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  1. Hi!   I've been online since 1998. I was just a young fella with no clue about anything, and access to the entire world which gave me the chance to display my ignorance on forums all over the internet. I really enjoy forums. I've been a part of some hobby forums for 20 years now. That's a weird thing to wrap my head around.    I was kind of wondering, especially in regards to Toytown... do you folks think that the age of internet forums is coming to an end? Facebook, Twitter, all of these social media outlets seem to be killing off forums. Forums were where people of similar interests could come together and build relationships based on their hobbies, where social media is somewhere you can kind of chat with people near you. It's an important and noteworthy difference in dynamics, and I think forum participation is valuable. I've made friends, actual friends, that I've never seen on forums. I've met people on Facebook that I see in real life and they don't even speak to me.    Man, the internet is fascinating.   What are your thought, TTers? We have to keep this forum active. I will chat with myself on here if I have to, but I would really rather chat with YOU (yes, YOU!).