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  1. 7 hours ago, engelchen said:





    It has nothing to do with citizenship, but rather health insurance. German Krankenkassen pay for the interpreters at doctors appointments. 



    AFAIK nothing. Why should a foreigner who is just visiting Germany and not paying anything into the social security system be entitled to social services? :blink:



    Ask Merkel :))


  2. 18 minutes ago, LukeSkywalker said:

    In Fraufruit's case a ringer doesn't help, because it happens out of the blue. A few years ago it happened to me as well, but I was just able to avoid a collision. The elderly guy opened the car door in full swing in a very busy street without looking. I usually cycle with a low or normal pace. He apologized to me and was visibly not happy with his action.


    Yeah , i pay attention to the elderly  . Nothing against them , they switch directions quickly , or if they are on bicycle they turn suddenly left or right ! Be carefull against the  ederly cyclist !


  3. Ps3: got a ear wrestling injury where blood pooled into my ear. The solution is for the doctor to extract it with a syringe .Went again to emergency hospital,, the doctor told me i should apply pressure compression he gave me (had to wait for them to order it since they didnt have it ?!!) I told him it wouldn't solve shit , and he has to extract the blood with syringe. He treated me like a crazy person . Lo and behold , after one week went again to emergency room since the blood wouldn't dissapear  from my ears . He did then extract the blood with a syringe (no anesthetic , but anyway i digress) ... it was already too late . Now my ears are deformed permanently  because the cartilage calcified . 


    Ps4: went to Dr  and said . Hi doc , i want to make an HIV test . He said we don't cover it in your TK insurance . I said wtf ?! How can an HIV test not be covered ?! This is like basic tests against an incurable disease .He said , well even if u are insured with TK , you have to pay for it . I paid for the HIV test ... UNBELIVABLE ! I shudder to think how many people are walking there with AIDS disease because is not covered as free testing O_O


    Now after these experiences in 5 years , i can say the German medical insurance system is a scam, and for old people here with medical conditions ... IS A LIVING HELL ! AVOID !!!


  4. Because i havent realised how bad is for the old people to live here . Just read the OP thread . Is disgusting . He has cancer and he cant even rest in peace because some poeple above him decided to torment him. Why the autorities dont do anything !? Germany supposed to be a civilized society , with laws yes ?! It could be me  or you in his situation



    Sorry to say but i think German people have sheep mentality and they just follow someone who is power, they cannot think for themselves .So many laws against noise disturbance , but nothing is done ... then what are the laws good for  ??


    Regardin OP melanoma . I had a good friend in germany who had melanoma , and it extended to his liver and died a horrible death . Why did he died ... he was insured right ? Well the doctors here are absolute useless(universal healthcare my ass ) ... he went to 3 doctors until the last one realized he had skin cancer and then it was too late ... He had to buy US medicine for his cancer , because in sweet Europe which is years behind cancer treatment ... they dont have it !!!! Shameless medical system .. totally useless, archaic reasearch in latest treatments   , i dont even know why i pay 600  per month from my salary  !!! (600 euro) for medical insurance here , since i know i will be left to die like a dog if i get a serious disease.


    Ps2 :I almost lost my eye 2 years ago due to a corneal scratch . I scratched my eye with a contact lense and got infected . Went to emergency room in my city hospital where an absolute useless doctor said i dont have anything . Next day i went to another eye doctor in the city  ... he couldnt find anything either ! Next day i said fuck it , i wont take it and wait to lose my eye , went into train , 100 km to Stuttgart at the eye emergency hospital and god bless that polish girl doctor found a 2 mm scratch on central cornea . She quickly prescribed antibiotics eye drops every 2 hours and luckily it saved my eye !


    What can i say ... medical healthcare is universal but absolutely useless , god forbid u get a serious disease , you will be left to die like a dog !


  5. 3 hours ago, Dave the Rave said:

    I have done everything suggested here and STILL have not been able to get any German authorities to get off their butts and conduct a proper investigation. Nothing has changed, except I have underwent four operations for cancer (melanoma) since May and not been able to get this insane banging from the apartment above me solved despite my very best efforts.


    This kind of thing horrifies me because I have suffered in an abominable apartment here in Heidelberg for ca. 16 months from a harasser neighbor above, made 27 different complaints in writing to my Mieterverein lawyer and the landlord company in Frankfurt which runs this horror hotel, called police multiple times and even visited their station, and written the city of Heidelberg. In the meantime, my health has degenerated. I live alone and am 66, and have underwent four different melanoma operations on my ear this year alone. This creature above me bangs loudly above me at all hours of the day and night (but always careful to space them out and sadistically sometimes in the middle of the night), and the do-nothing Germans drag their feet, hem and haw, pontificate, accept the lies of these African crazies above me, and are reminiscent of the vermin who ran concentration camps during WWII in my honest opinion. 


