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  1. Hedge restrictions in Hessen

    anybody any knowledge on garden related matters in Germany regarding hedges? Thanks
  2. Hedge restrictions in Hessen

    Hello,   we recently moved into a house with a garden that needs a hedge out at the back of the garden, To explain the situation, the back wall is quite low, 120cm and over the back wall is a car park for a newly built apartment block which is reasonably upmarket. The drop on the other side of the wall is 2.5 metres into the car park for the new apartments.   We were thinking of several options, the most cost effective would be a fake hedge and the most attractive would be a 3 metre height and 12 metre length. Is 3 metres too high? Main concern being is that will we get legal action if erect such a hedge!!! However it only overlooks a carpark and the back of the apartments.   Other options: add further trees, Taxus Baccata is the preferred small fern tree, but huge cost - we already have a few of these back there, but currently nowhere near sufficient to function as a privacy/safety wall. These trees can eventually grow to 2-3 metres apparently.   The other main concern is that our 2 year old child could in the near future climb over the 120cm back wall and badly injure himself fallling off 2.5m drop. any advice on hedge restrictions in Hessen welcome.   Thanks          
  3. Hello,   anyone know about this, more so about driving in and around Frankfurt. I have limited knowledge on this currently.   I am in market to buy a car, questions:   1/. what are minimums for driving around Frankfurt Schadstoffklasse & Feinstaubplakette? what are these exactly and which has priority? 2/. what and when will new standards be introduced, (for future proofing) 3/. if i buy a car with euro 1 Schadstoffklasse & 4 (grun) Feinstaubplakette, is that ok to drive about and if not can you pay extra to do so? 4/. is it possible to upgrade vehicle from say euro 1 to euro 4 via upgrading exhaust (or something) or is this based on leaking emissions from engine area that cannot be helped? 5/. I hear that some older cars only get authorisation to drive at certain times of the year, why is this exactly?   I would very much like to buy an "oldtimer" as they call it in Germany, a classic car, perhaps 20+ years old.   Thanks  
  4. So anyone know what to do to get on the roads here legally ? I got my FULL UK licence and am thinking about buying a car, but not quite sure if I need to do any formal cross over thing in Frankfurt / Hessen ?? I have only been here for 4 months and my UK licence expires in 8 years or similar.   thanks