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  1. 13 hours ago, Tap said:

    Back to this incident, it doesn't look like the girls needed any help and I'm sure if they did, someone would have stepped in, or they would have asked for it, but they didn't.


    Indeed the girls didnt really need help this time ... but i got the feeling these guys are not the first time doing this kind of sexual harassing and if they were alone with the girls the situation might be different. Lets hope i am wrong.


  2. 1 hour ago, someonesdaughter said:


    Ah, TraceKira once again – of course the girls in the story had to be "scantly dressed", those are TraceKiras views on German girls:



    I bet that 'incident in the train' never happened, it's just another TK thread combining 'slutty German girls' and 'arabic/turkish/farsi foreigners' ... 





    this incident certanly happened. Although i think them being dressed which such short skirts is out of the line i dont think they should be treated as prostitues . Anyway maybe i am old school.


  3. On 5/20/2018, 7:30:45, Jamesw said:


    so myself and my wife have recently signed at the bank for a new house ....however 10 days later she dropped the bombshell that she no longer loves me and wants to split. This was back in March and in the intervening time  we have been renovating the place ready to move in. She has become progressively nastier and wants me to move out, sleep separately and  share custody of our young son. She is now threatening to get a solicitor unless i "do what she wants" and has created a really depressing atmosphere that is starting to affect my health. After sinking basically all of our funds in the new place I am at a loss as to what to do or where I stand legally , the house is 50/50 but I really cannot afford legal advice...

    Does anyone have any words of advice ? Has anyone faced a similar situation ? Is there a German equivalent of citizens advice ? Any help would be really appreciated.


    I dont get it how some mens are so clueless to manipulation ... You got played son ... and you are only yourself to blame ... Sorry to tell you that .


  4. Hi all


    I was in train and some incident happened which i think it was harassment. I entered the wagon and i sat near 2

    scantly dressed young girls looked to be around 16. In the train it was 3 other mens who speak other language than german ...sounded arabic/turkish/farsi ...

    One of them came and sit near the other girls on the other side of their seats and starting to say to them in broken german : you ar beautiful , where are you going have nice hair /nice legs Etc .He was very bold and alpha male behaviour. He was acting as he owned the wagon and the people inside it lol.

    The girls were laughing mostly .Then this guy got bolder and came near them and grabbed on of the girls hair and starting stroking it .

    Then he did this a few more times and he wanted to sit near them . Afterwards it he was refused a few time by the girls (the sit is taken , we wait for someone else) he touched the other girl hair in a sexual way and then at the next train station he got down .


    I wanted to confront these guys but i was afrad i would be called a racist or something and also the wagon was full and no one said anything to these guys...Should have i called the police? The only think the other guy did physical was to touch the other girl hair and to be honest she didn't complained... she complained only when he wanted to sit with them


    Was i correct in how I proceeded ?


  5. 43 minutes ago, Anna66 said:

    When driving behind a Volkswagen I always make sure I turn on the circulate air from inside function, otherwise my car fills up with a disgusting smell of petrol, diesel, chlorine whatever, it stinks to high heaven. I noticed this before the scandal came out, that certain makes of cars had this problem...

    I am pretty sure NO emissions dont smell . So you must be smelling something else


  6. 3 hours ago, LeonG said:


    It seems to be an official site but as far as I can see, it's only talking about how the number of immigrants in Germany has increased.  Nothing about crime.  Also how the immigrants are on average younger and tend to have less education.


    I dont think i need to spell this for you , people have to connect the dots, but i doubt it since lefties and commies lack any intelligence it seems.




    Socioeconomic factors

    Socioeconomic status (usually measured using the three variables income (or wealth), occupational level, and years of education) correlates negatively with criminality, except for self-reported illegal drug use. Higher parental socioeconomic status probably has an inverse relationship with crime. Unstable employment and high frequency of unemployment correlate positively with criminality.[1][15]

    Somewhat inconsistent evidence indicates a relationship between low income, percentage under the poverty line, few years of education, and high income inequality in an area and more crime in the area.[1]



  7. 2 hours ago, someonesdaughter said:


    Jeeez, the frustrated Romanian wing nut rants again ... 



