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  1. Well actually I should have had an hour and a half for the connection. As Air Canada sold me the ticket I trusted them to sell me a ticket with sufficient transfer time...I thought an hour and a half was sufficient as they sold me the ticket. The other problem was that the Air Canada staff at Rome refused to give me a boarding pass for my second flight so when I arrived in toronto there was all the hassel of trying to check in etc. I had never flown air canada before through toronto and didn't know how long the transfer would take. If an hour and a half wasn't long enough then air canada shouldn't have sold me the ticket.


  2. I just flew Air Canada for the first time this Christmas, and to be honest I doubt whether I will fly them again if I can help it. On my flight over from Rome to Toronto my headset was not working and so I had a 10 hour flight without movies! The flight was full so there was not the option of changing seats. The flight then arrived half an hour late so I missed my connecting flight to Denver. The next flight out was not until then next morning so I was stranded in Toronto for the night. Air Canada refused to pay for my hotel claiming the delay was not their fault but the fault of the air traffic control. The following day my flight to Denver then arrived 45 minutes late! Also, on the second flight no food was served...only available for purchase! It ended up taking me 35 hours to get from home (in Florence) to where I was staying in Denver.


    On my return flight I was stuck in Denver for 2 hours as there was a problem with the plane and they had to get the mechanics out to fix it. They then forgot to put any water on board so there was no water in the bathroom, no tea and coffee etc. Again only food for purchase on the Denver-Toronto flight. The movies on that flight were also not working properly so they had to restart the movie several times so I didn't even end up seeing one full movie.


    Very disappointing!


  3. Thanks to the great recommendations here, we now have all the places in Munich sorted. But not Dachau yet.

    Carm - that place in Dachau sounds good. A 10 minute walk is do-able. Have you remembered the name yet? Or do you have an address or website for it? Ta very much.

  4. I will be coming to Munich this month for work for a couple of days. There will be a group of around 40 of us and we need to think about booking some restaurants for lunch/dinner.

    We were thinking of Bavarian food mainly, but it doesn't have to be - but definitely not pizza/fast food/hard rock cafe type place. It also needs to be a place where you can get a main course meal and a drink for no more than about 20 Euros. We are not really looking for a beer hall, and the Hofbraukeller is deemed to be too loud and lively. We also need a place to be centrally located around Marienplatz/Stachus/Hauptbahnhof.

    We already have bookings at the Augustinerbrau and the [url=""]Weisses Brauhaus[/url], but need a couple of other places. I was thinking of the [url=""]Ratskeller[/url] but am not sure how big it is. Could it seat a group of this size?

    We also need a similar place for the same sized group in Dachau.

    Any ideas? I looked on the info from the homepage and did a search, but so far haven't got any inspiration.

    Ta very much for any suggestions.

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  5. Whoops, sorry, I meant Broadway, not boulevard. Rusty, I wasn't sure if you wanted suggestions for drinking establishments or other places of interest - so I assumed drinking establishments :D Have a great trip.


  6. There are a few good places at Larimer square. I personally prefered bars a little bit out of town. I liked a place called the streets of london and a few doors down from there is a good irish bar...but I can-t remember the name of the street.


    My 2 favourite places, though were skylark and the irish rover on boulevade (sp?), but they are quite a bit south of the downtown.


    I love Denver. Enjoy!



    How long have you been together? Be prepared for a possible interview and make sure you have lots and lots of photos of the two of you with BOTH families and the like otherwise they will suspect green card fraud immediately.

    Well, we've known each other 6 years, but obviously haven't been together that length of time!!! There are photos of us 2 together going back to when I lived in Portugal. And his mum is one of my best friends! That's how I met him!



    You just get your other half to ask around amongst friends and families that own firms and get one of them to employ you as an "essential" employee based on your "unique specialist" skills, whatever the heck they might be. That buys you some time, whilst you decide if you like living there, like the boyfriend enough to get hitched etc etc.

    That sounds like a grand idea, and his family does have a company...but not in my field of expertese.


    Long term, marriage is on the cards, but yes I would want to see if I like living there, can live with him without killing etc. I'm going over there again at Christmas for 3 weeks, but that's not long enough to decide these things.


    Finally I'm ready to settle down, and finally I'm with someone who is perfect for me. Why does it have to be so bloody difficult!


  8. Bugger, this really doesn't sound as easy as I had hoped. But thanks everyone for your comments.


    OK so if you go for the H1B then you require sponsorship from the company you are going to. I can understand that, but is a local high school likely to do this? I guess not when there's a bunch of people already in the US that can teach! Having said that, I believe that Missouri does have a shortage, particularly of women in my subject area.


    As for having my medical records, I haven't got a clue where they are. I haven't lived in the UK for 7 years and never went to a doctor in German and so far haven't in Italy!


    I've also heard of something called a fiancè visa whereby the person in the US applies on your behalf. There are an unlimited number of these available, but you have to get married within 3 months of arriving there. A bit of a rush for me! But it does sound like an easy way. I guess I'm being naive. Nothing is that easy!!! Anyone heard of this type of visa?


