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  1. Hello,   anyone know about this, more so about driving in and around Frankfurt. I have limited knowledge on this currently.   I am in market to buy a car, questions:   1/. what are minimums for driving around Frankfurt Schadstoffklasse & Feinstaubplakette? what are these exactly and which has priority? 2/. what and when will new standards be introduced, (for future proofing) 3/. if i buy a car with euro 1 Schadstoffklasse & 4 (grun) Feinstaubplakette, is that ok to drive about and if not can you pay extra to do so? 4/. is it possible to upgrade vehicle from say euro 1 to euro 4 via upgrading exhaust (or something) or is this based on leaking emissions from engine area that cannot be helped? 5/. I hear that some older cars only get authorisation to drive at certain times of the year, why is this exactly?   I would very much like to buy an "oldtimer" as they call it in Germany, a classic car, perhaps 20+ years old.   Thanks  
  2. So anyone know what to do to get on the roads here legally ? I got my FULL UK licence and am thinking about buying a car, but not quite sure if I need to do any formal cross over thing in Frankfurt / Hessen ?? I have only been here for 4 months and my UK licence expires in 8 years or similar.   thanks