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  1. 5 minutes ago, dessa_dangerous said:

    no, just go get your bike.  If anyone asks you about it, tell em it's your bike.


    If they really care, they'll call the cops, who won't do anything about it except make a note of it.


    I forgot my key once and had to carry my bike home.  To an outside observer I could have been walking through the streets with a stolen bike; in any case I was absconding with a bike with a lock still on it. No one batted an eye (OK, a little, but no one said anything).  And it was a long walk.


    I don't think it's up to anyone to prove the bike is yours unless someone else can prove it is theirs.  You don't have a receipt for the purchase but neither does anybody else!


    I'm not a cop or a lawyer.  I don't actually know what I'm talking about.  But I think you won't have a big problem.  I also think the police will not be pleased to receive your call and asked to assist or escort you while you steal your own bike.  Just do it and don't waste government resources asking the cops' permission to get your own property! 



    If my next reply will be from prison i will blame it on you :)


  2. Dear all


    I lost the keys to my cycicle and i dont have the receipt for the purchase


    Now i need some bolt cutters to cut the chain


    Should i call the police before i cut the chain or there is no risk ?


    What happens if the police asks me what i am doing and i dont have the original receipt ?




  3. 25 minutes ago, kiplette said:


    Having a social system so damaged that people need to steal to stay alive would be appalling. Germany has a decent social security system and many organisations which can help people in need.


    Expecting that they should steal and we should ignore it is terrible. No-one should be forced into that situation. 


    You leaving your money around is an interesting solution. I think there are more targeted ways of achieving your aim, but basically to care for others less fortunate is a good trait, so good on you.


    I admit i like to help people but i also like to see people reaction when they see a 50 euro bill on the coca cola counter :) Some people were very happy , some looked around , passed a few times and took the bill and one time a person gave it back to the cashier in front :)

    I also look in the shop for some young student who buys some cheap ramen and thinks what to buy for that night and i anticipate his path and then drop a 50 euro bill on the raft ;) No one caught me untill now

    If korpione finds it in a supermarket , then it from me lol ;)


  4. 1 minute ago, French bean said:

    So if a white guy picks up the money do you then tell him he can't have it because it's for the poor? Define less fortunate.


    As John says What has racism got to do with shoplifting. I think you're either very naive or being had by someone.

    The people who picks the money definitely need it . I watch from the shadows and i can say that 99% of people who pick the money are kids/young apprentices or some older people who dont have a big income. There is sometimes some alchooholic people but i pray that at least they buy some good quality alcohol with it


  5. On 10/9/2017, 2:07:46, LeonG said:

    Right, they want you to pay for the TV license.  You can find a very long thread on this here:


    If you don't pay, you can at some point expect the court bailiff (gerichtsvollzieher) to show up at your house and either want cash, look for cash or in the absence of cash, start to look for and relieve you of your valuable possessions.

    Happened to me lol

    After 2 years of not paying some lawyer contacted me that i have to pay to him the sum since the radio company gave him all the rights to recuperate the costs I had to pay around 400 euros.


  6. On 1/13/2016, 4:45:46, Simmie said:

    Actually, if you have ADHD then go to a doctor first and foremost. Tell them what you've written here and they'll find a solution for you.

    It doesnt work

    I am trying since 2 years to get a doctor to prescribe me melatonin (which is a natural substance found in tomatoes for example) and he refuses and wants to give me hardcore sleeping pills ...


  7. On 1/12/2016, 9:15:24, Smaug said:

    German customs confiscates medicines with surprising efficiency: not much escapes their watchful eye. I know of people that have even had aspirin confiscated. OTC medications just get confiscated, prescription medications such as the one you are trying to procure could bring you a bit of hassle. A friend of mine got a rap from customs some years ago after they intercepted prescription meds addressed to him. There were no consequences, I suppose because it was the first and only time, and it would've been difficult for them to prove that he had actually ordered them and even if they had the offense is simply an "Ordnungswidrigkeit" (similar to what Americans call a "misdemeanor").


    Modafinil is available as a prescription drug in Germany. You can check prices here You just need to find a doctor willing to prescribe it to you.


