched to Vodafone - at the time Europe's largest service provider.

    No- I'm physically in Spain not in Germany. (I know this is a German forum but...) And as I said I have two SIMS from the same company. One works fine and the other, to which my number has been ported, doesn't. Point is that when I was with my old provider I had the same problem so the problem has followed my number. Hence switching to yet another provider probably wont fix the issue anyway.


  2. Nope- there's no barring in place. The thing is that if the caller is in Spain it all works fine but if the caller is abroad then it doesn't. What I was thinking was that there may exist some lookup database that acts as a gateway to route calls from abroad onto the Spanish network and that somehow the record for my number is corrupted.


  3. Hola Todos


    Yes- I'm in Spain but I used to be in Munich so I'm coming back to what I know to get help... :rolleyes:


    I've got a Spanish mobile. With it I can dial anyone and send SMSs to anyone in Spain or abroad. I can also receive calls and SMSs from anyone in Spain. Problem is I can't receive calls or SMS's from anyone outside of Spain. When people dial me from the UK or Germany they get an automated message saying that "this service is not available from this phone" whatever that means...(the message is in Spanish).


    I've been in touch with my mobile provider and they have been less than useless. I know I can move to a different company but that is just a hassle and for various reasons I don't want to do that, the main one is that I had the same problem at the previous company so it seems to be an issue with my actual number which I have ported along. And, yes, people are dialling my number correctly and, no, its not a problem with the handset: I have another SIM from the same mobile company and that works fine.


    Anyway- my question is- does anyone know how GSM calls are routed? I've trudged through wikipedia and have got as far as making a HLS lookup on my number and it came back all fine. WHat I need is someone involved in the depths on gsm call routing.


    Or can anyone point me to a GSM forum that isn't just about cracking phones?


  4. Like many I came over "just for a few months" and 7 years later I was still there.


    Earlier this year I reached a point where I had to decide. Do I prefer uniformity to difference? Predictability to spontaneity? Comfort or reality? In end I took the red pill and now I'm in Barcelona. However if I'd stayed another year I probably wouldn't have ever have wanted to leave.


  5. Yes- I use them all the time- I'm now living in Barcelona and commute between here and Munich with them. They are as good as any other low cost airline and better than most. i.e. the bring your own sandwiches if you don't want to pay through the nose for the wooden tasteless stuff they try and sell you...


    They have never been late apart from the one time when the clocks changed and as a result more than half of the Barcelona planeload hadn't arrived at check-in at departure time... so they deliberately delayed the flight rather than piss people off.


    They are part owned by Iberia- I guess that means a little in terms of solvency- however I would always have insurance just in case...


    Also they do a couple of neat things I haven't seen elsewhere. If you have a booking and arrive early enough to get an earlier flight you can get on that one at no extra charge if there's space (ok - not really relevant for the Munich flight). Conversely if you miss you flight you have one hour to book the next one at a reduced rate. Better than "FU and pay $$$" you get on Ryan air...


    Plus they've got the eminently sensible thing that if you pay an extra 10EUR you can guarantee the emergency exit seat with the extra legroom.


    So- go for it!


  6. Just got this in my couchsurfing inbox:


    International Free Hugs Day!! Munich, March 22nd

    Doesn't everyone need a hug sometimes? Winter will be

    gone soon, it's springtime!... So it's time for a big

    International Free Hugging event! Let's cheer up the

    world on Saturday the 22nd of March. This is being

    organized in numerous cities and countries around the

    world. This is the one for Munich!


    Do you know what we are talking about when we say Free

    Hugs Campaign? There's some information on the

    wikipedia pages:



    To truly grasp the idea, please watch the video here:



    And if you're a male who's never given hugs before,

    here's the tutorial (women can watch, too, if you're

    up for a laugh ;-)



    A quick outline:


    Originally created by Australian Juan Mann, the free

    hugs campaign has spread throughout the world and it

    involves individuals who offer hugs to strangers in

    public settings. The campaign is an example of a

    random act of kindness, a selfless act performed by

    someone for the sole reason of making others feel




    *** Munich Specifics ***



    On Saturday the 22nd of March, we'll be meeting at

    13:00 in central Munich, at Marienplatz, to give out

    Free Hugs to anyone who'll let us. The event will last

    for a few hours, after which we will head off for the

    after party, likely to be at the Hofgarten (if the

    weather is nice) or a nearby pub (perhaps Kilians

    and/or Ned Kelly's, but this also depends on how many

    sign up).


    Depending on numbers, we can also split up into groups

    with an organizer or two heading off to different

    locations with smaller sub-groups. In any case,

    Marienplatz is a good place to start.


    EVERYONE is welcome!! Bring your friends, family and

    pet moose ... all you need is a FREE HUGS sign for

    everyone, preferably in English: "FREE HUGS" as well


    (and of course in any other languages you want). Just

    use cardboard (from supermarkets, for example) or very

    sturdy paper. And dress comfortably!


    Also be sure to charge your camera batteries the night

    before ... aaaaannnnndddd! be prepared to smile and

    laugh all day and night!


    For all the shy and the skeptics out there, it's not

    compulsory to join in on the hugging. Feel free to

    come along and just watch (or take photos/videos). :

    ) It's just a really nice atmosphere and a great

    chance to meet a few new friendly faces and just enjoy



    Please be sure to join the meeting officially so other

    members can find you easily afterwards and to give

    everybody a better idea of how many to expect. It's

    very simple to join: just go to the meeting page and

    scroll down and click "Join this meeting".


    Also feel free to discuss the event here:


    (especially note Jeanette's suggestion to meet up to

    make signs!