    Crawlie, I hope you get your problems sorted soon!


  9. OK, so I know I no longer live in Munich but as I thought TT has such a wealth of knowledge it was worth a shot posting this.


    I'm British, but really want to move to the US (Missouri) to live there long term. I'm not sure about visas though. I don't just want a 6 month travel visda though. I guess I want a work visa. Is it possible to get one without a job offer? Or do I need a job offer first.


    I would be looking into trying to get a job teaching in a public high school. I believe my teaching qualification from th UK wouldn't be valid and that I would have to apply for a teaching license (which costs about $200). Do I have to do this before trying to get a job.


    I guess I know I need a teachind license, a job and a visa but am not sure how to go about this or in what order.


    Actually, I would also consider going to the US but not working there. Is there any way of doing that? I've vaguely heard things about someone can sponsor you, or that if you have a certain amount of money in the bank then you can get a visa no problem without a job.


    I'm a bit confused as to all the different types of visas too. There's the J visa then the H1B?


    Any help or advice welcome.


    Ta very much.


  10. Hi elf! I was in Vegas in the summer and loved it. Most of the main ideas are covered here. Bellagio fountain, the most impressive casinos/hotels etc. The grand canyon is definitely worth it but it is a 3 and a half hour drive to the north rim!


    I would say that Freemont street is worth it. The covered roof there also has a light show with scantily clad women dancing round poles, if that's the kind of thing your colegues would like.


    For something different, if they are into that kind of thing, is to go to the bodies exhibition...a number of bodies in various stages of disection. I found it facinating. It's not to everyone's taste though!


  11. Bell - I agree, the beaches in Cascais and Estoril are not much to write home about. In fact, I think I only went there a couple of times when I lived there (but that was more because of the fact that my apartment had a swimming pool!). There is a nice beach at Carcavelos, but again, at peak times it can get busy. I agree there are much better beaches over the river Costa da Caparica. Still, if time, Cascais and Estoril are lovely to visit anyhow...not because of the beaches.


    Oh and by the way, with regards to the food...I hated Portugese food. Meat (apart from roast chicken) is generally badly butchered so it is usually tough with fibres!!! Seafood and fish can be really good, but as I don't eat either I had a difficult time in Portugal. I made the most of the International restaurants!


  12. OK, I looked for the previous thread about Lisbon too, but couldn't find it.


    I lived in Cascais for 4 years and had a really wonderful and special time there. I still sometimes wonder why I left (although now I am in Florence, which I think is pretty special too).


    I think that the most important places/things to do have already been mentioned: day trip to Cascais/Estoril, particularly if the weather is nice as they are on the coast. The marina in Cascais is pretty too. If you have time and a car a beautiful and spectacular drive is west of Cascais to Cabo da rocca (the most westerly point of mainland portugal). The pena palace in Sintra is a must.


    With regards to Lisbon itslef, there is too much to do really. If you like museums go to the Gulbenkian. St George's castle isn't that impressive although the views from it are. The Alfama and biarro alto districts are fun to wander round and soak up the atmosphere.


    Take a train to Belem and see the monastery, monument to the discoveries, and the tower.


    For nightlife there the biarro alto district is quite happening as is the dock are (take a train to Alcantara).


    OK, hope this helps. Have a great trip.


  13. Oh, a pity I have only just seen this! I could have given you tons of advice. Yes I have been living in Florence for 6 months now, and I LOVE it. The nightlife is incredible...I have 23 bars within stumbling distance of my apartment that I frequent on a regular basis. And there are all the other bars within walking distance that I haven't even tried yet!


    Anyway, sorry I was too late to offer any suggestions. Hope you had a great time.


  14. There's some great advice on here, Sin, and Eleanor Rigby's pitfalls are spot on. But THE most important thing is that you REALLY want to quit. I also decided that is was about time I quit I've been smoke free for 2 and a half weeks now. This is the longest I've ever been without a fag in the 15 years I smoked!!! I know what you're going through Sin, and I know it isn't easy, though things are getting a bit better for me...fingers crossed. Anyway, I wish you all the luck in the world mate.


  15. Here's a heads up...if you go to Milan and want to see Da Vinci's The Last Supper, make sure you book at least a week in advance. The telephone number for reservations is 00390289421146


    Unfortunately, I did not reserve last weekend and so did not get to see it.


    Also, for those of you that think that Milan is just an industrialised dirty city and not worth a visit...think again. I really liked it. Sure, there are parts of the city that aren't very appealing to the eyes but PLENTY that is. I went there with no expectations what-so-ever, having heard many people saying not very complimentary things about Milan, but I had a long weekend, it was only a 3 hour train journey away from me, and I had someone to stay with so no accommodation costs. Oooohhhh, and the shopping!!


    If you do make it to Milan, I suggest a day trip to Bergamo too...lovely.


  16. Wasn't there a post about this not so long ago? ;)


    Anyway, I've been here for 2 years but am leaving a week today to move to Florence :)


    TT is a huge mixture of those who have been here a number of years and those who are just passing through (and those that fit somewhere inbetween those 2 categories).