    The websites claim that modafinil is legal in India, which might be true. In Germany it isn't legal to buy without a prescription.

    I got 2 times 300 euro penalty for ordering vitamins over . They threatened me with prison second time and the police came knocking at my door leading to the apartment owner to kick me out of the apartment (he thought i am some kind of drug dealer) ... German customs are beyond saving


    I ordered this:


  8. On 2/17/2020, 1:48:34, Janx Spirit said:

    Hi Oh Wise Ones, I'll try to keep this short.


    My son, 24 years old, German national. Gave up his job last year without any notification. I only found out because my phone was listed at the company as a contact number and they called to ask where the hell he was. He never bothered to register as unemployed because he planned to visit Asia for a few moths. He didn't and now the KK has cancelled or (Ruhen Ihres Leistungsanspruches) because of non-payment of contributions. He still refuses to register as unemployed.


    He is suffering from depression but won't let anyone help him, refuses to see a healthcare professional and is living off my dime.


    I've tried talking, cajoling, threatening and have told him that he has to go and stay with his grandparents as I can't afford to have him here and not paying his way. It's breaking my heart.


    Any ideas anyone?


    You have to let him go .  Sometime people are beyound saving . I am sorry to say this but you have to kick him in the streets and cut your losses if he is over 18 years old.


  9. On 2/13/2020, 11:24:07, kiplette said:

    But what precisely did you mean by 'be more careful next time'? It does honestly read as though you are saying he should be more careful not to get caught, which is horrible advice.




    There is however a process, which is now being followed.


    Those would require investigation. It would have been different if you had apprehended the criminals. This guy was caught. Big difference.


    You and I may feel that this is over the top, but Germany is generally a law abiding country, there is a strong social contract, and those who do not conform in ways which harm others are shown the error of their ways. We like living here. The fact that rules are by and large followed is one of the reasons why. 


    Which draconian rules is he suffering under? He has paperwork to fill out. I wish him all the best with it. Don't turn it into something it isn't.


    Shoplifting is not a victimless crime. The costs suffered by the shop are passed on to the customers. Also, it needs to be seen as shocking to steal, and completely unacceptable, otherwise chaos ensues. These things are not complicated. By having a punishment every single time, the shops underline that. If a 4€ crime is brushed off, the OP might try more next time. As it is, lesson learned, it won't happen again - brilliant. That's the outcome we want. 


    Sometimes I do wonder whether Germany is really the place for you. It seems a mismatch, and that's a shame.


    edit to say that I absolutely agree that suffering a crime which is not investigated is very unpleasant, and I hope that it doesn't happen again. 2 bikes and 200€ is a lot.


    We should not prosecute theft is if its less than an X ammount like California does . We should not impose draconian rules on people who are less privileged than us.

    We europeans should be more tollerant and less racist. One time per week i leave around 100 euro in shop scattered on the shelves so that people less fortunate can take the money and buy food


  10. 1 hour ago, fraufruit said:


    WTF? Be more careful when stealing???


    He got only 4 euro item. The small value means he should have been let go . There was no need to involve the police for such a small item missing

    I got stolen 200 euros and police told me they will not investigate since the sum is too small . The same they told me when 2 bicycles were stolen from me. Why this poor guy should suffer these draconian rules ?


  11. On 2/12/2020, 8:17:43, jeba said:

    Consultants to the ministry of agriculture suggested to introduce a special tax on meat of 40 cent/kg which should be forwarded to farmers in order to allow them to improve the conditions under which animals are kept.

    Would that work? Would there be enough popular support? I´m a bit sceptical that a tax alone would help. I think they must create more awareness of the problem. Maybe it should be mandatory to depict suffering animals on the package of meat just as there are pictures e. g. of cancerous lungs on cigarette packages. Or texts like: "for the sake of allowing you to buy this Schnitzel 10 cents cheaper the piglet was castrated without anesthesia (and don´t think it´s just a quick cut - they have to squeeze out the testicles as well)".


    I agree except tax on Halal Meat. All meat which is halal is humanely obtained