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  1. On 1/5/2020, 1:24:05, fraufruit said:


    It's a good thing that you are speaking about a very tiny minority of people who come here. The vast majority are working and paying taxes just like you.


    Absolutely not true ! From the german federal statistic office more than 50% of immigrants are unemployed .Google it


  2. On 10/23/2019, 10:56:57, razorsandroses said:

    I'm currently in the process of suing someone for fraud. Unfortunately, the criminal courts in Berlin are too overwhelmed and declined to file criminal charges because the damages were too small.



    Reminds me of a case when some thief stole 200 euro from me in a bank under surveillance camera and police refused to look at the video because 200 euro is too small of a sum ...


  3. On 7/21/2019, 8:23:51, robinson100 said:

    @ Tracekira - for goodness sake stop simply "doing" things!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whilst I realise that you are a grown-up, and want to make your own decisions, please, please get somebody to check everything over before you sign-up for anything!

    None of us reallyant you to end up in big trouble, but if you continue at this rate, nobody on here will be able to bail you out!

    Too late

    I signed the contract ... I hope everything will be well :(


  4. Dear all

    I registered to rent an aprtment online

    They said the aprtment has been reserved and i got this email after i registered (i did step 3)


    I am worried that i signed somehow a contract ...Anyone has any experience with the law in germany ?


    1. Registration
      Create an account on the website
    2. Select an apartment
      After logging in you can choose an apartment on the groundplot and click on it
    3. Fill in self-disclosure
      Please fill in every area of the form self-disclosure and send us the complete document
    4. Assessment
      i Live checks your entered data. During this timethe apartment is reserved for you
    5. Receive rental agreement and return it within 5 days
      After a successful check you will receive the rental contract by mail. Please submit it in due time




  5. On 5/11/2019, 9:44:22, AlexisPrince said:

    I'll try to be as a brief as I can, but I had a roommate living with me, and he moved out after a serious monetary dispute. At the same time he was moving out, I ordered a new desk to replace the old one in his room. He found the receipt for it and decided to take it upon himself to go to the furniture store with the receipt --claiming that he was my "caretaker", that I was "mildly autistic" and had written down an old address. He gave another address for the item to be delivered to and signed a fake signature on the delivery slip. (Amazingly, they fell for it!)


    Of course, I lodged a complaint with the police, however, 6 months later I received a letter from the city prosecutor that value of the desk (€180) was considered too small to be processed criminally. He advised for me to take him to civil court instead, and stated that he had been given a "strong warning" about his actions.


    I really hate to sound indignant, but this is sending a message that it's okay to commit fraud and theft in Berlin as long as the amount is under a certain level. In this case, if I felt someone owed me €150, I can just go steal it right out of her purse--the court is too busy to bother with it, anyhow!


    Is it possible to sue him for punitive damages? I want to send him a clear message--otherwise, it just seems that he got himself a free desk and a good laugh to go with it.


    It happen to me something similar. I was at a bank machine and took 150 euro in cash but i forgot to take them . I went back after 5 mins and the machine didnt take them back but the next person in line stole them . I went to police to ask them to review video evidence and catch the thief ... They said 150 euro is too less for them to bother ... It pays to be thief it seems.


  6. On 4/16/2019, 12:35:05, silty1 said:


    Complete and utter bullshit.


    I had a scheduled operation last fall that completely removed a fucking tumour from my digestive tract.  The colonoscopy a few weeks beforehand was how it was discovered.  I was in the best of care at all times.



    The fucking day after I was released from hospital, I saw flashes in my right eye, like lightning bolts.  It took me more than a day to contact my opthamologist, who that morning sent me directly to an eye clinic at a different hospital north of the city where I received emergency surgery the next day, without which I would now be blind in my right eye. Actually, for the time before the surgery, I was functionally blind in that eye as I could not recognise a foot-tall number 3 during an eye exam.


    So two week-long back-to-back hospital stays, one planned, one emergency, full care, no problems, completely recovered.


    I have to go back every three months for the next two years for an MRI to make sure no tumours come back.


    Yeah, shitty healthcare for men.


