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  1. New landlord and change of old contract terms

      Thank you very much! Where do I get this insurance? I will sign up to the Mieterverein just to be safe in the meantime. 
  2. Hi everyone! First time posting here. I leave in Hannover and I just found a nice apartment, for which I am about to sign the rental agreement. However, the current owner said that the building is on sale, and although there are no current official information about who is actually going to buy it, it is likely that there will be another landlord in the time of my tenancy. What are the general rules when you get a new landlord? My contract is unlimited, will the potential new owner have to oblige to the terms of the old contract?   (+) I already had a previous experience where a company bought the block I was living in, and doing some renovations they literally doubled the price of the rent (needless to say I gave notice and left). I know that in 2019 a new law came out to regulate this "loophole", limiting the freedom landlords have to increase the rent at will but I would like to hear some opinions/suggestions.    Thank you so much!