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  1. Dear all   I lost the keys to my cycicle and i dont have the receipt for the purchase   Now i need some bolt cutters to cut the chain   Should i call the police before i cut the chain or there is no risk ?   What happens if the police asks me what i am doing and i dont have the original receipt ?    
  2. Lost key to bike lock - how do I liberate it?

    i have used a 22 euro bolt cutter . When i was cutting i heard someone said in the back "Ruf die Polizei!"  I didn't stayed long and hoped on my bicycle and left quickly LOL
  3. Lost key to bike lock - how do I liberate it?

      Ok If my next reply will be from prison i will blame it on you
  4. I have some colleague which i want to visit on Easter holidaysand he lives in Nord of Germany Freiburg im Bresgau Does anyone knows if the police banned the train travel to this city due to the virus ? Maybe someone travelled recently from Nord of Germany to the South ?  
  5. does anyone knows if someone can travel with train ?

      Finnaly bramble with the correct official information , not like the other clowns who responded on this topic
  6. does anyone knows if someone can travel with train ?

    If you dont have any usefull information dont post on this  topic . Thank you .
  7. Should I sign this Kurzarbeit agreement?

    I also got a 20% reduction of hours per month :(
  8. "While visiting my friend I had way too much to drink and went into a drunken rage" sorry but being drunk doesn't excuse you from the full force of the law . Probably both points will be saved on your record
  9. Contested divorce due to alimony

    What happened to equal right between men and women ?
  10. Contested divorce due to alimony

    I wonder if the roles can be reversed. She divorces me and has to pay alimony , i cant find a job and then i deny the divorce to get more money from her :)
  11. The age of internet forums, is it over?

    Censoring seems to be killing these forums . I reported some news about the fact that Germany took to late any corona measures and my post was  deleted .