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  1. Hi all -- love the wealth of information here, but have yet to come across a solution to what I can do / should expect with my blue card situation.  My wife and I are both Americans in Germany since Jan. 2014.  I have the Blue Card by virtue of my job (unlimited contract) and my wife, at first, received a 1-year residence permit to be with me, extendable pending the completion of an Integrationskurs. She has since completed the course and has a B1 language and Leben in Deutschland certificate.  She was able to get an extension of her residence permit up to the expiration date of my Blue Card -- Jan. 2017.   Now, we have to figure out the best way to renew our permits.  Based off what I've read, I'm eligible for the Niederlassungserlaubnis assuming I can get a B1 certificate, since I've been employed / contributing to the pension system and here for > 21 months.  But the big question is -- what happens with my wife?  Is she granted one with me provided she can show the same?  Or will she get another renewed Aufenhaltstitel with a limited time frame attached?  She has been employed since June 2015, has an unlimited contract now as of January 2016 and has a Masters Degree, but her salary falls just under the Blue Card limit so I'm assuming she won't be able to follow the track I did.   I guess where I'm getting a bit confused is that she is tied to me in many aspects of her allowance to be here (her visa expires the same day mine does, etc.), but we likely will have to apply as though we're two separate people for two different things.  Am I overthinking it?  Has anyone else been in a similar situation?   Many thanks in advance for your help!