    But you are too limited to understand what you read:


    "Migration as a Growth Factor

    (...) Though increased expenditure weighs upon the state budget, it simultaneously boosts the growth of an economy – because, for example, additional teachers will have to be employed and new housing built. Also, those refugees who find work or set up their own business will contribute to an increase in gross domestic product (GDP)."




    "On the one hand the effect on per-capita income and the fiscal balance will be slightly negative, while unemployment will also rise as a result of the refugees’ presence. On the other hand higher public expenditures together with an increasing number of employed refugees will boost economic growth. Between 2016 and 2020 the accumulated increase in the country’s real GDP could amount to as much as € 95 billion."




    When will you f*ck back to your Romanian slum^^^^"paradise"?



    You are insane :). Rabbid leftie triggered lmao. Foaming at the mouth much ?


  8. Currently , the opening of borders happened a few years ago  :)

    No wonders the taxes are so high here in Germany , most of companies ran to countries like : india , bangladesh , vietnam , china ... germany is dying and you dont know it ... i am saddened by the naivity of the Germans.. sorry to say the future looks grim , the know-how of Germany's science is bleeding in outisde countries for years ...Basically is a brain drain and its consequences are terrifying the beginning of the end has begun :(


    Germany looks big with 80 millions , but most of its population is old who will die in the near future ...the country will shrink at an alarming rate...economic growth ?? no .. Economic death more likely.


    I spoke with many young unemployed germans who told me their got only part time work , since most of buisness were just outsourced to low cost contries ... good luck finding a job here when most of the job openings are in china and india . I wonder HOW the libtards fooled german people that opening of marketplace to china and india was a good idea ... facepalm ... they are BILLIONS... a few millions of working poeople cannot compete with BILLIONS of candidates from china and india who work for 150 euro per month


    LOL, thats money from me , you and all working citizens ... no comment



    Asylum seekers will cost Germany an estimated €50 billion by the end of 2017, a new report has found.

    The Cologne Institute for Economic Research has found that shelter, welfare and integration will cost Germany €22 billion this year and €27.6 billion next year.



    Ofcourse AFD is on the rise ... i hope its not too late.


  9. On 5/2/2016, 11:57:06, Floridasunshine said:

    The AfD will be the second most popular party in the country. The first round of Austria´s presindential election on Sunday saw the far - right Freedoms Party (FPÖ) storm ahead of the other canditates to win 35 % of the vote. Same story all over Europe.


    The european people don´t feel safe anymore and are sick and tired of political correctness. Will a right wing goverment safe Europe, or is it to late?







    I just pray the germans will get rid of these libtards leftist who ruined their country ...Luckily est/central europa is not yet destroyed ...Soros plan for the destruction of Europe is in full force ...


  10. I had a similar issue

    Forgot to take my 200 euro from the automat . Went back , asked bank to look into camera and then go to police who stole it from the machine . Police said 200 euro is too less ... WTF ... It pays to be a criminal it seems in Germany , only what matters is for sheep like us to work and pay our taxes -_-'' This society is corrupt to the bone


  11. 33 minutes ago, someonesdaughter said:


    Blah blah blah. If your 27 letters of complaint had the same pathetic, hateful and disgusting tonality, I'm not really surprised about the (non) reactions you get. I suggest you join TK and move to Romania. 


    Well  i can imagine i would be at the wits end if the neighbor terrorized me like this .People do crazy things, i read about a case in Czech republic where a family terrorized an old man in his apartment and he one day decided he had enough , took his gun , killed them and then killed himself . What the neighbor does to Dave is basically torture . When people are tortured they could do insane things due to lack of sleep, they can get to the breaking point.



    Ofcourse is easy for you to put people down here , because you havent been in this kind of situations and your virtue signaling is obvious but not deceiving anyone , because you sound like a hypocrite.


    @Dave , indeed i can see the situation is dire , but ranting too much about it wont solve anything , you need to keep calm, there is no other way