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  1. Your legal insurance covers YOU, and not your girlfriend!


    If you really want to be sure to be able to keep her here, it seems to me that you will have to marry her, and pretty quickly, too! 

    I cannot marry someone after i meet only couple of months ...WTF


    Amnesty International told me they can make a meeting for Monday but i called my GF and she says she doesnt know if she comes since she has german courses


    I wonder if Amnesty would help us or it would be as useless as Welcome Center Stuttgart where i was today and they told me :u need a lawyer...



  2. I got a response from someone from Bamf.


    Dear Mr xxx,


    You can appeal against the decision within two weeks of delivery by writing to the competent tribunal (you find the adress in the decision).


    The date the appeal is received by the tribunal is key to determining whether the appeal was received in time.


    The lawsuit must name the plaintiff, respondent and the subject of the claim, and this must be submitted in German. It is to be directed against the Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, represented in turn by the head of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in Nuremberg, Germany (postcode: 90343). It should contain a specific application.


    The facts and evidence provided as grounds for the lawsuit must be stated within a period of one month after delivery of this decision. The court can reject declarations and evidence submitted after the end of this period and without further investigation if, in the opinion of the court, their admission would delay the settlement of the legal dispute and there is no adequate reason for the delay (subsection 3 of section 87b of the Code of Administrative Court Procedure (VwGO)).


    The lawsuit against the removal order does not have suspensive effect. An application for an order establishing the suspensive effect of the lawsuit as per subsection 5 of section 80 of the Code of Administrative Court Procedure (VwGO) can be filed within one week of notification of the decision with the tribunal listed above.



    Do i have to go to Nuremberg, or can I initiate the process from here from Stuttgart ?

    Does anyone have an idea how expensive legal assistance will be? I have legal insurance from Allianz , but i am not sure will cover the costs of my girlfriend process


  3. You shouldn't contact or go to authorities first. What you need to do is get in contact with one of the help organisations mentioned in my link. Like Amnesty International. There you will find English speaking staff, there you will get advice how to proceed, they might be able to tell you how imminent your gf's deportation might be, and they can, if necessary ,help you to find a specialized lawyer.

    That is a good point. I will try and call them


  4. I called today at

    Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart
    Amt für öffentliche Ordnung, Ausländer- und Staatsangehörigkeitsrecht
    70161 Stuttgart


    And the lady spoke only german... What can  i do since i dont speak good german ? If i go tomorrow there they wont be able to understand me...


    I also have some papers from autorities , maybe i can hire a translator for them ? Or shall i search for a lawyer?


    The situation looks grim


  5. [adminmerge][/adminmerge]


    Hi all


    I signed a contract with the landlord and agreed that I give him caution of 600 euro when I come in apartment next month (shared apt with 2 other persons)


    He told me he will give me receipt for the caution and keep 30 euro from it when I leave for cleaning

    Is there anything I can do beside getting the receipt to ensure I wont have problems?


    For example is he obliged to give caution back I I give him the keys?

    Can he withhold my caution?


    In contract it says I will get the caution back when I give keys O_O...


    Ps I have legal insurance.


  6. Hi all


    I am a Romanian who complained of some sexual related issues and did a hormone panel test in Romania (because it was cheap) and everything was in limits except estradiol raised above normal


    Do you know any good endocrinolog in Munich who speaks english and who could also prescribe the required hormonal treatment?(i have TK public insurance)


    Here in Friedrichshafen area there are no endocrinologists and the urolog/internists which I visited where horrible...


    Best regards.