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  1. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

      It's not so much that these victims are violently raped, they are groomed. The person who gets the girls will start off by being very attentive and affectionate, then start showering with gifts, then try to form an emotional bond, then begin the abuse and make the victim feel like they are going to hurt the abuser if they tell anyone what is happening. Drugs are often a factor, as well. It's reprehensible behavior.   A young girl in Texas was recently found alive and returned to her family after being kidnapped years ago and forced into sex slavery. She tried to escape and run back to her abusers and she eventually killed herself. 
  2. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    Trump's involvement is murky.    On the one hand, Epstein recruited one of the girls (at least) to his sex slave ring at Mar A Lago, Trump's club. That's a gigantic red flag. On the other hand, the victim's lawyer from a previous Epstein trial (where he was convicted) said that of all requests sent out to people who might have information, Trump was the only person to show up and talk to authorities, and he stayed for a long time and tried to be as helpful as possible.   Clinton is almost 100% a pedo who ran with Epstein extensively.   Whatever the case may be regarding all of that, Epstein absolutely did not kill himself. I will take it a step further and say that the entire death is a charade and he's on an island somewhere right now, chillin'. Sipping on a fruity alcoholic beverage and relaxing. 
  3. Tell me about yourself

      I have met so many people in the software world online, a lot of them are self taught. That fascinates me. 
  4. Tell me about yourself

      That's very interesting... thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge with me!
  5. Tell me about yourself

      What a great story! Wow, so great! What job did you land in Germany? Not trying to be overly personal, just curious. I am a blue collar warehouse worker for an agriculture retailer. 
  6. Tell me about yourself

      That is so interesting, thank you for sharing that story with me! What's the vibe in Berlin? I have always imagined it as a more modern metropolitan city while Munich is just a really big small town. The atmosphere of Munich is so nice. 
  7. Tell me about yourself

      I call you brave. I would love to make that kind of move. I don't have the educational background/work skills to make that move, sadly. I can't even convince myself to move 500 miles away, much less contemplate moving to Germany (although, man... I want to move to Germany). 
  8. Tell me about yourself

    Haha, thanks for replying, John G.! I was born May 7, 1977. We are getting older, my friend.    Are you living in Greece now? What's life like there?    You guys know how you get older and have (what we call here in America) a mid-life crisis? I don't wish that I'd lived a wilder life... even though I didn't live a very wild life. I wish I'd studied more and tried to travel the world. I have a really serious case of wanderlust. 
  9. Tell me about yourself

    How many regulars visit this forum? Tell me about yourself a little. Yes, you!  How are you doing? Is life treating you well?   I'm 42 and I live in Mississippi, USA. My mom is a native of Munich. My dad met her there while he was stationed in Munich in the Army, they have been married for 52 years now.    I got to go to Germany in 2014 (I think it was 2014, as all things seem to go now that I'm older, years just blur together. I posted about it on this forum!). It was amazing and I dream about Bavaria every single day. I wish I could go back. 
  10. Hi!   I've been online since 1998. I was just a young fella with no clue about anything, and access to the entire world which gave me the chance to display my ignorance on forums all over the internet. I really enjoy forums. I've been a part of some hobby forums for 20 years now. That's a weird thing to wrap my head around.    I was kind of wondering, especially in regards to Toytown... do you folks think that the age of internet forums is coming to an end? Facebook, Twitter, all of these social media outlets seem to be killing off forums. Forums were where people of similar interests could come together and build relationships based on their hobbies, where social media is somewhere you can kind of chat with people near you. It's an important and noteworthy difference in dynamics, and I think forum participation is valuable. I've made friends, actual friends, that I've never seen on forums. I've met people on Facebook that I see in real life and they don't even speak to me.    Man, the internet is fascinating.   What are your thought, TTers? We have to keep this forum active. I will chat with myself on here if I have to, but I would really rather chat with YOU (yes, YOU!).