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  1. Contested divorce due to alimony

    What happened to equal right between men and women ?
  2. Contested divorce due to alimony

    I wonder if the roles can be reversed. She divorces me and has to pay alimony , i cant find a job and then i deny the divorce to get more money from her :)
  3. The age of internet forums, is it over?

    Censoring seems to be killing these forums . I reported some news about the fact that Germany took to late any corona measures and my post was  deleted .
  4. Defending myself against legal shakedown

    This looks to me like he is blackmailing you
  5. Modafinil w/o prescription?

      good point
  6. Police letter for Shoplifting

      I admit i like to help people but i also like to see people reaction when they see a 50 euro bill on the coca cola counter Some people were very happy , some looked around , passed a few times and took the bill and one time a person gave it back to the cashier in front I also look in the shop for some young student who buys some cheap ramen and thinks what to buy for that night and i anticipate his path and then drop a 50 euro bill on the raft No one caught me untill now If korpione finds it in a supermarket , then it from me lol
  7. Modafinil w/o prescription?

    Well i need to eat like 10 kg of tomatoes for 0.1 mg of melatonin.
  8. Police letter for Shoplifting

    The people who picks the money definitely need it . I watch from the shadows and i can say that 99% of people who pick the money are kids/young apprentices or some older people who dont have a big income. There is sometimes some alchooholic people but i pray that at least they buy some good quality alcohol with it
  9. Happened to me lol After 2 years of not paying some lawyer contacted me that i have to pay to him the sum since the radio company gave him all the rights to recuperate the costs I had to pay around 400 euros.
  10. Modafinil w/o prescription?

    It doesnt work I am trying since 2 years to get a doctor to prescribe me melatonin (which is a natural substance found in tomatoes for example) and he refuses and wants to give me hardcore sleeping pills ...
  11. Modafinil w/o prescription?

    I got 2 times 300 euro penalty for ordering vitamins over . They threatened me with prison second time and the police came knocking at my door leading to the apartment owner to kick me out of the apartment (he thought i am some kind of drug dealer) ... German customs are beyond saving   I ordered this:
  12. Young Man Loss of Health Insurance / Job

      You have to let him go .  Sometime people are beyound saving . I am sorry to say this but you have to kick him in the streets and cut your losses if he is over 18 years old.
  13. Police letter for Shoplifting

      We should not prosecute theft is if its less than an X ammount like California does . We should not impose draconian rules on people who are less privileged than us. We europeans should be more tollerant and less racist. One time per week i leave around 100 euro in shop scattered on the shelves so that people less fortunate can take the money and buy food
  14. Police letter for Shoplifting

      He got only 4 euro item. The small value means he should have been let go . There was no need to involve the police for such a small item missing I got stolen 200 euros and police told me they will not investigate since the sum is too small . The same they told me when 2 bicycles were stolen from me. Why this poor guy should suffer these draconian rules ?
  15. Police letter for Shoplifting

    As long as the item is low value nothing will happen to you . Be more careful next time.