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  1. Dear all

    I made an online payment for a digital product, but i observed the Company who made the product hide some costs in a year subscription ,

    so i need to cancel my order

    In case you want to avoid working which such unfair /dishonest companies to avoid :


    Wolfram Research Europe Ltd.
    The Wolfram Centre, Lower Road,
    Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire OX29 8FD
    United Kingdom



    I didnt downloaded/activatet yet their product


    How do i cancel the order so my VISA card is not charged ? Do i need to contact the bank personally ?


    This means i have to waste a day possibly...


    What are the german rules?


  2. 49 minutes ago, yourkeau said:

    Postfach is too small for packages. Packstation is better and free.


    There are other options: delivery to Postfiliale, Hermes and UPS deliver to specified location (Paket shop).



  3. 2 minutes ago, robinson100 said:


    no, they are not, but unless you are married to you need not only order from them!!!

    Only can deliver via DHL. Other use some shady couriers who drop my packages at even more shadier neighbours

    Lost many of them


  4. I used google translate . I wonder where it says Pregnenolone was forbidden since is not advertized as medicine by FDA



    Private imports of food and feed

    Imports of food and feed intended for the consumer's own use or consumption are, in principle, permitted. This also applies to goods in private gift items. The importation of certain food and feed to Germany can, however, be restricted or even prohibited by special regulations. These are for example:

    • Wild mushrooms
      More than 20 years after the Chernobyl react catastrophe, the permissible radiation exposure is still far exceeded in many wild mushrooms from certain countries. Therefore, importation of such mushrooms is only permitted after prior examination by the competent food inspection authorities and upon presentation of the required export certificate. However, edible mushrooms up to a quantity of two kilograms intended for private consumption can be imported without restrictions .
    • Potatoes
      The importation of potatoes, even in small quantities, is prohibited in tourist traffic because of the risk of spread of the bacterial ring rot.
    • Caviar from the sturgeon
      Because of the threat to all types of sturgeon, the importation of caviar is prohibited. There is no clearance for caviar in mailing.
    • Dietary supplements

      Certain food supplements or vitamin preparations, in particular when presented as agents for the treatment of diseases, can be regarded as medicinal products in Germany and are thus subject to the German Drug Law. The drug regulations of the country in which the product is offered or sold do not apply.

    • Food and feed of animal origin
      There are further restrictions on these products, in particular for animal health reasons. These goods include, for example, meat and meat products, game, milk and milk products and eggs.

    Arrangements for products of animal origin

    In the case of the abovementioned products, where the maximum quantities permitted are exceeded, their importation shall be permitted only with the respectively prescribed certificates . In addition, importation may be restricted to certain so-called authorized customs offices.

    Information on customs offices and their authorizing powers can be found in the general service search. On the left, the filter "Seizure authorizations" should be set and the respective authority selected.

    General service search

    For questions relating to the import of food, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the food and feed monitoring authority responsible for your place of residence, and the respective local customs office are available to you in case of questions concerning specific or ongoing handling procedures.


  5. 1 hour ago, Alexnf said:

    One question, if I go to the german wiki version of Pregnenolone, it is spelled without the last -e

    In amazon there is this product :öl-Extrakt-Kapseln/dp/B01DW8WS2 made in Germany.

    Could this help at least to convince them that it is also found here ? Or is the US import their issue ?


    Its even now on sale in German Have no clue whats going on :)





    Ich hatte vorher Pregnenolon-Kapseln von Vitabay, die bei mir auch schon ganz gut gewirkt haben. Für mich reichen ungefähr 25 mg pro Tag, und ich habe sie geöffnet und pro Tag etwa die Hälfte des Pulvers zu mir genommen. Ein solches Teilen (in diesem Fall durch 4) funktioniert hier auch!

    Aber bei mir jedenfalls scheint das Präparat von Life Extension noch besser zu wirken. Tatsächlich war es so, dass ich in den ersten Nächten der Einnahme fast nicht schlafen konnte. Ich bin mir allerdings nicht ganz sicher, ob das nur mit dem neuen Pregnenolon zusammenhing, denn ich variiere meist mehrere Dinge. Aber wie dem auch sei, nach ungefähr drei, vier Tagen war das zum Glück vorbei. Und seitdem bin ich tagsüber ungewöhnlich wach und konzentriert, während ich nachts fast prächtig schlafe.

    Auch hier kann ich nicht genau sagen, wie groß der Anteil dieses Pregnenolons ist, denn ich unternehme nicht wenig, um geistig und körperlich fit zu sein. Aber mir erscheint es momentan als ein wichtiger "Baustein" für mein wirklich gutes Befinden, auf den ich nicht verzichten möchte.


    When i ordered . the seller was in USA


    • Business Name:Proline Supplements Inc
    • Business Type:Corporation
    • Trade Register Number:47-2988856
    • Business Address:
      • 2416 Artesia Blvd
      • Redondo Beach
      • Ca
      • 90278
      • US

  6. Dear all

    Some update . I bought a 12 month 50 euro psn subscription when I thought I wont be able to recuperate my account

    I telephoned Playstation network and they solved my issue

    I give to the first come first served a 12 month PSN subscription worth of 50 euro ! :) I hope you enjoy it




  7. The thing the stupid ps4 has a very clumsy way to enter birth date and text

    So I pick up a random date , and now they require it to change

    All my games are digital around worth of 800 Euros and I CANNOT play any of them due to the fact that they require PSN login


    Please I urge you all , don't buy digital games , as you can see they can lock you out of them


  8. Dear all

    I forgot what birth date I gave to Playstation Network Germany(it was not my real one)

    They sent me this to recuperate my account


    Sehr geehrter Herr XXX,


    vielen Dank für Ihre Kontaktaufnahme.


    Um das Geburtsdatum in Ihrem Konto über uns verändern zu lassen und ein Passwort-Reset zu erhalten, gehen Sie folgenden Anweisungen nach:


    Senden Sie uns zudem einen Lichtbildausweis mit Vorder- und Rückseite (kleiner als 3MB pro Datei) von Ihrer Anmelde-ID (als Antwort auf diese E-Mail).


    Folgende Informationen müssen sichtbar sein:


    • Vollständiger Name

    • Geburtsdatum

    • Vollständige Adresse

    • Gültigkeitsdatum



    For me is not clear this


    Senden Sie uns zudem einen Lichtbildausweis mit Vorder- und Rückseite (kleiner als 3MB pro Datei) von Ihrer Anmelde-ID (als Antwort auf diese E-Mail).


    They want want foto of passport but this is not clear "von Ihrer Anmelde-ID"



    Can also help me what they mean ?



  9. Dear all


    I am stuck at an issue . I am insured at TK health insurance


    I need to get regular medicine who costs around 200 euro per 2 months and my insurance covers 90% of costs


    My doctor who prescribes this is in another city and instead of going by train every 2 months I wanted to get the prescription from another specialist in my town


    I tried 2 of them to give me the prescription and they told me is too expensive for their budget ?! Wtf does it even means ? They told me they have a budget (The doctors) and they cant go above it . Wtf x2 .


    Now it seems I am stuck at getting the prescription from the initial doctor and travel 2 hours by train every month


    Is this legal that the Dr. from my city refuse to release my prescription who was released by the other doctor ? To whom can I complain -_-''?


  10. It says

    "Die Zollstellen wirken bei der Uberwachungs der Verbringens von Arzneimitteln in den Geltungsbereich des AMG mit"



    In jedem Fall erhalten Sie ausreichend Gelegenheit , sich zu aussern und Ihre Rechte yu wahren. Einr Verjahrung tritt erst nach Ablauf von Zwei Jahren ein