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  1. Living in Dietzenbach

    I'm in Dietzenbach temporarily right now.  It's cramped but nice.  My wife went for a run and said she's impressed with place and she's German...  Anyway, this IS the center mass of speed camera traps for Germany.  There are about five, literally at least five I know of within a two minute drive.  Other than that, I can't tell you too much.
  2. Complicated TESA issues

    Reading through the TESA posts, no two are alike.   I am married to a Ger/AM dual citizen. Our kids are dual citizens. Previously, I worked in Germany under TESA with my family. We are looking at coming back. Looking at the totality of our orientation:   Only in Germany on vacation a few times over the years. We left in 2008. I'll be working in the same field as I've been for 20+ years. Only real property owned is in the States (since 2008) Wife previously received kindergeld, until 2008. Germans did make sure it ended when we left. Our son went to a German school that used English primarily. Children will be coming with us, and most likely will go to a Germany school My wife has her own business, she did this previously and catered to US and German clients, she paid German taxes Main focus of social relations - only in the States   I'm seeing a lot of red flags going up here as far as the requirements. Kindergeld, school, working on the economy. We were approved for TESA a couple times in the past (2004-2008) in Heidelberg, with all of the above, currently we now own real estate in the States and don't plan on buying in Germany. I'm certain my wife will want the kids to go to a German or international school. Opinions?