    Please note that, if you are not already a member of

    the Munich group, you will need to join it first to

    post in that discussion, but you know you wanted to

    anyway!! You'll find the button to do that here:



    I look forward to seeing you all there! :-D






    P.S. See also the Free Hugs International CS Wiki page:




    FROM: March 22nd, 2008 - 1:00 pm





    LOCATION: Germany - Bavaria - Munich

    ADDRESS: Marienplatz near the fish fountain in front of

    the Rathaus


  7. Hi All


    As I mentioned elsewhere I'm moving from Munich to Barcelona at the end of April. Because I'm never one to do things the easy way and so I get a physical feeling of "The Big Move" I've decided to rent a big truck and just drive down myself with a mate riding shotgun. The idea is to make it a bit of an adventure - kind of "Easy Rider" but with a Mercedes 815 Altego instead of a pair of Harley Davidsons ...or something...


    However now I've actually thought about it a bit it occurs to me that this is a bit more involved than just a regular European road trip. Two things I'm wondering about:


    • Tolls, vignettes etc for Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain- any idea how these work? Is this just a matter of buying a (more expensive) vignette? or is there some kind of tracker the truck will need to have.
    • I will have a big truck with all my worldly possessions in it. I want to drive down over say 3 days stopping off along the way. Is it a bad idea to park it in the street e.g. In France? Problem is the truck (7.5 tonne) is too big for a normal car park.

    Anyone have any advice or experience of driving that way in a truck?


    Also in general any recommended routes/routes to avoid/places to see? I was thinking of stopping in Geneva, Lyon, and Avignon along the way. Any other suggestions?


  8. Actually Ryan air have a reputation of strictly enforcing the rules in order to get extra money off you at the check-in. Their hold baggage limit is just 15kg (not 20kg), unlike every other airline I've come across. This fact they don't exactly make clear when you are booking. I suffered from this last time I flew with them and they wanted to charge me more money thant I'd paid for the flight. To spite them I just took out 5 kgs of clothes and wore them although- I did get some strange looks as it was Spain in the miodlle of the summer and I had about 4 layers of clothes on!


    Anyway- do not count on Ryan air letting you get away with anything...


  9. Hi All


    Its nearly Christmas time by the way so I'm looking for a prezzy for my 8 year old nephew. I was thinking of getting him a Airfix type model spaceship or something. You know- a plastic model kit that you glue together and then paint. And then try to work out where the left over parts are supposed to go. And then knock the little paint pot onto your parents new carpet; and put the glue in your little brother's hair etc


    ...anyway- do you think that at 8 years old he's too young?


  10. Since you only need 7 seats occasionally you could consider an E-class Mercedes Estate which can have 7 seats as an option. A mate of mine leant me his and we got 7 adults in no problem. His was the model before the current one but the current E-class may also have it as an option.


    My brother has a Toyota Corolla Verso which he carries his 3 kids plus all their crap in.


    (Poor thing- before that he had a Subaru WRX- yet another reason not to have kids!)


  11. Hi There


    I was there just before Christmas last year for a week. Truly a great place. Relaxing. Friendly. More racially integrated than Munich and we never felt in danger despite what you hear- we were reasonably cautious- but no more so than walking around- say London at night.


    We stayed at 30 Fiskaal Rd in Camp's Bay just outside of Cape Town. Really nice boutique hotel but quite upmarket- I loved it but it depend's what you are in to. Camp's Bay itself is lovely with some great restaurants and bars and off the tourist track enough for you to meet locals and not get ripped off like in the full on tourist areas like the V&A Waterfront area. It's also walking distance to Table mountain and it's also a just a 10 min max taxi ride to downtown and taxis are dirt cheap.


    Foodwise try the Codfather in Camp's Bay again. Fabulous seafood. Your waiter show's you what they've got- everything from Salmon to Lobsters to Tuna to whatever and then you just say how you want it cooked and away you go... Otherwise try some of the restaurants along Kloof Street. These get busy at weekends with a mixed crowd and great atmosphere. We also went to a couple of nice restaurants on Church St (may have been one street up or down- not certain but a 2 minute walk and obvious).


    As far as Cafe's. You have got to go to the seriously funky Afro Cafe which is downtown.


    Must dos:

    1. Walk up table montain (we went the route that starts just past where the cable car starts)
    2. Visit Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned- you do need to book days ahead for this normally but we lucked out and got last minute no-show tickets
    3. Hire a car and drive down to Kalk Bay for fish and chips- drive along Chapman's Peak Drive at dusk either on the way there or back
    4. See the Penguins at Boulder's Beach
    5. Go to the Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens and watch an open air concert with a picnic from Woolworths (their version of Marks & Spencer)- although depends on the weather.
    6. Watch the whales at Hermanus.

    I've got's lots of other recommendations. Let me know what you're interested in. I have travelled my whole life- and this was up with the best- can really recommend it.


    Good map here btw.


    And the Footprint guide is so much better than the Lonely Planet/Rough Guide rubbish.



    *yawn* I thought it was something filthy!

    I was toying with dispensing with the suit and just going- how can I put it - "Organic?" but getting popcorn to stick to skin is a bigger challenge. And the sewing idea is definitely not an option then! :lol:



    Powdered sugar and water instead of flour and water. Much stickier.

    That Sounds promising... does it remain sticky or does that go away once its dry?



    blimey I'm not interested in 'how' any more, I wanna know 'why'???



    OK OK- it's for a fancy dress party I'm going to. It's a "P" party and I'm going as "Popcorn Man". I've got one of those coverall painter's suits and I want to cover myself head to foot in popcorn. Might be a crap idea but it beats turning up as a policeman <_< yawn!