    I think you are a happy exception . I know a lot of cases beside me who were not so lucky . One of my friends died 2 years ago of untreated skin cancer because the useless skin doctors he went to refused/were incompetent enough not to recognize a fuken melanoma.(he went to like 3 of them) When the 3d idiot doctor found it it metastasized to its liver ... After they found out the beautiful German healthcare didnt have the required medicine for metastasized (stage 4) melanoma and he had to import those medicine from the United States... It was horrible death and nothing you can say about the german medical system wont make me change my opinion of it.Its old , outdated , overcrowded , full of incompetent doctors.


    About myself ... the camel who broke the camel back was when i almost lost my left eye due to corneal infection , and what saved it was for me deciding after going to 3 different doctors to go to Stuttgart University Hospital in emergency room and tell them i wont leave unless they drag my dead body out of the waiting room .After the doctor checked my eye said casually , yeah , you have a huge infected corneal scratch , if u waited any longer you would have had permanent scarring ... Luckily we found it . Tyey gave me medicine and i said ... hey doctor, due to the pain i didnt sleep too well in the last 3 days , maybe i can get tomorrow a day off work ... you know ... She told me i can work with one eye just fine ...Unbelievable...I took paid holidays day off and luckily after 1 week of rest my eye was just fine...I filed a few complaints to my health insurance companyt  due to incompetent eye doctors who said i was fine , but i never heard anything about it...Unbelievable...


  7. On 1/9/2019, 4:19:20, RedMidge said:

    Might be a good idea to check that the tablets/drinks etc are allowed in Germany before ordering!   What is advertised as Power/Energy- may contain anabolic steroids opiates etc.    Also, what is available here in EU, may not be allowed from non-EU countries.

    Google is your friend.


    Its not about the content. Its about if its ordered outside EU ! Even normal vitamins are banned to be bought from the US for example !!!


  8. On 9/2/2018, 5:40:40, Imam Bux said:

    I am Masters student, living in Hessen, from Pakistan. I came in this country (like others) last year for further studies and for the bright future. I, like any student, had any country to go but because Germany is offering free education and providing the good market for the Software Engineers so, I came here.


    The recent incident in Chemnitz is indeed the worst thing to happen in any society and no human can deny that. However, because of the current wave, I don't know if I am walking down the street at random day and some native German considers me one of those people who rapes, kills (because of the stereotypes) and stabs me. I have invested my 1.5 years, paid taxes, contributed in the society and I am willing to do as much as I can for Germany.


    Now, I am considering to move to US. Is my fear right? Can I visit any city in (East) Germany any time without any fear? Am I, as an international and muslim student, liability on this country? Will I be the victim of political unstability of the country?


    Hmm hard to compare Germany with Pakistan who has blasphemy laws ;)


  9. 10 hours ago, SpiderPig said:
    10 hours ago, sneaker said:

    There are local support groups.


    Since he's been here 3 years I assume he already tried fighting through the courts and already has a lawyer?

    Well... it was after all Friday when the Thread was started..


    TraceKira...  why dont you find a bunch of normal friends and then you wont have to keep coming here to look for help on their behalf...

    All this "Buisy body" interfering you are doing wont have a good impact on your well-being... 


    Thanx for the link . I will take a look at



  10. Dear all


    I know a friend who emigrated from Afghanistan since 3 years here in Germany and has finished a vocational school here in Germany(took 3 years)

    Now this person is applying for further "schulung" and wants to continue studying here in Germany with the hope of getting a job. At the moment is getting help from the social services  to pay for its apartment.I helped as much as i could over these years : food , clothes , old laptop , old telephone, advice , help with courses but my german is also limited. I understood an interview with the immigration office took place and the asylum request got REJECTED  Is there any hope this person can do something to prevent deportation ? My only advice i can think of is to continue the "schulungs" and advanced Deutch courses over the next month ... but the situation looks grim and the person also suffers of depression due to this situation (i saw the doctor diagnosis and medicine) . I am not in the same town as the person and i can give unfortunately advice over the phone :(


    Please suggest anything this person can do to prevent imminent deportation as i feel this is not fair :(


    Thanx :(