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  1. In 2017 I decided to do the responsible adult thing and hire a tax professional to help me with my US and German tax returns. I was hoping I'd get more back than I spent hiring them, and I'd have less stress making sure everything was correct. I found an American CPA living in Germany who said he did German any US taxes and hired him to take a look at mine.   Well it's now almost December and my taxes are fucked. For the longest time I was expecting a 2017 US tax return of nearly $5000. (Taxes paid on stocks from my company when they vested, I never sold anything) Well the IRS flagged my account after my accountant submitted my return and they claimed I never paid any US taxes. I've called the IRS over 6 times throughout the year as they kept messing up my German mailing address and sending notices to an address I haven't lived at in 8 years...    Anyways, it turns out that the $5000 I automatically paid in taxes upon vesting events was paid to the German government, NOT the US government. So now my US return for 2017 is wrong, I look like I've been trying to defraud the US of $5k, and my German taxes are off by 5k! It clearly states on every single German paycheck I have "taxable shares" and an amount, so I have no idea how my tax accountant missed that. Additionally, he says I'm being taxed in the same bracket as someone making >250,000 euros/yr when I make around 60...   I've emailed my CPA over 50 times throughout this process asking for updates, but sometimes I have to email him 3-4 times in a row before he'll respond, often days or weeks between replies. I very much have the feeling that if I just stopped pestering him, that he'd just let me fade off and forget. I'm really pissed off now and sometimes just lie in bed at night thinking about the mess.   I don't know what to do, it's now almost December and this whole thing has been a nightmare. I already paid him a total of 750 euros for my 2014, 2015, and 2016 returns which I don't know now if they're also correct. I would feel better if he was responsive and kept me updated on what he's doing to fix this, but he just doesn't respond, sometimes for weeks at a time! 
  2. Legal insurance advice/recommendations?

    Starting this topic because searching here and the most relevant/recent threads are older than 5+ years. I'm looking for advice on getting rechtsschutzversicherung here in Berlin. (Suffice to say I have my reasons why I would like to have this insurance, the discussion of which is not the point of this post)   I'm a bit overwhelmed because I've looked around and cannot find any reliable way of telling if a particular service is good or not. The reviews on Check24 are not helpful because many either one sentence replies or sound either made up or written by idiots. Google reviews aren't very helpful either, and I've read plenty of contradicting information.  Additionally, I really need to find an insurance company with English speaking reps. My German is alright, but I'm not comfortable trying to understand legalese German. Even my partner who is a native German speaker gets extremely frustrated and overwhelmed trying to parse legalese auf Deutsch.  If I have an issue, I am going to have to be the one to call their help hotline, I can't put this on my partner, so it's important that I am able to understand what they advise me to do. Furthermore, I'm trying to find a place with either bilingual lawyers or freie anwaltswahl so I can find a bilingual lawyer here in Berlin.    Does anyone on TT have any recommendations or advice? I've heard a lot of anecdotal stories of people who had rechtzschultzversicherung and either they refused to cover a particular case or canceled the person's coverage immediately after a claim. It's quite daunting and a lot of places sound like trash that just take your money and don't actually protect you when it counts.