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  1. Tax Evasion - Can spouse or children be held liable?

    expect police to knock on your door soon lol
  2. Last updates .   The immigrant girl has obtained the proper papers , she found a position as a nurse(since 2 years) in a hospital 300km away from my city   I am happy i could help an immigrant who was in need and really wanted to integrate in the German society      
  3.   Ok I got the contract sent to wrong adress  . No joke , but i re sent it back to the company and i am waiting for them to send it back signed :P. I think i got followed by bad luck     
  4. I saw the apartment ... they were under construction but the owner promised it will be ready in 2 months ... so finger crossed
  5. Too late I signed the contract ... I hope everything will be well :(
  6. Dear all I registered to rent an aprtment online They said the aprtment has been reserved and i got this email after i registered (i did step 3)   I am worried that i signed somehow a contract ...Anyone has any experience with the law in germany ?   Registration Create an account on the website Select an apartment After logging in you can choose an apartment on the groundplot and click on it Fill in self-disclosure Please fill in every area of the form self-disclosure and send us the complete document Assessment i Live checks your entered data. During this timethe apartment is reserved for you Receive rental agreement and return it within 5 days After a successful check you will receive the rental contract by mail. Please submit it in due time    
  7. Anime and manga in Germany

    There are in shops ... But they have german subtitles ... so i didnt buy any of them
  8. Obtaining punitive damages

      It happen to me something similar. I was at a bank machine and took 150 euro in cash but i forgot to take them . I went back after 5 mins and the machine didnt take them back but the next person in line stole them . I went to police to ask them to review video evidence and catch the thief ... They said 150 euro is too less for them to bother ... It pays to be thief it seems.
  9.   I think you are a happy exception . I know a lot of cases beside me who were not so lucky . One of my friends died 2 years ago of untreated skin cancer because the useless skin doctors he went to refused/were incompetent enough not to recognize a fuken melanoma.(he went to like 3 of them) When the 3d idiot doctor found it it metastasized to its liver ... After they found out the beautiful German healthcare didnt have the required medicine for metastasized (stage 4) melanoma and he had to import those medicine from the United States... It was horrible death and nothing you can say about the german medical system wont make me change my opinion of it.Its old , outdated , overcrowded , full of incompetent doctors.   About myself ... the camel who broke the camel back was when i almost lost my left eye due to corneal infection , and what saved it was for me deciding after going to 3 different doctors to go to Stuttgart University Hospital in emergency room and tell them i wont leave unless they drag my dead body out of the waiting room .After the doctor checked my eye said casually , yeah , you have a huge infected corneal scratch , if u waited any longer you would have had permanent scarring ... Luckily we found it . Tyey gave me medicine and i said ... hey doctor, due to the pain i didnt sleep too well in the last 3 days , maybe i can get tomorrow a day off work ... you know ... She told me i can work with one eye just fine ...Unbelievable...I took paid holidays day off and luckily after 1 week of rest my eye was just fine...I filed a few complaints to my health insurance companyt  due to incompetent eye doctors who said i was fine , but i never heard anything about it...Unbelievable...
  10. How shitty and useless is the public health insurance system is for males. Basically if its not a surgery/ life threatning situation you are left to suffer like a dog ...
  11. when probzeit expires?

    Dear all I have a contract from 1 January , and probzeit is 6 months . When does probzeit expires a. last day of July b. last day of Juni ?   Is this prolongued if i took Paid vacation leave during this time ?   Thanx
  12. Hello I work in germany since 3 years ( I am from Romania) and i meet my girlfriend a few months ago. She is from Afghanistan where she ran away because of family abuse. Now she faces deportation and we need legal assistance in Stuttgart area ... Can you please help us what to do ? Best regards