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  1. Hi, is there anything like this in germany? Where you can select a tradesman who has had good reviews, something like:   Website only in German language is fine also.   I need some work to be done.   Thanks
  2. Hello,   does anybody know if you need to get a special permit to hand out flyers on the street in Frankfurt / Hessen?   Or can you just go on ahead and do it?   As I have a business I want to promote.   Thanks
  3.     If you go to autoscout24. there are 100s of 1000s of cars with Euro 1-3. it does not take much to make a note of "sports car xyz" and check Autoscout24.
  4. As for a number of cars, I have checked and they are Euro 1.    
  5. Hi, thanks for your info, most informative! However, I am still a bit puzzled! I have seen many cars that are clearly not euro 4 drive around Frankfurt, old European sports cars or American muscle cars. How do they get away with it? do they have a special pass? Are they breaking the law by driving around Frankfurt city? Or do they have to pay a fine if stopped by Polizei? What happens if they park on the street and go shopping and the car is spotted by a parking attendant? Will they get a ticket or will car be towed away?   Thanks    
  6. Hello,   anyone know about this, more so about driving in and around Frankfurt. I have limited knowledge on this currently.   I am in market to buy a car, questions:   1/. what are minimums for driving around Frankfurt Schadstoffklasse & Feinstaubplakette? what are these exactly and which has priority? 2/. what and when will new standards be introduced, (for future proofing) 3/. if i buy a car with euro 1 Schadstoffklasse & 4 (grun) Feinstaubplakette, is that ok to drive about and if not can you pay extra to do so? 4/. is it possible to upgrade vehicle from say euro 1 to euro 4 via upgrading exhaust (or something) or is this based on leaking emissions from engine area that cannot be helped? 5/. I hear that some older cars only get authorisation to drive at certain times of the year, why is this exactly?   I would very much like to buy an "oldtimer" as they call it in Germany, a classic car, perhaps 20+ years old.   Thanks