    Tenants have RIGHTS and German authorities have RESPONSIBILITIES. Rather than sit on their hands and allow barbarians to prey on elderly people who live on small pensions and cannot afford fatcat lawyers (another 66-year-old woman lives in the apartment BELOW me and is being tortured by these nutcases above me), there needs to be a proper investigation of these people. Sometimes the noises are so loud the wall shakes! Whatever these people are doing or using up there to create this noise could be dangerous for all concerned.


    As a former U.S. military commander and resident of Germany for the last 34 years, I have gotten a first-hand look at how Germans treat decent citizens and am planning to get out of this deplorable country next year -- if I am still alive after all of the torture being freely allowed. That does NOT mean German authorities should continue their lah-de-dah, laissez-faire indifference toward such terrible crime. A thorough and proper INVESTIGATION of those people above me needs to be carried out once and for all, and no human being needs to suffer the inhuman treatment being allowed in what I call Emmertsgrund's Animal House.


    After reading so many horror stories by expat tenants though, I am not sure Germans will ever have the moral courage to do what is right.






    Yeah , welcome to germany :(

    The german males are very soft and pussified(they dress like women) and have sheep mentality , no vital force left (low testosterone ?!) ,but when is the case to take some money from you via shameless contracts they go full force on you ... Me and you , the taxpayers are good only for getting taxes, when we retire we will be treated as waste by the authorities who supposed to protect us and instead inflict torment upon us. You have a right to live , but it seems the people above you have more "rights"... i hate this society and i plan to do as little as to interact with it it disgusts me

    Luckily i realised this cold truth early and i really like the American society where this shit wouldnt go unchecked by either parties !


  6. 2 hours ago, fraufruit said:

    Some idiot opened his car door and took me out on my bike years ago. I was scraped up and my brand new bike had some scratches on it. I was in shock and went straight home. HImself told me that I should have called the police. 


    I completely understand why you did what you did and I hope the little guy is not too shaken up.


    Thats why i use my ringer all the time !!!

    Corners , straight road , intersections with green light... saved my ass from serious accidents multiple times !


  7. 13 hours ago, RajeshG said:

    The important thing was to be with the child and ensure his well being, which you did efficiently by calling the ambulance and taking him to the hospital. You also have conceded that the biker was also shaken. You have said that you did not witness the accident and so it could be that maybe your child came suddenly in front of a normal speed cyclist ( personally I am pro pedestrian as many cyclists go like a rocket ).

    So I think, its a case of all is well that ends well and there is no point in thinking of compensation, police case etc. But then these are my personal - non legal view ( disclaimer - I am not a lawyer )



    I kinda of agree . It could have been worse . (in uk a lady was killed) Usually kids jump in front of my fahhrad so i always deploy the ringer full force 50 meters before any brats jump on my path )


  8. 3 hours ago, HEM said:

    I attended a DAeC (German Aero Club) meeting yesterday & one of the colleagues there is an AB captain I have known for some years.


    He was saying hes currently flying his ass off - the real problem is that most of the team that assigns crews to flights got fired/let go / <insert your term here> recently and those left just cannot manage the workload.  He said his wife & daughter (both AB cabin crew) are sat waiting to be assigned to flights & that currently all cockpit crews are available (just not being assigned to flights) - however PAxs are being told flights are cancelled due to pilots caling in sick.  This of course does not go down well with the employees.


    He told me some other things that I won't put in writing here...




    We are due to fly with Niki in a week to PMI...



    Lol, so the company lied when it said the pilots called in sick ?


  9. On 09/09/2017, 22:33:29, ITboy said:


    it is sad that a man has to come to this point to ask for advice and help regarding this matter which bothers me.



    That what it means to be a beta ... Be  a man for a while. I cringed on everything ...

    So your wife fucks a man in your house(yours and your wife, it doesnt matter she pays rent , you share the house since you are married) ... WTF man ?! Don't take this advice from me , but i would beat the shit out of the man who fucks my wife ... while i am there ... HOLY FUCK !


  10. On 28/08/2017, 17:06:57, miriamm said:

    That's* fucked up :/ I know the idea that "kids never lie" has been debunked long ago but a 5yo kid? How in the hell would a 5 years old kid lie about sexual abuse? Maybe sometimes an older figure tells the child to tell a fictional story to ruin another adult's life, but otherwise... :/


    Its very easy to influence small 5 y old kids to lie , because they do it to please their parents


  11. 20 minutes ago, optimista said:

    TK's first sentence may well be right, but growing organs from a blood sample? Oh really?? Science must have moved on since the last time I looked.

    I think this is at least worth alerting the Verbraucherschutzzentral and if you are so motivated even the police. It would be interesting to hear their response.

    Alarm bells ring when I hear about the GF weeping half the night trying to get a DIY blood sample... and you taking it from her!

    Since when have people with no medical training been encouraged to do that? Anyone up for an embolism?




    Japanese researchers have successfully cloned a mouse from a drop of blood taken from a donor’s tail. The breakthrough means that animals don't have to be euthanized when extracting their cells, which could prove important if we're ever going to clone endangered animals.


    In my opinion someone stealing your blood is worse than stealing your credit card/bank account data.




  12. 2 hours ago, Chris1479 said:


    When I say they're waving a magic wand over them and throwing them in the bin, i'm not saying it for comedic effect, I mean that is literally what they are doing. In fact they probably don't even do the magic wand part, they probably just throw them straight in the bin. Hazardous medical waste licenses aren't cheap either I imagine... No wonder they're so touchy!


    They harvest them for DNA . Such blood samples i think  fetch thousands of euros on the black market . The thread opener basically sent all his data to that company. They can even make a copy of him , or grow organs from that blood sample ... Scary


  13. On 17/08/2017, 20:45:37, widbear said:
    2 hours ago, LenkaG said:
    2 hours ago, LenkaG said:


    What a statement, coming from a man who also says: 






    Stay classy (and preferably non-judgmental and non-homophobic), TraceKira! 

    What a statement, coming from a man who also says: 






    Stay classy (and preferably non-judgmental and non-homophobic), TraceKira! 

    I wouldn't wish depression on the poster who called it a bullshit illness, but it's tempting..


    And I am a HE, out and gay and bearish


    Who looks like an idiot now ?






    Pregnenolone is an amazing substance good against arthritis , depression , loss of memory , Parkinsons and possibly Alzheimers , but the Pharma industry complained since they cortison sales were in danger , so it was banned as a supplement in Europe. Thats happens when citizens are not educated and let the transnational organization dictatate their "choices"


  14. On 17/08/2017, 20:45:37, widbear said:

    I wouldn't wish depression on the poster who called it a bullshit illness, but it's tempting..


    And I am a HE, out and gay and bearish


    Depression is just an imbalance of dopamine and serotoning in the brain ... Buth are raised in the brain by aprox 200% by doing sports ... So easy to cure it . just hit the weights in the gym ... But yeah, its much easier to eat yourself to death or taking medicine who raises these substances with the risc of addiction


    Hell even smoking raises dopamine levels




    Stimulation of nicotinic cholinergic receptors releases a variety of neurotransmitters in the brain.5,17 One of them, dopamine




    Constituents of cigarette smoke other than nicotine . Monoamine oxidases, enzymes located in catecholaminergic and other neurons, catalyze the metabolism of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Condensation products of acetaldehyde in cigarette smoke with biogenic amines inhibit the activity of monoamine oxidase type A and monoamine oxidase type B




    Reports of a reduction in the risk of developing Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease in tobacco smokers, together with the loss of high-affinity nicotine binding in these diseases, suggest that consequences of nicotinic cholinergic transmission may be neuroprotective. Changes in brain dopaminergic parameters and nicotinic receptors in response to tobacco smoking have been assessed in this study of autopsy samples from normal elderly individuals with known smoking histories and apolipoprotein E genotype. The ratio of homovanillic acid to dopamine, an index of dopamine turnover, was reduced in elderly smokers compared with age matched non-smokers (P<0.05) in both the caudate and putamen. Dopamine levels were significantly elevated in the caudate of smokers compared with non-smokers (P<0.05).


    But yeah , smoking is ALL bad  ( as biased medical studies shows)



    Just go for the sports route and your depression would be cured in a few weeks i know this because i suffered from depression in my teens for around 10 years and got feed all kind of shitty addictive brain changing chemicals medications who made me a emotionless robot

    . Now i dont have any, and if i stop doing spoirts x3 times per week the sympthoms would return in a few months


    But hey , keep taking those drugs and make Pharma Industry rich